Thank You Femmes – From A Butch

I am he, who walks among you – camouflaged as she.

I am strong in appearance yet vulnerable to my core.

Some look and yet they still fail to ever really see me.

Yes, I’m gay – but I am extraordinarily so much more.


Please, ladies don’t expect me to always be so strong,

Let my weaknesses endear me lovingly into your heart

For I have searched this world for you for so very long.

For a place where I wouldn’t always feel so pulled apart.


The world reminds me daily that to them I’m not the same

Will you be my blanket and my warm safe place to be?

Hold me to your bosom and gently speak my name

Please, let me know that with you I can always be just me.


My world has been a battle from which I’ve been so bruised

My spirit may have been scarred but is has not been broken.

The world has chewed me up and left me feeling abused,

Woman, look into my soul and see all that’s left unspoken


Remind me that in your arms I have truly found my place

Accept me for all my uniqueness which you can truly see

You bring to my world an element of beauty, style and grace

You’ve given me just what I need to truly just be me.

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9 thoughts on “Thank You Femmes – From A Butch

  1. wanda

    Damn you a Sexy Bitch…LOL…..Well said My Friend

  2. very nice love your words Jesse…((hugs)))

  3. Debbie

    This is very awesome. Thank You for sharing it with us. 🙂

  4. D

    That is really a beautiful way to say thank you! Thank you for the inspiring words ….

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