What I’m Currently Working On This Very Moment…

The Prologue to my next book, “Butch Sexology II – The REALLY Naughty Stuff”


A Note To The Femmes Out There

Psst….. Come here, I want to tell you something. Shhh….keep it quiet. There is no one here now, except for you and I. No one knows that I am speaking just to you. I’m whispering this to you so that we can keep it just between us, from a butch to a femme.

I’m about to share things with you that you may find surprising, possibly shocking and most definitely will be a turn-on. Of all the women that I talk to, I always hear the same thing from femmes, ‘what goes through your minds when you think about us and make love to us?’

Yes, such are the things that femmes want to know and so I am going to tell you. We’ll keep this just between us though, okay? This will be ‘our’ little secret, just from me to you.

Come cuddle close to me, so that I can whisper in your ear. I don’t want the whole world to know my secrets, only you. Let me put my arm around you and lean close, so that you can feel my breath against your cheek. Smell my cologne in the air and feel it ignite your natural curiosities. Close your eyes and imagine that my arm is around your shoulder now, with my hand resting close to your breast.

I will tell you my stories, slowly and passionately. You’ll almost be able to hear my chest pounding in those ‘climactic moments’. You may even hear yourself gasp or sigh. You’ll find yourself longing for more and slipping into a state of arousal that brings you so close to sexual climax that you must … no you shouldn’t …. oh yes, but you will. Go ahead, reach between your legs, it’s okay. Slip your fingers inside your panties and see what I’ve already done to you.

I am a butch and these are my stories.




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4 thoughts on “What I’m Currently Working On This Very Moment…

  1. *ahem* PUNK! 😉

  2. Whoah

  3. D


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