Filthy Beautiful Butch Dreams

Photo courtesy of Glass Onion Images
Models: Skye R. Isono and Amber Marie

My hands are on your hips. My face is in the nape of your neck. The water from the shower beats down on your skin and on mine, in a cascade of warmth and stimulation. Your skin is soft and warm and I want to melt into you. My lips find your skin and softly touch you, tasting you and leaving loving kisses on your flesh.

I’m completely aware of your breathing. I can feel your chest moving against me and feel your hand reach around me to hold me close to you. Softly, you moan. I reach for the soap and I begin to rub your body with my hands, working-up a lather all over your torso. I can feel the wetness between my legs that is definitely not water. Again, you moan. I want to kiss you all over, worship your body and bring you pleasure like you’ve never felt before. Just like the song, I want to make your body my wonderland and play with it all night long.

My lips find your breasts and your nipples are already erect and longing for my touch. I’m overcome with such passion that you have to remind me to be gentle. I get carried away in my lust sometimes and forget how sensitive this soft, pale-pink flesh can be.  I relax and try to just enjoy your creamy soft skin in my mouth and relish how amazing your alabaster flesh feels against my lips and tongue.

Softly, with your hands in my hair, you put your cheek against mine and whisper in my ear, Can we go lay down? I don’t think I can stand-up anymore.” You’ve made me tingle all over and I nod against your neck and your shoulder, unable to give you a verbal response at the moment. You turn the water off, step out of the shower and reach for a towel. You turn to hand me a towel too, but I grab a hold of yours and pull you close. I only want to kiss you and touch you. I don’t want to take my hands off of you. I’ve been so starved for you. Our lips meet and we kiss softly at first, but it quickly turns into a twisted knot between my tongue and yours, exploring and seeking. I feel like I’m being burned alive. I want you and I can’t wait to taste you on my lips.

You giggle softly and start backing up toward the door, in the direction of the bedroom. I playfully follow you, step by step, until you are standing with your legs against the bed. Pushing you back onto the bed, I crawl over the top of you and continue kissing you, letting my hand roam between your legs. I can feel the hair that you neatly trim and I love the natural feel that you opt for. It’s so sexy. It’s just … you. I let my fingers play and entwine themselves, lingering in it a moment. Your pussy fits perfectly in my cupped hand. I can hear you suck in your breath now and you whisper, “I love the way you touch me.”

Your words move me to continue and I gently slip my fingers deeper between the lips of your labia and rub them back and forth against you to stimulate you and also to get them wet for the purposes of entering you. I slip my thumb inside you. I like this angle for my hand and I can lay closer to you like this. I can look at your face as I stroke my fingers inside of you. Your face always tells me everything I need to know. Your shrieks of passion are icing on my cake. This moment, you have called out my name and your chest rose sharply from the breath you sucked into your lungs. I’m immediately drawn to your gorgeous breasts and filled with desire to have your nipples in my mouth. As I succumb to my desire, you groan and utter one word, “yessss.” You breathe the word out into the air, as if you’re speaking it to the entire universe, and I’m filled with emotions too hard to explain. I can only act on them.

As your body ignites in a spontaneous combustion of sorts, fueled by my desire to please you and pour more fuel into your fire, you are now speaking loudly. I can hear you. “I love your hands. I love how you touch me. I love the way you know exactly what to do to me.” You make me want to please you just that much more. You fill me with a passion that starts deep inside, like a hot coal that burns a hole through my flesh and is only satisfied by your screams and cum in my face. I can feel you building. My fingers are inside of you – stroking you, but I need to move to bring you to complete orgasm now. I know what you need and what you desire. I want to please you and make your body mine.

Sliding myself between your legs, I’m on the floor now, at your feet. I gently lift your legs over my shoulders and guide your feet to rest on each of my shoulders. Your body is wide open in front of me now. I take a moment to look at what I consider to be the most beautiful piece of art in the entire world, your womanhood. I’m enthralled with your body and with you … all of you. I always tell you that you’re beautiful. I mean it in so many ways other than your face and your body. All the emotions, all the feelings I have for you are combined with the passion of this moment and it seems like I will not be able to keep myself from exploding into a million pieces right here and now. I watch as I slip my fingers back inside of you. Your hips move to greet my fingers and my eyes glance up in time to see you also looking down at my face. I reach for your hand now and you grasp it firmly, as my other hand strokes you.

Leaning forward, my tongue finds you. You are swollen, throbbing and pulsing with desire. As my lips surround you, your head falls back onto the bed and you moan and I can hear you call my name. My response is to stroke you faster and move my tongue in rhythm with my fingers and the magical song we are playing, using your body as the instrument.

As you reach your climax, I can feel you tighten around my fingers and it begins like a pulse. You’re squirming and beginning to back yourself up onto the bed. It’s as if the pleasure is so intense that you feel the need to back away from it, but I’m not going to let you. I move with you, until we are both fully on the bed and rather than let up, I’m stroking you faster now, diving back into you with my face. You scream now. I hear my name. Yes, I love it. Then I hear you, “Ohhh…ohhh baby. I cumming!”

I already knew. You are now squeezing my fingers so hard that they have barely received blood for two minutes. Suddenly, I feel the flood as you cum with the power of water rushing through a broken dam. I can’t stop licking. I want every single drop. You allow it for as long as you can take it until, finally, you are begging me to stop because you’re unable to take the intensity one moment longer.

I move to hold you. I just want to touch you now; lay with you and hold you close. I want to feel the heat of your skin and the sweat that we’ve shared in this dance of desire. You’re so sexy, so beautiful … so ‘everything I ever wanted’ and I run out of words to express the feelings that I have when I think about you. “Just let me cuddle with you and fall asleep,” I whisper as I kiss your chest and lay my head against you. You wrap your arm around me and pull me close and I lay and listen to your heartbeat. You do what you always do. You lay in the dark and talk until you are exhausted and can’t talk anymore. I can hear your breathing change as you begin to drift off. I don’t tell you I love you…but I know that you know. I smile to myself and say thanks for this day, for this life and most of all … for you.

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11 thoughts on “Filthy Beautiful Butch Dreams

  1. Rayne

    Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!!

  2. Amber Marie Rogers

    This is awesome Jesse!! Man running for the vibrator defanitely! Wow! If this is any indication of how your books are, then I want to read all of them! So descriptive and sexy! Love it!

  3. Maria

    Just … wow. OMG. Your writing is amazing, so descriptive, draws me in as though I am right there, and experiencing it. Fantastic work, you should be proud 🙂 xo

  4. Dear lawd, Jesse!! Why did I try to read this at work?!?!?! Wow! Didn’t know I’d need to bring an extra pair of panties! Thanks! LOL!!
    That was hot…fuck I love butches!

  5. Reblogged this on Vulnerable Verbiage and commented:
    I know I have written anything in awhile…but my gawd! I’ve been reading…and the words from my very favorite butch blogger are just damnit sexy!! Dagum butches! Y’all are a sexy piece of work! Thank God for y’all!!

  6. Vanessa

    OMG ITperfect and wonderful

  7. EG

    Wow. So much passion, I love it.

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