On Being Thankful and Giving Away Free Books

Life is great. I feel so very happy to be alive right now and to have things going so well. Thanks to my many readers out there. You make my day when you read my posts, visit my pages and have comments for me. I appreciate you.

I’ve worked hard for everything in life I’ve ever gotten. Not one thing has ever been handed to me. I have sometimes been stubborn in learning my lessons and I have also been slow to grasp when I was being given opportunities and/or second chances. I realize that right now, right this very moment, I am living a second chance and I’m not taking it for granted this time around.

I’d like to think that age has a way of making us more open to learning lessons and grasping the deeper meaning of situations and opportunities that come along. Personally, I feel like I am much more open now than I ever was at any other point in my life. Perhaps it is this openness and willingness to change and be influenced by the world around me that is bringing such positive energy to me now? Things are just going great right now.

For many years, I’ve wanted to pursue writing as a full-time venture. When I struck out to do so, I knew I’d be giving some things in life up. I knew that financially things would be tough for a while and that I was not going to get rich. What I really wanted more than anything else was just to be happy though.

I’ve worked hard and put in some long hours. There are days that my wrists hurt from all the typing and nights that I can’t sleep because I have projects swimming around in my head and deadlines that are looming. Still, I’m one of the luckiest people that I know. I’m blessed to be doing what I love. I’ve found a happiness and a satisfaction that I’ve never had before.

The universe seems to be rewarding me for making changes. I’ve accomplished professional goals that I used to think weren’t going to happen. I’ve met new friends and people who make me laugh and bring a new perspective into my world. I’ve met someone who fills me with happiness whenever she walks into the room and just getting an email from her brings me joy as I’ve not felt in oh so very long.

My world is settling into a calm and peaceful state that I’ve not had for so many years. I’d forgotten how truly wonderful it could be to feel so content. All feels right with my world and I am thankful. In my state of bliss, I’m overcome with the desire to do something nice. For all of you, I wish to share my happiness by giving you a gift. From June 15th to June 17th, you may download “Twisted: Flashbacks”, my latest book, absolutely free of charge. Consider it my way of paying it forward.

Thanks to all of you who have followed me. I hope you continue to follow me. I hope you tell your friends about me. I hope you tell everyone you know about the free book. I hope you Tweet it, “share” it, “like” it, blog it, “press” it, “pin” it and whatever else you wanna do with it. 🙂 Most of all, I hope you “enjoy” it.

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