Butch Sexology II Coming This Month!

Here is a sneak peek at my newest book, coming out in just a few short weeks! WARNING! This is sexually explicit, lesbian erotica. Do not read if you are offended. This book covers more ground than the last book. I deliberately included some material that is sometimes considered taboo. This particular story includes fisting and is not necessarily going to appeal to everyone. To my fans, I believe that it will. Your comments are welcome.


The original Butch Sexology.



 Not In A Million Years

There I was, sitting at the bar on a Thursday night. It was raining outside and the bar had a normal crowd. It was fairly busy but nothing like the weekends. I liked sitting at the far end because I could see everyone coming and going. I could sit and drink my beer and admire the eye candy as it walked in the door; it was the perfect spot.

In they walked, the three of them talking amongst themselves, giggling and carrying on. I noticed them right away. Hell, I couldn’t miss them. The three of them were very ‘girly’ with dresses, purses, heels, make-up and looking like proper ladies out on the prowl.

Not being at the bar for purposes of picking someone up, I was not immediately inclined to show any interest. However, I couldn’t help but notice the lady in the black dress. She was wearing pantyhose and spiked heels. Her dark brown hair was long and wavy and it fell in front of her shoulders, coming to rest on her breasts that were accentuated by the low-cut dress that she was wearing. I was a sucker for long hair.

As I watched them come in and take a table, she glanced towards me and I immediately smiled but didn’t hold my stare. Instead, I gave a nod to go with my smile and promptly ordered another beer from the bartender, as I looked away. I never liked to be too forward.

I watched the women sit and chat, laughing and having a good time. A few times, they got up and danced together, the way that groups of women so often do. I maintained my post on my bar stool. They weren’t going anywhere. The night went on and they had more to drink and so did I.

At about 11pm, she finally wandered to the bar to order herself a drink. She came and stood almost close enough to touch my arm at the bar. I smiled at her and she smiled at me. She spoke, “I haven’t seen you move all night. You can’t be having much fun!”

“Oh sure I am. I have the best seat in the house. I can see everything that is going on from right here. I see who walks in and I know when beautiful ladies are at the bar to get another drink,” I smiled at her as I spoke.

She giggled at my open flirtation. “I’m April,” she grinned as she held out her hand.

“I’m Casey, nice to meet you,” I took her hand and gave her my best smile. I didn’t offer to remove my hand all too quickly and she allowed her hand to linger a few moments as I continued speaking with her. “So, are you and your friends out celebrating something? You’re awfully dressed-up for this bar.”

“No, we’re just out having a good time. It’s our ‘ladies’ night out,” she was still smiling. I could see her looking at my hair. She finally withdrew her hand when the bartender came to take her order.

As she waited for her drink I touched the chair next to me, “Why don’t you have a seat. Those heels can’t be too comfortable.”

She sat but protested, “Oh, they aren’t that bad. You get used to them. I only get sore after I’ve been dancing too long.”

“You mean like tonight?”, I grinned at her.

“Okay, you got me there. Yes, fine … I’ll admit it. My feet are freaking killing me!” With that she burst out laughing and I laughed with her. When the laughter stopped there was a moment of silence that was filled with tension as the chemistry between us was becoming clear.

The bartender interrupted, right on cue but she did not leave immediately. She lingered a moment and took a sip of her cocktail. She was drinking a white Russian. “Mmmm…that’s yummy.”

“I love those when I’m in the mood.” I looked into her eyes. They were brown. In fact they were so dark brown that they almost looked black, especially in the dimly lit bar at this hour of the night. “There’s a lot of things I love when I’m in the mood.”

Now she blushed. Even in the near dark, I could see the blood rush to her face and neck and begin to work it’s way down her chest towards her cleavage, which I now took the opportunity to take a good look at. She just giggled a nervous giggle. Still, she hadn’t left.

I stood from my bar stool and held my hand out to her, “Wanna dance?”

“Sure,” she replied and sat her drink next to mine.

“Gotta take your shoes off too,” I grinned at her.

“What? NO! I couldn’t do that,” she gasped wide-eyed.

“Okay, well then you have to agree to let me rub your feet afterward.” Now she didn’t know what to say. She stammered for a moment but I didn’t give her a chance to answer. I took her hand and led her to the dance floor.

We danced for three songs, getting progressively flirtatious as things went along. Alcohol and music tends to have that effect. When we were getting hot and sweaty it was time to head back to our drinks.

