An Audio Blog For Something Different!

Today, I’m doing something new. I’ve done my blog on audio file. I wanted to do this one in a way that you could hear my voice. I felt compelled to tell this story in my own words and my own voice so that you could hear and feel my passion, my pain and my sincerity. I also thought that perhaps my readers and fans might enjoy hearing me narrate my own writing, for a little something different! Besides, I need the practice for all those speaking engagements I’m hoping to do next year!

This is about my personal journey, changing who I am and growing as a person. Change is never easy, but it’s worth the bumps in the road if you have faith and you really want to make lasting happiness become a reality in your life and in your relationships. I do. I hope that what I have to say resonates with you and compels you to make choices in your life that are positive too!

Having a brother who is deaf, I am sensitive to the needs of those who may need to read this blog. If you comment and request that I send you a hard copy to read, I’ll be more than happy to send you the written transcript to your email. 🙂 Thanks.  Click here to listen to today’s blog ———— >>>

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7 thoughts on “An Audio Blog For Something Different!

  1. Reblogged this on simple blog.

  2. Awesome blog Jesse, and I love the cowboy hat in the bio pic!

  3. to admit your weakness takes strength, i hope you find the inner peace you are striving for, thank you for sharing x

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