It Took Obama 12 Minutes Longer to Win this Time Than Last Time

I love this photo. They are real. They came from poor families. They are living proof that anything is possible in America if we do not give up!

America sent a very strong message last night, with Florida still to come in and it is looking good for Obama to pull it off too. This year, Florida didn’t even matter. Sad but true. I’d still like to see it go blue in the end just so that I can enjoy bigger margin to satisfy my desire to know that MOST of the country ‘gets it’ now.

Young voters turned out in higher numbers than they did the last time, despite what experts predicted would happen. The president took 75% of the woman vote, 75% of the Latino vote, 90% of the GLBTQ vote and 90% of the black vote (numbers are rounded). The ONLY category that Mitt Romney led in was in white males. I think that America sent a message that the days of white male privilege are gone. In fact, white males are the fastest diminishing segment of voters. Soon, they will be a very small minority and almost not even count. How’s that for justice?

Mr. “Legitimate Rape” Todd Akin was beaten handily in a state that he would have won if he’d never told folks his thoughts on rape. All the other candidates who voiced their opinions on rape, on this same side of the coin, were all defeated. You drove women out to vote in “binders full of women” and succeeded in killing your chances and exposing the true colors of your party.

Here is a thought to chew on republicans … every year in America, 50,000 Hispanic citizens turn 18 and can vote. I just thought I’d piss the republican party off some more by pointing out the inevitable. Things do not look good for the republican party. They really need to rethink their stance on a LOT of issues.

For myself, I’m a fiscal conservative and a social liberal – I’m a flag waving, tree hugging, bleeding heart liberal. I do think we need to get spending under control … and that is exactly why I voted for Obama. You see, those of you who were led to believe that the republican party would do better were sorely misled. The FACTS were never made clear to you by your republican pundits and ‘side of mouth talkers’ who didn’t want you to know the real truth.

Ayn Rand fans, it has been proven time and again that “objectivism” is what she represents and not true capitalism. Objectivism doesn’t work. It never has and in the United States it never will. True capitalism can and will … by the people and for the people. Here’s the part some of you miss – this previous statement means ALL the people. Not some of them, not the top wealthiest 1%, not one party, not everyone except {insert any minority name here}!

The TRUTH is that deficit spending is considerably down. Obama has spent less money than any other president going all the way back to Reagan. Unemployment is coming down, albeit slowly. The fact is that an obstructionist congress refused to pass job bill after job bill – a republican tactic to try to ensure a republican president this term would look good to you.

The honest truth is that Romney changed his points of view on so many topics publicly because he wasn’t running his own race, he was being controlled by the republican machine that told him what to believe in and what to say. The fact is that the republican party is completely out of touch with the middle class and the working class.

They have led you to believe that they represent you, however if you look at deficit spending, it got completely out of control with Reagan. He left us with the largest deficit of any president before him. HW Bush grew that deficit immensely. Bill Clinton brought spending under control, raised taxes and put this country back in the black – deficit free with a surplus – before he left office. Then came “W” and within six months we went from a surplus to a deficit larger than his father had left us. THEN we found ourselves at war. The spending grew … and grew … and grew. These are facts. Look them up.

Banks ran this country into the ground and nearly caused economic collapse because of the regulations that GW Bush relaxed and his administration failed to regulate the banks. As a result, the wealthy did what they always try to do (in the name of capitalism – which gives true capitalism a bad name) and they tried to get MORE rich. How? They made bad loans. Really bad loans. Money was loaned to people that never should have gotten loans. This was because of a republican mistake ( I use the word mistake loosely here, since I believe that they helped orchestrate the problem by making profits on their own investments) of not keeping an eye on the people who were padding their pockets.

When banks collapsed, the first bail-outs were given by the BUSH administration and everyone was behind it completely. When the Bush tax cuts went into effect and the country immediately went into a deficit, everyone thought that was okay because it was “our money” after all … like Bush said. Well, your money came back to you in $400 checks and put the country in a deficit that the republican party likes to point out now is worth $80,000 on the backs of your children. Hmmm … makes sense to me. (pardon me while I cough, “ack, ack…dumbasses…ack”).

The fact is that most Americans get it now. The 47% spoke. Women spoke, Latinos spoke, GLBTQ Americans spoke and everyone who makes under $100,000 per year spoke loud and clear.

As a lesbian, I’m proud to say that I watched the first openly lesbian senator get elected last night. I watched a gay man get elected in Wisconsin too. I watched equal marriage amendments pass in three states. I watched an amendment pass that ensured the right to marry would never be made illegal in another state, which ensures the door is open to marriage there in the future. I watched women take more seats in congress than ever before. As a woman, I am watching the glass ceiling being shattered before my very eyes. As a lesbian, I am seeing a path to true equality that I never thought I’d see in my lifetime but was willing to fight for so that future generations would have it.

Last night, I saw my country actually wrap it’s arms around me and show that we are ALL included, things can get better and there is hope. Forward we march, America!

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7 thoughts on “It Took Obama 12 Minutes Longer to Win this Time Than Last Time

  1. Bigg (Janisis) Goocher

    Good job, Jesse. So well stated,elegant and gracious… XOOX!

    • 🙂 I’m a happy dyke today. Romney and Ryan ticket scared me. They had very right views on abortion rights, gay rights, oil drilling and more. This country needs to be moving to alternative fuels and getting away from COAL for crying out loud. Mitt was spewing on and on about clean coal. Hey – newsflash! Coal is not and never will be clean…says the grandchild of the coal miner who died from lung disease.

  2. Big Ayn Rand fan… she would’ve made an excellent president!
    I’m so happy about the outcome of everything last night. GOBAMA! And how about the four states that voted in favor of gay marriage?! Things are looking up!
    Great article Jesse! Thank you!

    • It was an epic, history changing year. I believe people will look back on the election this year and consider it one of the most important in this country for many, many years to come. I’m very thrilled to have been a part of it. I’ve watched my people emerge from the shadows and into the light. The sunlight feels good my friend. 😉

  3. GlitterGirl

    I am thrilled and shocked with the election results. Romney truly scared me, but I’m elated this morning. Since I live in CA, I’m hopeful that the courts will defeat Prop 8, but in the meantime my gf and I are planning to get married in Washington ASAP. I have hope this morning!

  4. sapphospeaks

    I’m a Hispanic, lesbian, single mom, rape survivor who had an abortion, and who makes $34,000 a year. There was nothing the Republican party said or did that made me think they had my best interest at heart. I actually cried when I read the party platform. I’m relieved President Obama was reelected and ecstatic about the gains on the LGBT front. Yay!

    • I’m sorry that you went through being raped, but happy that you are a survivor. You are correct, the republican party certainly had nothing to offer you. Nor did they offer much to American in general. Thankfully, the best man won.

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