As she picked her drink up from the bar she smiled at me and said, “I really suppose I should go check-in with my friends.” She glanced towards the table where her girlfriends were sitting. They were looking at her and waving. She waved back to them as if to say, “I’m coming!”

Before she walked away, I smiled, “Well now, don’t be a stranger. You know which end of the bar to get your drinks at now.”

“Yes, I do.” She walked away and grinned from ear to ear. When she got back to her table, I could see them all gather in a gaggle and start talking. I knew they were getting the scoop on what was going on and I thought it was funny.

I tried not to let them know I was watching out of the corner of my eye, but they probably knew. Femmes seem to know that stuff. There isn’t really much hiding from a femme once she has you on her radar. That’s fine because once a butch has you on his radar, you’re either going to give in or have to run. He isn’t going to give up. Most butches will admit that the thrill of the chase is half the fun.

As the hour grew late and things were winding down, I decided that it was time to make a move. I approached their table and had my keys in my hand. “Are you girls going to go out and get some breakfast? It’s sort of tradition for most of the people at this bar to go hit the Perkins that’s open all night down the street.”

They all looked at each other. April looked at her friends hopefully. One said yes that she was definitely hungry. The other was whining about being tired and having to work tomorrow.

“Did you all ride together?”, I inquired of the trio of girls who were as indecisive now as any group of teenage girls possibly could be.

“Yes,” came the collective reply. April continued, “Sue drove.” She nodded her head towards the grumpy one who wanted to go home. Then she looked at me and said, “I’d go to breakfast with you if you could give me a ride?”

Her friends looked at her as if she had a spider crawling out of her ear. Of course, the grumpy one had to say something. “I don’t think that’s a good idea, April. You don’t even know her.”

“Well, that’s true. I’d be happy to give you my phone number so that if she goes missing, you’ll know where to send the cops,” was my flip reply to her accusatory tone.

April laughed, “I’m sure that I’ll be fine, Sue. Don’t worry.” The whole time, she was looking right in my eyes.

April gathered her things and gave her friends a hug. We all walked into the parking lot together and I was very clear about which car was mine. I figured that maybe if they knew my car and had every chance to take down my tag number that they’d feel more comfortable.

Once her friends were in their car, April and I walked on towards my mustang. I opened the door for her and then walked around to get in on my side. She reached over and opened the door for me, which struck me as cute. “Thank-you,” I smiled over at her and quite suddenly just decided to give her a peck on the cheek. April, however, decided to turn and take it on the lips. It really is true what they say about the quiet ones. She had her tongue in my mouth in 1.2 seconds. I wasn’t complaining.

“I don’t want to go to breakfast,” she blurted out. “I want you to take me to your place.” Before I could respond, she was kissing me again. No, I certainly wasn’t complaining and I surely wasn’t going to say no.



I put the key in the ignition and fired-up the engine. I reached over and took her hand as I backed out of the parking space and headed the car towards my place. She played with my hand, stroking it and kissing it. At one point she was sucking on my fingers and it was all I could do to keep driving and not pull over and hike her skirt up in a parking lot somewhere.

When we finally got back to my apartment and parked the car, I looked over at her and said, “How often do you do this?”

April’s face looked a little embarrassed. “Never.”

“Are you serious? Why now?”, I couldn’t help but be curious.

“I’ve always been attracted to butch women but I’ve never been with one. I want to. Know what else I want?”


She took my hand again, “I want you to put your hand inside of me.”

Now my blood began to beat through my body with the force of an oil rig. My heart skipped at least two beats and my blood pressure must have climbed to the point of nearing a stroke. “Holy crap, April. You just put it all out there huh?” I was laughing though, I couldn’t help it.

“It’s a fantasy I’ve had for a long time. When we started talking tonight I knew that I was very attracted to you. I feel like I can trust you and I want you to show me what it’s all about.”

I leaned towards her and kissed her, slowly and deeply before responding. “So you want me to fuck your brains out is what you’re saying, right?”

“Yes! Please!”, she was smiling at me as if she was feeling triumphant.

“Well, you’re an adult, I’m an adult … I do NOT have a problem with that at all.”

With that, I hopped out of the car before anyone could change their mind. I walked around to her side to hold the door and help her out. I took her by the hand and led her to the stairs and motioned for her to move ahead. I was right behind her, watching her ass sway all the way up the staircase. I’m quite certain that she was giving a little ‘extra’ swing to her hips just for my benefit.

