Divide and Conquer, Since the Beginning of Time



I sit and listen to conversations around me. I watch the news almost every day, because it is on the television in the room where I work. Each day, my facebook page is riddled with republican comments, democrat comments, religious views versus anti-religious views. The glbtq community uses it to pass along things that outrage them. Hate groups and those who have been labeled as hate groups, use the same social medias to do the same thing.

Yesterday, it occurred to me that all of the disagreements have been fabricated by the world around us. What YOU believe is a direct result of what you have been taught. What you were taught is directly related to where you went to school, what religion you were raised in and the church that your family attended, if you went to church.


In this country, we talk about trickle down economics, but what about ‘trickle down policies?’ Does it really ever cross your mind that your opinions have been bought and paid for many times over by the machine that really runs this country? From the time you were a child, you’ve been forced to choose a side. You have been GROOMED to choose a side in a battle that really doesn’t matter, unless you are someone at the top of the food chain, struggling to stay in charge.

Politics has been drilled into your head from the time you were old enough to study history. Your church has taught you what THEY considered important, not necessarily what the bible even says. Teachings are taken out of context, the word of God is skewed to serve the purposes of the church, and those who control said church. Now, I’m not trying to pick on any church in particular, but the Catholic church is one that comes to mind. They are extremely wealthy and powerful. The pope is considered one of the most powerful people in the world. Catholic schools teach their own agenda and don’t have to meet any specific guidelines in many cases.

As I said, this is just an example. There are plenty of other religions who do this very same thing. We are also seeing, here in the US, that the lines between church and state are becoming more and more blurred. There is no clear separation of church and state anymore.


Churches are now running politics in ways that they never have at any other time in history. It is well known and common knowledge that “right wing politics” has become the political choice for those who are extremely religious. The issue with this, as I see it and hope that you will too, is that these same people are also not independent thinkers. They have done nothing to actually “prove” their beliefs or to investigate the claims of their ‘false prophets’ that spoon feed them what they should believe and how they should behave.

Our politicians have become puppets to churches, corporations and even to other countries! China owns most of New York City at this point. Our jobs have been sent over seas. The economy and increased percentage of jobs in China has gone up by over 7%.  This is ironic when our jobs have decreased by almost this same amount. Wouldn’t you agree?

Wall Street led us into economic devastation because they were allowed to do so. Those at the top of the food chain got greedy. I believe that they also honestly felt that they would never get caught, becoming rich on the backs of middle class Americans. The poor suffer daily so that the wealthy can be wealthier. This has not changed. Not even since the bail-out that was supposed to help things. While corporations didn’t go out of business, it didn’t save millions of  people from going into foreclosure. It didn’t save small business owners from losing the family business that had been the heart, soul and center of their family pride for 50 years.

The struggling dentist with a new practice, loans for equipment, supplies that are over-priced by these larger companies and struggling to pay bills that are sometimes three times the amount of money that comes in each month, is still faced with patients who feel services are over-priced. Yet this dentist is struggling to make ends meet. “Trickle down economics” doesn’t work. Helping people at the top of the food chain with tax-cuts and bail-outs doesn’t help. The middle class people are the ones who SPEND money.

If Washington gave the middle class a stimulus that was handed-out to each family of a few thousand dollars, ALL of that money would go right back into the economy in their local markets. 100% of these people would pay bills that are behind, buy food, school supplies, take their kids to the zoo, pay the insurance policy that they couldn’t afford before, etc. Some of them would just go out and be frivolous with the money. They’d get their hair done, get a manicure, visit the spa for a day, take the kids to the movies or take a family vacation. THAT IS WHAT STIMULUS IS!! It gets people to spend money!

What stimulus is not – giving those who really don’t need the money a tax break, giving them loans at reduced rates when they don’t need them or giving the money that they aren’t going to spend because they already have the monthly bill money that they need. The amount they are going to spend next month is the same and that stimulus money is sitting in a bank drawing interest for them now…instead of creating a job for an out of work father with three kids that all need new shoes for school. His wife would like to get a job, but the cost of daycare outweighs what she’d bring in, so she stays home with the kids while dad works two jobs, just to feed them all … if he can find two jobs.


