‘Butch Sexology’ Banned At Book Tango For Being “Pornographic”

The cover of “Butch Sexology”




Recently, I received an email from Book Tango informing me that they were dropping my book because it was pornographic because I used obscene language. Ummmm…okay? Personally, I think they banned it because it was Butch/Femme erotica and this is something that the world doesn’t approve of. In all honesty, it is even looked down on in many lesbian circles. We butches take a lot of flack all the way around.

Here’s a copy of the letter I was sent.


Book Tango to me:

Thank you for resubmitting your project with us. This title went live on May 29, 2012 and was resubmitted on July 13, 2012. All materials submitted whether it is a new or existing project should be evaluated for acceptability and workability. Upon further evaluation, we found out that this book contains obscene language and explicit sexual content, something that we overlooked during the first submission. With this regard, we would like to inform you that we cannot continue the publication of this title as this was flagged as pornographic material. Booktango does cater to erotic genres but erotica is completely different from pornography.

Please understand as a privately owned, self-publishing company we set certain limits on content, and make every attempt to keep our limits fair and equal across the board for all of our authors.


Judy Lewis
Customer Service Representative

1663 Liberty Drive
Bloomington, IN 47403


My response to this? Thanks, Book Tango. My sales have soared because now everyone wants to know why it got banned. How BAD is it? Well, it isn’t nearly as bad as the sequel is going to be next month!

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5 thoughts on “‘Butch Sexology’ Banned At Book Tango For Being “Pornographic”

  1. femmewifemom

    And lord I can’t wait for that one. Your right they are just upset because not only is it two women but a butch/femme pairing and there is just something so erotic about that. The chemistry between butch and femme is so strong it’s palpable, both so similar and so different at the same time. It’s a whole mind, body, soul connection they will never understand and that’s what they are afraid of. Keep writing because those of us who love the butch/femme erotica don’t have a lot to choose from.

    • Thanks for the support! I appreciate my fans SO MUCH! In fact, I’ve found places where I AM appreciated. I was just informed last night that my short story, “Baby Let’s Go Inside” was accepted to be published in the banQuet Press 2013 Anthology of lesbian short stories. A very racy publication! 😉 Look for it next year!

  2. Loreen Visser

    Cant wait to read it now after that letter. Sounds hot.
    Love Butcher than Butch and Butch who loves a gorgeous fierce Femme.

  3. Boo. Dislike.

  4. “Butch Sexology II – The REALLY Naughty Stuff” is set to release in early August and I GUARANTEE it will make the first one look as though an Amish minister wrote it. 😉 I have purposely covered each normally “taboo” subject in detail, from fisting to threesomes.

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