Butch Sexology II About to Launch- Do You Want Your Business In It?

Skye Isono, model and aspiring actress. Skye will be the star on the cover of Butch Sexology II – The REALLY Naughty Stuff!

Hello everyone! I have an interesting proposition for you. In my new book, which is pretty much complete, I am going to offer “product placement” within the stories. If you have a business, a product, a website, a place of business or anything that you’d like to advertise in my book for ABSOLUTELY FREE, then leave a comment below on how you can either give me a link back to my books, advertise for me or whatever you can dream up!

I’m not talking about a list of links in the back of the book! I’m talking about actually writing you into the story somewhere, so that you are 100% guaranteed that anyone who reads the book is going to see you. If they are reading on Kindle, they can click right over to you from the book! How great is that for your business??

You’re links will be LIVE in my Kindle version. This is a unique way to market your products without having to spend any advertising dollars. There is virtually no risk to you at all. Pitch me your idea and sell me on your product, service or whatever! I can’t add ALL people’s stuff, so you’ll have to really sell me on your ideas. Maybe I get a free product or something. Maybe you give me a permanent link on your site. After all, you’re going to be in my book FOREVER!

How many people are going to see this? Well, the FIRST book has only been out for 90 days and has been downloaded and sold to 1175 people! I fully expect the follow-up book to outsell the first. I expect sales to be well over 7000 copies in the first year alone.

The photo shoot is happening in Texas this week for the cover art. I’m so excited! Skye Isono is a great model and this cover is going to have a butch, a femme and a motorcycle! This is a combination for HOTNESS! I guarantee that this book is going to make the last one look entirely too tame.

Would you like to get a free autographed copy of the book when it comes out? Follow me on Twitter for a chance to win! Look to the left for the link to my Twitter account! I’ll be choosing one person a week for the first four weeks after the book launches, to get a free autographed copy! Tweet me! RT me! Who wants that book? 😉

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2 thoughts on “Butch Sexology II About to Launch- Do You Want Your Business In It?

  1. This is all so exciting! I’m following you on Twitter now; who knows? Maybe I’ll win! 😀

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