Sneak Peek: “Butch Sexology II – The REALLY Naughty Stuff”

Warning: Explicit Sex

Don’t read this if you are offended by hardcore butch/femme sex. You have been warned. This is a sneak preview of my new book “Butch Sexology II – The REALLY Naughty Stuff”, due out at the end of this month.

I got out of my car, threw my bag over my shoulder and headed to the side of the house. I had to crawl under the living room windows. I could see her husband sitting at the computer. For fear of seeing anything I didn’t want to see, I didn’t look closely at what he was doing.

I got to the fence that separated front yard from back yard and tossed my bag over. Then I proceeded to put a foot up and hop over the four-foot high fence. It was a white picket fence and my foot slipped from the snow and I almost skewered myself but caught myself quickly. Thank goodness the snow muffled the noise I am sure that I made!

At last, I’m over the fence and I grab my bag. Now I’m headed to the back door. She’s standing there, waiting for me and opens the door for me to enter. She’s just gotten out of the shower, probably just before I arrived. Her hair is still wet and it smells like heaven. I let my bag fall to the floor and she greets me with open arms. She’s so warm and I’ve just come in from the snow.

I kicked my shoes off, while she lit candles and talked to me. “I can’t believe he’s STILL awake out there! I was about ready to kill him if I couldn’t see you.”

All the while I am still smelling her in the air. I’m almost overcome with the smell of her right now. She’s not wearing perfume, it’s just her hair and the soap … it’s a clean, fresh scent that is uniquely hers and I’m so turned-on by it that it actually takes me back a bit.

She didn’t put on anything sexy at all. She’s wearing cute pajamas and she looks like a teenager in a way. Her hair is long and wavy, something that I don’t get to see very often because she normally straightens it.

She hasn’t seen me walking up to her as she is fiddling with the last candle. She turns and I’m there to catch her. I pull her close to me, with one arm and the other hand goes to her face to stroke her cheek. She closes her eyes, overcome with the desire that I know she’s feeling and I kiss her soft, warm lips. Her lips are like candy to me and I could suck on them for hours. I’ve kissed her so much that I’ve gotten chapped lips before. I love the way she kisses me back. Her tongue plays chase with mine, from my mouth and back to hers. She gently nibbles at my bottom lip and it makes me throb instantly.

My throbbing affects me in such a way as to make me want to lick places of her body that are still clothed and so I must do something about that. Gently, I begin walking her backwards toward the bed. As the back of her legs touch the bed, she sits and lets herself fall backwards, as I climb on top of her.

I place my knee in between her legs so that I can control her movement, spread her legs at will by using my knee and lastly, so that I can rub between her legs with my leg as I lay on top of her. I’m in a completely dominant position now and she is completely submissive and happy to be so.

We kiss a lot because I enjoy kissing her so much. Jenny knows how to turn me on so well. Her hands roam over my shoulders, my arms and through my hair. When I kiss her neck she moans in my ear and she may as well be licking me when she does this, because it is equally satisfying to me. Like so many butch women, I don’t need the physical act as much as I need the touching and caressing that only a femme knows how to give to me. Her lips and hands play my body like an instrument and it drives me to want to satisfy her. It becomes an urgent need for me to touch her all over and feel her squirm with pleasure.

She’s much smaller than me, but she’s feisty and playful. I love this about her. She begins to playfully fight against me. As I pin her arms down, she struggles to push my hands away, as she bites at my neck. There’s really nothing like a little wrestling for the top spot is there? I instinctively know that she needs me to “take” what I want, but she wants me to fight her for it a little.

As she pushes against me, I switch my grip and pin her wrists back down to the bed, my knee still firmly between her legs. I use it now and push it into her crotch, grinding against her. She moans but struggles even harder against me now. The game is on.

