Faith, Attitude and A Change of Perspective



Is your life spinning out of control? Have you found yourself wondering if you could possibly take any more? Don’t fret for you are not alone. The human condition is such that life is constantly throwing something at us, regardless of whether or not you think you can take anything else. Life’s lessons can surely be tough and painful. God knows that I’ve been hard-headed!  I can tell you some things from my own experience. If you ignore the lessons that you are supposed to learn, they will keep being hurled at you with such a force that eventually they completely knock you off your feet. After a while, it starts to hurt.

Perspective is everything. Life is a learning process and the goal is to learn. There’s no real destination or place that you are going. The journey is what you are here for! The normal state of living is one of flux and change. Whether you are a scientist or a creationist, you should be able to agree on this point. Why we are in constant flux may be different to each person, but again, it is about perspective.

For example, you go to the store, buy  a new inner tube for your bicycle, put it on the bike and air it up to the exact specifications on the box for psi. The moment you attempt to ride the bike, the tire goes flat because the inner tube is defective. You have two choices here. You can choose to let this ruin your day, be in a bad mood and swear and carry on – doing nothing but raising your own blood pressure. The other choice is to shrug it off, secure your bike and go ahead and walk to your destination, knowing that you’ve just been given an opportunity to stop and smell the flowers along the way. Perhaps your destiny today is to meet and talk with someone at the bus stop that is important or has a story that you need to hear. You see, when we open ourselves to the day to day lessons around us, our attitudes change as well.

This is exactly the way I started my day. I could have freaked out, but I chose not to. As a result, my day has been pleasant. I walked and had a great conversation with someone I may not have otherwise. I used to be that person, the one who over reacted and kicked the bike, fumed and swore until my blood boiled. In changing my perspective and viewing every single thing as an opportunity, I’ve taught myself to not get angry and not feel defeated. Defeat used to be my middle name. Now I’ve grown to understand that I am never defeated until I give up. When you give up on your own life, you begin to die. That is not a viable option, in my opinion.

Recently, I’ve come to understand that God tears us down and breaks us, in order to make us smarter and stronger. We cannot truly appreciate life and all that it has to offer until we have sometimes viewed just how bad it can be as well. God isn’t vindictive or mean, but He is a firm believer in letting you learn your own lessons. He will lead you but the choices are up to you. If you choose the path that leads away from Him, your lessons will gradually get tougher and tougher until you find your way back. To my amazement, after almost 30 years, He was still right there waiting on me to get it and come back.

I understand that not everyone is a believer in God. I do not preach and I don’t believe in being preached to either. I have my belief s and you may certainly have your own. The lessons are really the same though, no matter how you look at it. For even if you are an atheist, you must be able to agree that life is about learning and that if you continue to make the same mistakes over and over, then the mess that you create just gets bigger and bigger. This is just the way in which things work. I don’t care if you quote Newton or Jesus. Life has a very strange way of making sense if you can open yourself up to these things.

The cells in your body are hard at work right this moment. You are repairing skin cells and growing new tissues. Cells are being sloughed off of your body in the form of hair growing on your head and dry skin that is visible on your forearms. You are growing right in front of your very own eyes! It is never too late! You could stop smoking today and feel fantastic in a few weeks. Healthy, new, pink lung tissue will begin growing in days. In a few months you’ll feel as if you never even smoked.

Changing your attitude is a similar experience. Your brain cells are also working hard and you can turn your thoughts into tangible things that make and create changes in your body. A thought turns into electrical impulses that shoot through your brain. Thoughts are things! Just choosing to smile will actually tell your brain to release serotonin, which will help elevate your mood. Imagine that … just from choosing to smile.  A single thought…in the form of a choice, can change your day or even change your life.

When you are able to open your eyes fully and see things with a new perspective, you’ll be amazed at the doors that will open for you and more importantly, you will learn that you actually feel better. Your spirits will become lifted and you’ll look more and more forward to each new day. Let your life happen! Don’t try to control everything, for as surely as you do, something will happen to remind you that even the best of plans are not always meant to be. Allow for the spontaneous moments and keep your eyes open for the miracles that are happening all around you.

At any given moment you may be faced with a new choice. You’ll be faced with hundreds and possibly thousands of them today alone! Why not choose to do the things that make you feel good about your life? You are never defeated until the moment that you say that you are. You have the power to change how your story ends and it is never too late. Change a life today! Start with your own and watch how you influence others. Pay attention to the way that one positive outlook can become contagious. Grow and watch the world grow with you. Be thankful for what you have and don’t worry about what you don’t have. This is a choice you can make right this very moment. Above all else, remember to ~



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3 thoughts on “Faith, Attitude and A Change of Perspective

  1. As I say, Fake it til You Make IT!!! You must believe you are or can be something before it can happen for you. Nice blog.

  2. What an uplfiting and truthful blog post. I really feel better for having read it. Thanks.

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