When we arrived at my door, I put the key into the lock and swung the door open. It was dark inside and I reached in and flipped the light switch. Then I stood back for her to enter. As I stepped inside behind her, I shut the door and then turned to face her. I pushed her back against the door with my body against hers. In an instant, I was kissing her, devouring her as she stood there against my door. I could hear her moaning. The reverberations of her moans against my tongue inside her mouth was the sweetest of seductions. It made me think of other places my tongue could be. I wanted to taste all of her and I wanted her now.

My fingers slid slowly up her thigh and up underneath her dress. I could feel her laced panties underneath the panty hose that she was wearing. Without saying a word to her I leaned back and looked into her face, took her by the hand and led her to my bedroom. As we walked to the edge of the bed, I turned her around and reach around her, from behind and cupped her breasts in my hands, as I kissed her neck. I could feel her nipples growing hard under my fingers. I ached to feel them in my mouth.

Spinning her around, my lips met hers again with a hunger. Passionately, we kissed for several moments as my hands again reached to pull her skirt up. I could feel her step sideways and spread her legs to accommodate my fingers between her legs.

She groaned as I touched her clit underneath the layers of her clothing. Firmly, I pushed her back onto the bed. I loosened my tie as I stood over the top of her. Slowly I loosened the knot and pulled the tie up and over my head. Stepping forward, I straddled her on the bed. As I looked into her eyes, I simply said, “Give me your hands.” She quietly complied. I felt her body give a slight jolt and I knew that she was utterly turned-on beyond turning back. I slipped the tie over her hands to her wrists and slipped it snug. Then I took the loose end of the tie and pulled it over her head, tying it to the bedpost. With her hands secured over her head, she was completely at my mercy.

I moved to unzip her dress and guide it down over her shoulders. Slowly and with great care, I pulled the dress down to her stomach. Here I stopped because I could resist no longer. Leaning forward, I took her left breast in my mouth and sucked her hard and long. She moaned softly at first. The harder I sucked the louder she became. Her utterances were turning me on and making me absolutely insane. I wanted her body and I wanted to fuck her until she couldn’t walk a step tomorrow without thinking of me.

Slowly, I slid down the length of her body, kissing and teasing her salty skin with my tongue, until I reached the floor on my knees. Her dress was around her midsection, in a bunch. In front of me now were her legs, still covered in panty hose. As I leaned forward, she spread her legs wide for me, wanting me to touch her. I kissed her square between the legs. I could smell her body and her excitement. I knew she was wet, I didn’t need to touch her to know. Her thighs were quivering now. With very soft kisses, I touched her inner thighs and I gently nibbled a tiny hole in the hose that stood between me and the treasure between her legs.

I gently crept my fingers into the hole in her hose and with no warning to her, I suddenly ripped them from her with all my strength. Shredded fabric hung from her waist. I was taken over with desire now and I yanked the material from each leg and tied it around each ankle, which I then secured to the bottom corners of the bed after pulling her panties off. She couldn’t move now at all, other than some wiggle room.

For a moment, I just took her in. She truly had a magnificent body and her pussy was beautiful to me. She was neatly trimmed and shaved but not smooth. I let my fingers play in her hair and teased her with my touch. I kissed her hair before allowing my tongue to slide south and touch her clit softly.

She cried out, “Oh God…yes!” I heard the headboard creak as she pulled against it with her arms. With her cry, I wanted to eat her alive and I buried my face between her legs and licked her like I wouldn’t live to see tomorrow.

Her hips bucked and lifted to try to ride my tongue, as it danced up and down, back and forth. My lips locked around her clit and sucked her into my mouth, as my tongue continued to lick her furiously. Glancing up at her, I could see her nipples were hard as rocks and I moved my hands up to reach for them. Rolling her nipples in my fingers I continued to lick her. She screamed now. I could feel her body convulsing with spasms that were rocking her from the inside out. I continued to lick her as she came until she was squirming and trying to move away from me. Still, I continued to lick until I finally let my tongue become still. I held her clit in my mouth with no movement until her breathing became less rapid.

“Oh my God…please, I can’t breathe…”, I could hear her moaning. Very softly and gingerly I flicked my tongue at her clit. Her entire body jumped. I giggled; I couldn’t help it. Right now, at this very moment, I owned her body and I could do whatever I wanted with it. All I wanted to do was bring her the most intense physical pleasure that she’d ever felt in her life. It was my life’s mission, at this very moment. I wanted her cum the way men want gold or money.

