This is a HUGE issue. K’Anne is a friend of mine and her work was stolen by this jerk. Almost all the stuff on this site was bootlegged. Help us get this Ebay seller shut-down!! Indie authors don’t make much money as it is, much less with this sort of stuff going on!!

K'Anne Meinel

Today I woke to an email from another author and fan who informed me of a seller on ebay who had appropriated my work, ten pieces of my work actually, and was selling it on ebay.  I then proceeded to contact ebay in several different ways to have them remove this ‘product’ that this individual had no rights to.  I am giving you ALL the information to caution you about this ‘seller’ in Australia whose ‘store’ is selling the works of other writers and their intellectual property, profitting, and giving the author’s no compensation.  It is hard enough to write a story that appeals to your fans but to have someone blatantly steal your hard work is horrible.  It’s NOT the FIRST time this has happened, it won’t be the last, and it certainly isn’t the FIRST time this ‘seller’ has done this.  Please be aware of his vagrant theft.

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  1. do you have a link to report this to?

    • As of yet, K’Anne hasn’t responded. I have no answer for you. I CAN show you what has also been said about this issue from another post :
      “eBay and Paypal both are a cesspool for copyright and counterfiet items. They hide behind their bogus ass VERO Program in order to protect themselves but eBay and Paypal always get their cut of the profit from the sale of illegal items. Go out there right now and look at how many counterfeit dvd movies are being sold from Malaysia and China. They will not take the items down until there is a complaint so all those that are sold until the complaint, ebay and paypal profit from.”

  2. Ryn

    The person you re-blogged from now has the link. When you check out the compleat list they are claiming no infringement cause its in the public domain… I’m guessing cause they found them on-line. So not true. Wow that person needs to read copyright laws 101

  3. It’s horrible the things people think they can get away with. We have to show them we aren’t just going to take it!

    • Unfortunately, thanks to sites that allow free torrents, all artists lose income. K’Anne has discovered 1000 free downloads of her books thanks to piracy. I am not a victim (yet) and I believe it is because I sell mine so cheap to begin with. Still, this is nothing short of theft and should be prosecuted.

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