The arguments about gay marriage, the war on women, a woman’s right to choose….etc; they have all become distractions. They are all important causes…but they are MADE causes by politicians who want to see us divided by these issues! As long as the American people are busy fighting each other and playing into their hands, we lose sight of the real issue. We have lost our country. We no longer have control. Politicians and that 1% that you keep hearing about, at the top of the food chain, have taken away most of your rights and they have pulled the wool over your eyes. While you’ve been busy learning to hate each other over differences that God doesn’t truly care about, because He wants you to all love each other, your government has been working behind the scenes. They’ve orchestrated these events. They have made all of you into puppets.

It’s been a bait and switch game since the beginning of time. In civilized society, those at the top have played the people against each other in order to serve their own purposes. We fight, they get what they want. We judge each other, churches get more tithes and donations. The Church of the Latter Day Saints is one of the richest churches in the US. Yet, they are one of the newest religions in the world. Mitt Romney is a Mormon. I believe that his ties to that church, that is so very powerful and wealthy, could be catastrophic for America.

I feel that We the People, need to start trying to get along and realize when our leaders are practicing this divisiveness. We need to be able to stand together as AMERICANS, whether we are black, white, hispanic, straight, gay, Baptist, Protestant, Catholic or atheist, republican, democrat, liberal, independent, green party or tea party member. WE ARE ALL AMERICANS and we are being robbed of our country. We are playing into their games like a bunch of idiots and we should be mad as hell.  It’s time to start loving and accepting each other and start fighting back against the REAL bullies, Washington politicians! You are being used. Wake-up, Americans.

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6 thoughts on “Divide and Conquer, Since the Beginning of Time

  1. Divide and conquer indeed, Jesse.

    I am a woman of transsexual history, but it is history as my transition ended 35 years ago with sex reassignment surgery and I haven’t “transed” since. I was a highly trained and skilled counselor recruited by lesbians to work as an intern with mostly lesbians in Garden Grove in 1986, including a group of lesbian incest survivors. I served lesbian clients for 900 of 1500 hours earning them $25,000. I was encouraged to come out as lesbian by those same women.

    But in 1988, I was alone there when I was “outed” in a place I wasn’t even hiding, threatened with violence by 4 women, ejected from the Womanspace I’d co-founded and purged by a new Lesbian Separatist administrator who could not accept me as a real woman in a place where they had no problems with the gender of the money I had brought in.

    With no one to turn to I fell into isolation, depression and an exile that lasted nearly 20 years, including being the sole caregiver for my mother with Alzheimer’s Disease for the last 6 years of her life and ending in my being homeless for almost 7 years in Seattle.

    While I was gone from the world , lesbians began ejecting post- transsexual women from the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival (MWMF) When it looked like they were finally going to let us in, the new LGBT transgender inclusion began to convert men, drag queens and crossdressers into “transgender” women and demand a human right to be a “woman with a penis” and admission to MWMF Faced with a “take all of us or none of us” demand the lesbian community, fearing a massive influx of male-bodied women chose “none of us”.

    And people like me were tossed into the “transgender” variant pot of inclusion with all the mostly male-bodied and non-op persons who didn’t have our bona fide medical condition and our need for a congruence of mind and body that led us to sexreassignment and our legitimacy as women and female.

    But LGBT “transgender” was never meant to be transsexual inclusion because if we are heterosexual women, then what are we doing in a community with gay men– and if we are lesbians why are we being accepted as “transgender” but not included as “real” women because we were not “womyn-born-womyn” (WBW).

    There are some sincere and decent lesbians who believe in the LGBT Rainbow Coalition where we are accepted as “transgender”- but those opposed to us invoke the Cotton Ceiling that brands us as socially and sexually undesirable and confounds us who were transsexual with those who are transgender as if we all still were nothing more than men, and therefore the patriarchal enemy.

    The LGBT Coalition wants our financial support, our labor and sweat and our votes for Gay & Lesbian causes, but our causes like ENDA and rights to accommodation and health care regularly discarded for the benefit of the non-trans majority.

