The Dance

The Butch Femme Dance

She washes over me, like the warm summer rains,

Her scent, her touch, the taste of her that drives me insane.

Her soft skin a blanket that she wraps around me,

The way she moans in whispers can drive me crazy.

Her body begs me to touch her, kiss and just explore,

She moves against me, silently begging me for more.



I can feel her trembling as I softly kiss between her knees

The groans I hear her uttering, “yes, take me, please.”

I can smell her excitement and gently insert my finger,

As she draws in her breath, for a moment there I will linger.

The warm softness insider her, so wet and oh so very hot,

Makes me long to please her and give her all that I’ve got.



With my lips I take her softly and she loudly calls my name,

I’m in another world now, for which I feel no shame.

Her body is now my playground bringing me so much joy,

She groans loudly in her pleasure, that I am hers; her baby boi,

Soul to soul we have a passion that most won’t understand,

Unless you’ve danced the dance, then you would know first hand.

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8 thoughts on “The Dance

  1. Diana

    You take us on a trip with you, into that space that only a butch and his femme share. So intimate and private.
    It’s easy to lose ourselves in the moment and forget it’s a poem that evokes these images in our mind. Butches everywhere will, or should appreciate your revealing their unique perspective.

    • Diana, thanks so much for the very sweet things that you said. I try to open myself completely and hold nothing back. It’s so nice when someone notices. THANK YOU!

  2. ea so soft and sweet and hot yet the dance..and butches that lead. so well.. yummy.

  3. So hot. Nice work 😉

  4. Debbie

    wow. Simply.. wow.

  5. D

    I love the butch -femme dance … I love the perfect description of raw passion and emotion that is really the glue of a successful butch-femme union. That’s why it is so important to let the relationship bloom before true intimacy can be explored . Nothing is better.

  6. Yes, I have danced the dance, and I know first hand. Your words, your passion, your depth, this isn’t just about sex, may you and your special femme be forever blessed.

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