Getting Into Character

I’m working on a new character for a series of books. She’s going to be a rather dark figure, with a lot of issues. I am finding myself getting a little depressed as I delve into the trenches of this girl’s life. Part of me wonders if she is something outside of myself or if she is a part of me that I have personally yet to deal with?

As writers, we are similar to actors in that we get “into character” and we begin to almost “live” in the shoes of our characters. In this character development phase, it is new and almost overwhelming…but I think that the most overwhelming thing is the fact that I know it represents some part of ME. I don’t like this girl very much, yet she is me. I can see that. 

Writing has always been cathartic for me, but this time…it may be a lesson in getting psychiatric help? Part of me worries that I’ll pull a Heath Ledger and get so depressed by this character that I end up on sleeping pills and anti-depressants. 

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