Like Drops Of Rain We Fill Our Buckets

Raindrops combine to form rivers, lakes and spectacular waterfalls, only to evaporate, be taken up and again fall, as one separate drop.


Today I Sit and Watch The Rain….


as it gently falls from the sky. Sometimes it comes down harder and then at other times, it eases to a gentle flow. As I listen to the raindrops, I am compelled to think of them as human beings. They are all distinct and separate. As they make their way from the sky, they may bump into each other and they might even follow the same path for a short distance, yet they are separate from each other.


Also like people, when they fall to the ground, they become part of a larger whole. Individually, a raindrop can really do very little. Isn’t it amazing when you combine millions and millions of these drops that they can create flows of water which can move stones, wash away land and even in some cases move houses and cars? Imagine what humans could do if we worked together instead of against each other the way that we tend to do.


I’ve moved to the balcony now, contentedly watching the rain as it creates puddles. No matter how the earth attempts to trap the water, it always finds a way around, through or over. Isn’t it amazing what can be done with persistence? Do you catch my meaning here?


The rain drops do not fight with each other, there is no war. It seems strangely comforting to see these droplets working together in harmony. I wonder why people cannot learn to do the same thing. Do the rain drops realize that they are a part of something much bigger than themselves? Do human beings realize this?


Taking A Cue From Nature…


would possibly be the best advice that I could give anyone. The rain, the trees, the grass and even the sky itself all work together in a harmonious fashion so that they are all able to get what they need. When there are obstacles in the way, they simply work until they find a way around. Nature does not seem to accept defeat.


I think that if we were all to mimic nature and do our best to live not just in harmony with our environment, but also with each other, the world could be a kinder and more wonderful place for all of us.


Imagine the great feats that you could accomplish if you were to never accept your station in life. If you knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that you could absolutely not fail, what would you dare to try that you have yet to begin for fear of failure? What things in your life have you left unfinished or simply not begun because you have already let the possibility of failing defeat you without even trying?


Do the rain drops worry about where they will fall? I sincerely imagine that they do not!


Take The Plunge and Allow Yourself To Free Fall….


for just like the rain that falls, you were not meant to remain in one place. Flow through your life, greeting other drops of rain. Accept their help when you can work together towards the same common goals.


When it is time to part ways, simply let yourselves be carried on the tide that constantly changes within your life. Don’t worry so much about planning your tomorrows. When we do so, we tend to lose sight of today. Live in the moment, as if you were a drop of rain water falling to the earth. Enjoy the experience, do your best, never give up, never regret, never judge, never be afraid to simply “be” and have faith that you will not always be a drop of rain, for tomorrow you could be right back in the clouds. 

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2 thoughts on “Like Drops Of Rain We Fill Our Buckets

  1. Love it! x

  2. Barbara Messenger

    Lovely meditation. Unless we find harmony soon, and learn respect for one another and our planet – we will suffer the consequences…

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