She giggles, “I’m very strong you know. I go to the gym and lift weights and work-out all the time. I don’t think you can hold me down.” She gives it her all now and I am chuckling to myself. I let her think she is getting the upper hand and squirm out from under me for a moment. When she’s almost free, I grab her and flip her back over the top of me, in a complete circle and land on top of her, sitting on her and pinning her down.

She gasps that gasp that a woman only does when she’s so completely turned-on that she is about to cum right them and there, without me even having to touch between her legs. She gazes at me wide-eyed now. “No one has ever been able to do that to me before!”

“Yeah, well…you DID say that I’m the first butch woman you have ever dated right?” I am laughing at her now. All she can do is nod. She’s finished fighting now and I can tell by the look on her face that she just wants me to rip her clothes off and fuck her like she’s never been fucked before. I lean down, still sitting on top of her, and kiss her lips. Tracing my tongue in a circle all the way around her top and bottom lip, I linger at her bottom lip. Slowly I suck it into my mouth and teasingly pull it away from her face for a moment before letting it slip seductively from the grasp of my own soft, full lips. I can feel her shiver.

Looking her straight in the eyes I reach to pull her pajama top up and over her head. She lifts herself as much as she can to accommodate the maneuver. Her breasts are small and very perky. I don’t know what it is about them, but I find them intensely attractive. The moment I see them I want them in my mouth. It’s a need that I cannot explain. Just looking at them, I can almost feel them in my mouth and imagine what sucking on them feels like. Right now, I don’t want to imagine.

I slid down into position to take her breast into my mouth and when I did, I could feel her lungs fill with air from the gasp she was about to let escape her lips. Her back arched towards me and her fingers were in my hair. Oh femmes, how your butch loves your fingers in their hair at times like this!

I knew that I was giving her intense satisfaction and pleasure by the way she was stroking my hair and twisting it in her fingers. When she dug her nails into my shoulders I knew that her body was on fire and in return, she was igniting my own flames. I would have happily burned to ashes right then and there.

Her nipples in my mouth were soft yet firm. The more I sucked, the harder they became. I was oh so very careful to make sure that the one that was not in my mouth had full attention of my free hand. My other hand was in her hair, stroking her ribs and sliding down to her hips. When I touched her hip with my hand, she thrust her pelvis towards me and I knew instinctively that she was soaking wet. I could hardly wait to feel for myself.

There is no way to describe the powerful feeling when your femme is dripping wet and you know that it is all for you; because of you. I moved to my knees and began pulling at the waist band of her bottoms. Slowly I pulled them down her legs. I moved slowly because I knew that I was making her crazy with anticipation. In all my years I have learned one thing to be a fact. The longer you enjoy foreplay, the harder your femme will cum for you and the more likely she will enjoy multiple orgasms with ease. I wanted her to cum over and over and I was bound and determined to make her crazy with desire first.

I was delighted when I pulled her bottoms down to find that she was not wearing any underpants. Her smooth pussy was breathtaking to me. There was just a small patch of hair in front. My fingers moved to touch it and play with that hair. My lips came close to kiss it. I was mesmerized by the beauty of her body in the candlelight. She was reaching down, still insisting on playing with my hair and I was moved by this act of gentle affection. I kissed the lips between her legs and she moaned. I could feel her legs tremble as her thighs opened further for me.

I knew that she was begging me to touch her with my tongue and as much as I wanted to, I wasn’t going to just dive in. I moved my head to the side and I kissed her inner thighs, first one leg and then the other. My tongue drew circles, figure eights and my lips left a trail of kisses that led back to the beautiful prize between her legs.

My fingers touched her as I watched. I never grow tired of the beauty of a woman’s body. I’m always in love with the way each woman is different. Jenny was very tiny and so smooth. I could see her wetness glistening in the candlelight. I could smell her excitement and it was like honey to a bee…I could help myself no longer and I dipped my tongue into her honey pot.

