My Morning Coffee Went Down Well With Pink Shoes

Doc Martens, if I was going to wear a pink shoe, these would be it.

I have to say that it hasn’t been a terrific morning so far. I live in an RV, which normally is actually quite nice.I enjoy not having a lot of space to keep clean, there’s far less housework and the kitchen is small, so no way to really clutter it up more than it would take a few minutes to clean. This morning was not a normal morning, however.

For those of you who are not aware, RVs have a/c units that are typically either “on” or “off”. In other words, they don’t have a thermostat. My a/c has been running constantly, all night long and all day long for several days. I woke up this morning to water dripping on my face, from condensation that had accumulated inside because it was 7 am and already 79% humidity outside and pushing 80 degrees.

So I jump up from a sound sleep into a standing position on my bed, flinging the cat off of me and scaring him half to death. I check the ceiling thinking I have a leaking roof – I don’t. After wiping moisture with my hand a few times and seeing the condensation on all the windows, I realize what is going on and know I REALLY need a cup of coffee. I get up and take the dog out, turn the water on and make myself a pot of coffee. As the coffee brews, it is time to check my emails.

I awake to find that I am still being “stalked” by someone whom I’d hired to do a job. I haven’t paid her and there are reasons that I have not paid her. For starters, it was a writing job and 47% (according to CopyScape) was plagiarized. Secondly, even though she tried to fix it, I ended-up doing more than half the rewrites myself, the job didn’t get finished on time and it cost me a potential contract for $1000 per month in business. Even with the rewrites, the client wasn’t happy and it lowered my 5 star rating to a 4 star, which was a huge blow. Since the job was late and I was counting on the money several days earlier, I ended-up stuck waiting to be paid so that I could take the RV on down the road. I was nowhere near a campground and had to “boondock” in a parking lot with no a/c in 90+ degree heat because I didn’t have the gas to risk going any further. At only 7 mpg, it wasn’t a chance I was willing to take.

To be honest, the rules of the site that I use for contracting people clearly state that I do not have to pay for plagiarized work, in fact … it is a VERY serious offense that I could turn them in for. Instead, I choose to just ignore them at this point, having no need or desire to destroy their writing career. However, they seem to be enjoying stalking me and trying to intimidate me by mentioning that they’ve seen my new website, seen my posts, etc. Well, to them I say “good for you”. I have very little respect for anyone who copies work from another writer, regardless of where you copied it from – I don’t care that it was from other websites, it was still copying and pasting someone else’s work – and I’ve been stalked by MUCH crazier people. In my most sarcastic tone I like to say, “You haven’t truly lived until you’ve had at least ONE Facebook stalker.”

Now I am trying to get my head in the game so that I can finish this e-book that I’ve been working on. It’s a ghost writing project and I really need to get it done, so I can get paid for it. As you all know, writing for money is a feast or famine business sometimes and we really need to get those jobs done to keep money coming in. I finally pick my coffee cup up and start to take a drink when I realize that there are three ants floating in the top of my cup. Sigh… welcome back to Florida, realm of the bugs.

My morning has been a bit strange, but thankfully I logged in to write something this morning, as a warm-up before starting on the book. It was then that I saw the photo at Delusion By Design’s page  (When In Doubt Wear Pink Shoes) that helped me put the whole world into perspective. Thank-you DBD! Now I can drink my coffee, work on my book and know that the world outside my door is just as crazy as the world inside my door. 😉

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One thought on “My Morning Coffee Went Down Well With Pink Shoes

  1. D

    I respect that you didn’t use the plagiarized work ! It would dim your light! I find your writing very honest,from that deep place that resides in all of us but we are afraid to go there! Looking forward to reading the next patch of the quilt you are creating! Thank you for sharing your works !

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