I Have This Daydream Of Your Feet On My Shoulders…

and your hands twisting the sheets. I can hear you screaming my name and as you cum all over my face and neck, I already plan on how I will take you again.

This first time was passionate and lustful, a need and a fire that needed to be put out. Now I want to take my time and make your body sizzle all over. I’ve missed your lips and they are so very soft. You warm skin against mine makes me crave your body as tightly against my own as I can manage.  As my desire builds – I want to fuck you plain and simple. I want to make you squeal and gasp, writhe and twist. I want hot, crazy, sheets pulled off the bed sex.

I love the way my name sounds when it passes across your lips in the form of a moan. Your breasts rising and falling as you work hard for your next breath, completely turns me on and I feel the burning between my legs begin. Sometimes, but not always, I genuinely crave someone inside of me. Tonight, I really wish you’d throw me down and fuck me so hard I cannot walk for two days without thinking about tonight.

You do things to me, inside and out. The things that go on inside my head when I think about you are really hard to describe. I love you, I want you and you make me absolutely crazy in so many good ways. My heart flutters in your presence and my clit just throbs. You have filled me with passion and love all at the same time. Sometimes it makes me think that I will just burn alive in the incredible want, desire and happiness.

Tonight I will kiss you all over, trailing my lips up and down your back, your legs and shoulders while my arms wrap around you and hold your breasts. Tonight I will whisper in your ear that you cannot cum until I tell you that it’s okay. You are mine to do with as I will…and I will do much. Here, in the dark, I will show you the light and take you as close to heaven as we dare venture.

Tomorrow, I will daydream about doing it all over again.

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9 thoughts on “I Have This Daydream Of Your Feet On My Shoulders…

  1. This was a very sexy read! Thanks for posting.

  2. Linda


  3. Wow!!! (Rapidly fans herself)…just WOW!!

    • …and she honestly makes me feel all that stuff and more. True —->This butch turns into a blithering idiot in her presence…I stutter, can’t spit words out and I am about as good with words as a first grade student. Totally not the person you all see on paper or on pc screen. She just makes me gush all this stuff. 🙂

  4. GlitterGirl

    Oh…my…goodness… That was incredibly hot. Now I’m counting minutes until my gf gets home from work!

    • LOL…jump her when she walks in the door and tell her “Jesse sent you”….lmao! I wonder how many people get laid after their partners read my stories??? Hell, I have straights who read my stories too…I could be responsible for some babies out there in an indirect way!

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