    I came back to life in Seattle in 2007, only to find myself unwanted as a facilitator by the new “transgender” community because I refuse to identify as transgender and I found myself still shunned and excluded by the newer “more accepting” lesbian community for not being a real woman. I have found my place as a respected woman among women working in women-only and feminist organizations in behalf of homeless people. It’s just not a L, TG or LGBT kind of acceptance.

    And I support Marriage Equality as a Human Right which is on the ballot here as Referendum 74 in Washington State. But no one from the 74 supporters want to talk to me about my “Freedom to Love”. They want my vote and my willingness to phone bank for 74, but win or lose, the day after the election I will still be locked out of the lesbian community by people who won’t stop calling me transgender and who refuse to include me as a “real” woman.

    Therefore, I’m not invited to the wedding, not wanted as anyone’s “best woman”, certainly not wanted for me to catch the bouquet.

    So much for my Freedom to Love. Divide and conquer, indeed.

    • Sweetheart, I’d invite you to my wedding, by God. I agree that ‘our’ community is also extremely divisive and it bothers me so much. We are all human and as such, deserve to be treated with respect, kindness and love. Thank-you so much for your wonderful response. I hope others will comment as well.

  2. Jesse – very well thought-out, and well-written. It bothers me terribly, when I see and hear people saying that there’s no difference between the parties. It’s just not true. The difference is pretty blatant, when you consider the social issues that are so important to you and me, but it is just as clear with economic policy.

    Mitt Romney would love to continue with the “trickle down theory” of previous Republican administrations, going back to Reagan’s “voodoo economics” (a term coined by George H. W. Bush). The idea of the theory is that if the rich are given more tax breaks, they would take that extra money and re-invest it in the USA. More jobs would be created, more taxes would be paid on all of this extra income, and everyone would have that money raining down all of the way to the middle and lower classes.

    The FACT is, Romney himself, has PROVEN that this is a failed theory. He has already been paying a MUCH lower percentage of income tax than you or I, and how did he choose to re-invest that money? By taking it to Switzerland, and the Caymans, and in other tax havens around the world. How in the hell is that money going to “trickle down” to all of us, way over here in the USA, where Romney MADE all of that money? The short answer is, it won’t.

    If you vote for Mitt Romney, you won’t be experiencing the “trickle down” effect. No… that wetness that you’ll be feeling is the “trickle ON” of the rich, doing to you, what they’ve been doing for years. Don’t fall for it. As the old saying goes, “Don’t piss on my shoes and tell me that it’s raining.”

    • Absolutely, Don. While I understand the conservative issues that are important to some of the republican party members, the people that they wish to “elevate to greatness” are simply not worthy. Old ideas that are proven not to work, making politics out of the bodies of women, dictating who can and can’t get married (traditionally a church issue) and then sending OUR jobs over seas…it is all making me sick. I was just talking to my gf about this. She’s not political at all…but she’s very concerned about our country. She suggested Ron Paul. I have to say that WE, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, really need to choose our own MIDDLE CLASS candidate and to HELL with these rich bastards who don’t know what it’s like to wait on food stamp money so you can stop eating oatmeal…or to know what it’s like to tell your kid no to a box of crayons because your last few bucks has to go in the as tank to get to the job that doesn’t pay you enough money to even eat most of the time. These are the people who are left behind. They say leave no man behind, leave no CHILD behind…but it is happening EVERY SINGLE MOMENT OF EVERY DAY IN AMERICA. W A K E U P people.

  3. Amen to your post as you are preaching to this choir. I agree with you and feel that sadly it is more than a governmental issue, it is a worldwide systems issue…..every system you can think of (legal, medical, etc) operates from a “control over” or “power” paradigm instead of a “people first” or “unique but united” type of ideology. Keep on going.

    • I’m almost shocked as to how many people have agreed with me. I’ve received many comments on my facebook account and also been in a couple group discussions on there too. All the people seem to agree with this thinking. The poor and middle class are tired of suffering so the rich can get richer and the poor barely get by.

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