Are You Ready for Butch Sexology 2??

A behind the scenes look at at the photo shoot for the new cover.

Over the next few days, I’m going to share some pics with you and let YOU, the fans, help choose the cover of the next book! These photos are  coming at you from the fantastic photography skills of Glass Onion Images. A special thanks to Skye Isono, the butch model in this shoot. Skye played a huge part in getting all the details pulled together to make this photo shoot happen. She’s an aspiring actor and definitely has the skills! Check out both of the their pages on Facebook and show them some love and “likes”!!

Also, I want to thank Oscar Gonzalez for letting us use his motorcycle in this shoot. Also, I’d like to acknowledge that Skye’s uncle was rushed to the hospital due to complications from a head injury that happened a couple months ago…his bike, head on, versus car. Skye went on with the shoot, in spite of the fact that she was worried for her uncle and I have to say, that’s dedication. I hope that you’ll ALL join me in saying a prayer, sending energy or lighting a candle – depending on your own personal beliefs – for Skye’s family and her uncle. Today, he undergoes a potential life-saving surgery. My thoughts are with him!

I don’t have names of the other models or the photographer or any other folks behind the scenes. I want to thank them too and I hope that Skye and some others will pop on here and comment and mention some of those great folks too!

As I get more photos, I will post them and ask for YOUR input! I also ask you to pass Glass Onion Images, in Texas, and Skye Isono’s name around. They are networking to expand their careers, just as I have been doing as an author. In Skye’s own words, “people like us have to stick together!” Thanks, Skye. 🙂


Skye adds: Don’t forget for the corsets, glass onion images for photos and Amber Marie (femme model). is the best page rather than this. Thanks jesse

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8 thoughts on “Are You Ready for Butch Sexology 2??

  1. Amber Marie Rogers

    Hi my name is Amber Marie on Facebook, but my name is Amber Rogers. And I am the Femme in this photo shoot. 🙂 Feel so blessed to be involved in something so amazing!! Thanks everyone for the opportunity! I love my job!

    • Thanks so much, Amber! You are very beautiful and I hope that this helps you get some more publicity for your career! Thanks so much!!

      • Amber Marie Rogers

        Aww thank you Jesse! Your too sweet! Yes, I hope the same for me too! Cant wait to get the book, and have it signed by you. I am telling all of my friends and family about it coming out. Whens your release date, how much will it be, and how can it be bought?

      • The book will be available on, worldwide in about 2 weeks, 3 weeks at the latest. Watch this blog for the release! It will be available as a download on Kindle and also as a paperback. 🙂 If you got to my website and order it from there, as soon as I have it up, I autograph those before they are shipped.

  2. Great work; stunning photos, both this behind the scenes one and the photos Glass Onion has up on their FB page. I’m really excited to see this book, although some part of me feels I ought to read the first one first!

  3. Looks yummy. ^_^

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