I Want to Be Naked With You

I’ve tried to write the perfect thing for you today. I’ve struggled for three hours to put the perfect words on paper. I can’t. This photo says it perfectly. I want to be naked with you like this. I trust you with this now. It took me time and for that I’m sorry, but I get things now and I trust you like I’ve never trusted anyone with my heart. Please, take care with it, take things slow with me this time and let’s do this right. Let’s be kids together, let’s have fun and refuse to grow-up. Spend the next 20 years laughing with me. Lay with me in the silence sometimes … just being happy to be together and have another chance. Let me look into your eyes and revel in my love for you. Let me watch you walk out of the room and fall in love with you all over again every time you walk back in the room. I promise that I will. I already do.

Let me hold you when the world closes in around you. I want to be strong when you need that. I have two shoulders that belong to you and only you. You don’t have to say a word, just reach for me. I will always be there to wrap you up in my arms and tell the rest of the world that you are on break. Someday, you will trust me and we will both trust each other.

I have no words for the way you make me feel. I only know that I love you, I want you and I’m not going to spend one more minute pushing you away, being afraid of you or not allowing you “in”. Woman, you humble me, you make my heart skip beats, you move me to tears, I dream about you. I’m yours. All in.

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11 thoughts on “I Want to Be Naked With You

  1. beautiful. This is what I would love to hear from my wife. I know she feels the same as you do but she could not word it as beautifully as you just did.

  2. You are just yummy Jesse.. thanks for the lovely words. Arranged so well. 🙂

  3. Jesse that is a gorgeous blog to a no doubt gorgeous Femme.. I am happy for you that you are happy.. take your time.. heal and be kind to one anothers hearts. 🙂 Cleo

    • Thanks for that Miss Cleo! I’ve hurt her so much. I’m trying hard to be different. I am different, I feel different. I’m having a hard time explaining to her how I feel different and why. I thought I’d lost her for good. I can’t do that again. I love her with all my heart and it’s time I give her ALL my heart. I’ve never met a more deserving, wonderful or kind soul such as she. Yes, I love her very much.

      • well all a Femme can ask of her Butch is that they take responsibility for their actions.. and publicly declaring your love and commitment to her is obviously part of that for you Jesse. Good on you! It is brave..I know you will try to heal the wounds.. whatever they are. I wish you well in finding the happiness you seek with one another lovely.. 🙂

  4. Thanks, Cleo. Things are far from fixed or perfect. I’ve hurt her a lot and she is leery. She peeks out of her shell and she reaches out to me, and then she ducks back and hides a little. I understand and I have it coming. I know that I need to be patient. I’m going to take what I have coming and I’m going to prove, once and for all, that I love her … because I really and truly do.

  5. One of the most lovely things…certainly the most lovely thing of today. Made me smile. 🙂

  6. Oh, Jesse how beautiful and straight from your heart and soul. I would like to experience loving and being loved in return just as you describe. The healing will continue, for each of you, Blessed Be.

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