I leaned to the bedside table and pulled the drawer open. Inside was lube and a vibrator. I pulled them both out. She could see what I was doing but still couldn’t move. She lifted her head and watched for a moment. She let out an anxious moan and threw her head back, giving me complete control.

I held the lube over her pussy and squirted it, letting it drip down over. It was cold and she let out a gasp. To keep it from running off and onto the floor, I caught it with my hand and rubbed her pussy up and down with my flat hand, spreading the lube. I turned the vibrator on and I felt her thighs tremble in anticipation. I could hear her softly draw in her breath. Slowly, I inserted the vibrator into her, only penetrating an inch or so. I wanted to stimulate her vaginal opening and relax her body. I could see her open for me. Leaning forward I gave her clit a few quick licks before I plunged the vibrator into her as deep as it would reach.

Again, she shrieked but this time it was no words. The sounds that came from her were the sounds a woman makes when she is in absolute heaven and her body is completely on fire. Her nipples were hard enough to cut glass, her pussy so wet that it was dripping. She was ready.

Leaning back so I could see what I was doing and watch her face at the same time, I pulled the vibrator out and I slipped two fingers inside of her. She knew what I was doing now and she murmured a very soft, “Yes.”

I let my fingers explore inside her body. There is nothing in the world that compares to the soft, fleshy heat of a woman’s pussy when she is swollen with desire. Her body conforms to wrap around your fingers, hugging them and begging them to fuck her at the same time.

My fingers twisted and moved to touch her g-spot. I pushed against and touched the vibrator to the side of her clit. I didn’t want her to cum, but I wanted her to hover at the edge as long as was possible.

I pulled the vibrator away and added a finger inside of her. I fucked her now, with my hand and her hips rose and fell to meet my strokes. She was moaning and crying out loud now. Over and over she screamed, “Yes…oh God…YES! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”

Slowly, I folded my thumb into my palm and curled my hand as much as I could. Reaching for the lube, I squirted it onto my hand and wrist. Slowly, very, very slowly I applied pressure and entered her with my entire hand up to my knuckles. This was the critical part, the widest part of my hand and I knew if I was not careful that I could hurt her. I flipped on the vibrator with my other hand and touched it to her clit. Her pelvis thrust forward in pleasure and I took the split-second to move my hand forward be pulling my fingers into my palm and making a fist. The movement involves a twist and thrust, simultaneously. I was inside of her completely now.

“OH FUCK!”, she shrieked but not the shriek of pain. “It’s SO intense,” she moaned as her head tossed from side to side. I gave her body a few moments to get used to the sensation of being completely filled. There was no room to move inside of her, all I could do was flex my fist tighter and then release. It gave her a pulsating sensation. As I did this I leaned forward and licked her clit. My hand was beginning to go numb as her body began to tense and tighten. Her orgasm was going to be enormous, I could tell. I felt the shudder coming from deep inside her and I groaned as I continued to lick her. I had just cum all over myself.

Three of my fingers had gone completely numb from the tightness of her pussy and her muscles contracting around me so tight. I could feel it now, she was cumming. It started like a wave inside of her and as it hit the crest, she cried out, “Shit! Oh my God, I’m cumming!” Within seconds, her contraction was so hard that she came like a freight train, pushing my hand out of her body with such force that if it hadn’t been connected to my arm it probably would’ve hit the wall behind me.

Her body went limp. She was totally spent. Gently, I untied the restraints on her legs and removed my tie from her wrists. I settled-in next to her and she whimpered softly and moved against me as tightly as she could squeeze herself into my shoulder. I kissed her forehead and gently rocked her as she slowly came down from her high.

“Oh MY God, that was the most intense thing I have ever experienced in my whole life!” She gulped and sighed.

“Was it what you expected?”, I grinned at her.

“No. It was definitely not anything I could have ever imagined in a million years,” she started to laugh because her body was still shaking from the intensity of her orgasm. Her voice was cracking and she was almost stuttering, as if she’d lost all control of her body at this point. She continued to laugh as she looked at me and asked, “So … was this what you were expecting when you went to the bar tonight?”

“Nope, not anything I could have ever imagined in a million years,” I snuggled-up next to her and closed my eyes as I laughed. We both grew quiet and still, bringing the night to an end and giving way to our dreams of the night. 

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  1. barb

    fisting someone is a awesome experience

  2. This book looks amazing. Really lovely writing 🙂

  3. Wow. Just wow. So glad I stopped by!

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