Slowly, I’m Pulling Your Pants Down

You come and go, like waves on the ocean. Always there and always in my thoughts. Sometimes you are soft and quiet, but you’re not far away and when I look for you I can see you shining in my horizon. Gently you remind me that you are there. Other times you come crashing in so hard and so fast that you simply take my breath away. Today is one of those days. You are knocking me over and washing over me and I don’t fight it. I’d gladly lay down in your waters and let you wash over me, around me and through me.

Bathe me in your salty warmth and bring me the calm seduction of your sweet touch, because now I crave it. Today I want you and my mind has carried me away, into daydreams that I have no hope of controlling and I do not wish to escape. I close my eyes and you are in front of me. I can see you clearly, your eyes looking into mine. My entire being feels naked in front of you; I’ve nothing to hide from you. My heart flips and skips in my chest. The flutters in my chest cause me to stop and catch my breath. I do not understand what it is that you do to me, but I enjoy it very much.

I can feel your lips. I’m kissing you in my daydream now. It seems to last forever. I can feel your tongue and your soft, warm lips that make me tingle all over. I could kiss you forever and oh how I want to right now. When I close my eyes I can smell you. I know how your hair smells, your skin smells and the smell of your excitement in the heights of your passion. If I listen carefully, I can hear you breathing and I can feel you moan against me. Softly, I can hear you whisper to me that you are ‘so wet’ and I moan.

You are standing in front of me and my arms are wrapped around your waist, my face is buried in your neck. I want you and I’m burning alive at the very moment. Slowly, I unbutton your top, kissing through the gap on my way down, until your shirt is hanging open. Leaning forward I kiss your chest and cleavage, squeezing your breasts in my hand softly. I can feel your fingers in my hair and hear you moan, “I love the way you touch me.”

Brushing your top off your shoulders and letting it fall to the floor, I reach around you to unhook your bra and free the breasts that I want to suck and kiss so badly. I’m completely in love with your breasts. Yes, I admit it. I want to lay my head against your bosom and just kiss them and touch them for hours. I find myself so amazed at how velvety soft they are and how sensitive you are. Your nipples are so soft and smooth in my mouth. Right now, I’m imagining my tongue tracing circles around them before I fall to the floor in front of you, on my knees.

Kissing your stomach, I begin to unbutton your pants and I can hear you moaning. You are concerned, “I don’t think I can stand up while you do this.” I ignore you and continue doing what I’m doing. I can hold you up and I know I’m not going to let you fall. If anything, we may end-up on the floor and the neighbors may think they hear someone screaming but it won’t be for help.

Slowly, I’m pulling your pants down now. You try to help and I stop you. I want to do this. Undressing you is so much fun and I want to take my time. I’m enjoying this immensely. You’re wearing those sporty underpants with the wide band, they’re black. I think you look so sexy in these and I get completely dripping wet when I even catch a glimpse of you in these. You wore these the very first time we were together and I’ll never forget it. God, I love you.

I’m rubbing you through the underpants now. I can feel the wet spot. No…the soaked spot. Mmmm…. I can’t take this anymore. Gently, I move the underwear to the side and slip my fingers inside of you to feel the wetness and the heat coming from your body. You gasp and reach out to grab my hair and my shoulder to keep your balance. “Please, I need to sit.” I can hear you but I’m still not acknowledging you just yet. You are tapping my shoulder with an urgency and repeating yourself. You think you are going to fall.

Smiling, I look up at you and pull those sporty briefs down your sexy legs. I kiss your legs and run my tongue up and down your inner thighs. Gently, I push your legs further and further apart and then I slip myself up underneath you and motion for you to come down and sit on me.

You sit on top of me and grind yourself while you catch your breath a moment. My hands are working to pull you further up and you know what I want. You want it too. Finally, you are over me and my mouth takes you in. I can hear you fill your lungs with air the moment my tongue touches you and begins to please you. My hands are reaching up, stroking your back, massaging your breasts and gripping your hips as you grind against my face. I’m in complete heaven when you cum on top of me and even though you are so sensitive, you always let me lick as much of your cum as you can stand. Eventually, you’ll beg me to stop, but not until you screamed my name over and over and told me how amazing you feel and how much you love the way I touch you.

If you knew how much I love to touch you and please you, you’d not be so amazed. Thank-you for giving me the most amazing daydreams, the most wonderful realities and for each and every precious moment that I spend with you. I’m in love with you and I just keep falling further and further in. I’m in awe of you and I want you each and every day. You make me stop and think of how lucky I am to be alive and to be in love and I will never ever take that for granted ever again.

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Jesse MacGregor-Jones – Lesbian author of erotica and more. My books can be found at

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15 thoughts on “Slowly, I’m Pulling Your Pants Down

  1. dee

    Whew. I fan myself. One should not be alone when reading this. It’s just not right or healthy. 🙂 Fantastic, as usual, Jesse.

  2. Woah, shes a lucky girl 🙂

  3. ritavassie

    Again I am sure you both are, so happy for you Jesse ,you deserve to be happy more so than most

  4. bridget zahn

    that is awesome.. almost turned me on..

  5. jordan

    You’re an amazing writer 🙂

  6. Léa

    Omg this was……… perfect.

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