Jenny let out a groan and she immediately covered her own face with a pillow because she knew that she could not hold back the moans of pleasure. I was lost in her now. When a butch woman eats pussy, there is nothing else in the world that can get into our heads at that time. A car could drive through the side of the bedroom wall and we’d hardly notice. For me, I’m in a trance at this point. I am engrossed in how she feels in my mouth, I can feel every little nook and cranny. I can feel her engorged clit throb against my tongue. When I take her fully into my mouth and suck softly, as my tongue continues to stroke her, I’m doing it because I know that sucking the blood to her clit will only make her more sensitive and make her orgasm that much better. I’m doing it all for her and yet I am totally getting off. Odds are, I’ve already had an orgasm at this point. My orgasms are mostly from mental stimulation, but don’t kid yourself – there’s nothing like the touch of a femme and very few butch women don’t enjoy their femme going down on them…we just like to be first up to bat. In fact, we’d rather make you cum a dozen times before we let you finish us off.

I note how a woman tastes. Every woman has her taste and it is absolutely intoxicating. It’s like flavors of ice cream – they’re all good. A woman tastes different before and after her period. Some of us don’t mind if she’s on her period. I find it to be a unique experience and rather sexy to be with a woman when she’s on her period. Orgasms are extremely intense when she’s on her period and her body is completely sensitive all over. I adore giving my woman such pleasure and I find the way her body tastes at that time is just another wonderful part of her.

Jenny’s entire body is covered in goosebumps and I know that she’s climbing heights that I am responsible for taking her to. The sense of power is almost overwhelming and I am making myself cum from the sheer excitement of it all.

Gently, with one finger first, I enter her. The feeling of her warm, soft skin around my finger leaves me breathless. I want more. Slowly I add another finger and then the third. Her body’s natural reaction to sexual stimulation is to swell and create a “tighter” experience. I’m closer to her right now that you can get to any human being. I’m inside her and the experience is almost religious to me.

I can feel her body move against me. I can feel her squeezing my hand and I can touch her g-spot and stroke her or just simply apply pressure as I lick her clit. I lick her like I’ve been starved for her; like a wild animal I am consuming her and eating her alive. Her hips are bucking against my hand. I’m thrusting into her now with much force, deep and fast. She’s matching my rhythm with her face still buried in the pillow. Occasionally she pulls it away to look down and me as if to say, “What the fuck are you doing to me??”

Her tits bounce up and down as my hand pounds her pussy and it makes me throb. I want her to cum now. I can feel her building from inside. My hand begins to feel the wave as it starts from very deep inside of her body. When she cums, she squeezes my fingers so tight that they go nearly numb from the pressure. I can feel her wetness as it covers my hand, my wrist, my lips, my face and my neck. I can feel my own orgasm as I shudder with delight and satisfaction. She’s screaming into her pillow and I am trying to lick every drop of cum from between her legs. I don’t want to miss a single drop and as I am running my tongue over her soft, smooth lips she’s begging me now, “Stop…stop, oh you’ve got to stop…please!”

When I hear those words, I know that I have done my job and I can rest … for a few minutes anyway. 

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11 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: “Butch Sexology II – The REALLY Naughty Stuff”

  1. Wow… just wow.
    You are an amazing writer.

  2. When am I gonna learn to NOT read these until I can read the whole thing. God I wish my wife was home.

  3. @femmewifemom – I;m grinning. When ARE you going to learn?? LOL

  4. see? now! this is why i slack on visiting your blog!! **quivers**

  5. theresa becker

    Wow jesse that was good.i dnt read books but im thinking ill start with yours.

    • Books are gateways to other worlds. In this case, the erotic world. 😉 Glad you liked it. Join me in Rochester, NY on June 29th, 2013 at the Womyn’s Festival where I’ll be doing book signings! 😉

  6. Linda

    All I can say is OMG! Hot!

  7. Femme Le Fleur

    I don’t even know how I stumbled upon this lovely little gem. This happens to be the sexiest story I have read in a long time. I’m a femme that loves it when my butch daddy devours me in this manner…I could feel every word! I need your books 🙂

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