Let’s See If Fans Can Extend This List? YOU MIGHT BE ONE OF THE 47% IF:






  • If you have ever pawned the title to your car for gas money to get to work and paid 3x what the car was worth to get the title back


  • If you have ever applied for a loan and the salesperson laughed so hard they had to excuse themselves from the room


  • If you have ever slept in the back seat of your car


  • If you know how to bath with a gallon of water you bought at Walmart


  • If you grew-up drinking water from the garden hose


  • If you know how to wash your hair in the bathroom sink in a handicapped stall in a McDonald’s


  • If you know the location of every food bank in your city


  • If you don’t earn enough money per year to even file taxes


  • If you grew up thinking fried potatoes were a treat and never realized your parents were that poor


  • If you never knew that playing with the hose to cool off in summer was because your folks couldn’t afford air conditioning … until you were an adult that had an electric bill of your own one day to pay.


  • If you have ever glued a wound shut rather than go see a doctor


  • If you have ever sold your own plasma to pay the rent or buy food


  • If you know what a red tag on the electric meter means


  • If you know how to run cable from the neighbor’s house


  • If you have duct tape to fix ANYTHING


  • If you’ve ever chosen to eat rather than pay a bill


  • If you ever threw lawn jarts in the air and ducked them at the last minute


  • If your father ever made you hockey sticks out of plywood so you and your brothers could beat each other senseless on a frozen over puddle in the back yard.



Now it is your turn, everyone add something that you think PROVES you are one of the 47%!!

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8 thoughts on “Let’s See If Fans Can Extend This List? YOU MIGHT BE ONE OF THE 47% IF:

  1. robynjanesheppard

    If you’ve ever had to choose between paying for medicine and buying food.

  2. Wore the same pair of shoes for 5 yrs so the kids could have shoes that fit…

    couldn’t go to work because your babysitter was a no show…

  3. Nicole Debaris

    You make a good case against capitalism in this and the last post about Walmart. I think what is missing is the S-Word. The answer to all this is a more humane economic system that would be egalitarian in nature: a type of socialism one finds in France and Scandanavia. Americans tend to prohibit the word socialism in political discussions, yet much of your economy is already socialized. In fact, the U.S. already has the largest system of socialized medicine in the world: the massive network of medical care of the Veterans Administration, which dwarfs anything one finds in Europe.

    You point out so clearly the selfish and greedy nature of much of capitalism. What we need and I think what we will get under President Obama is a more humane and people oriented type of government that rejects the piggish greed of Wall Street for an enlightened direction of the economy by democratic committees. President Obama grew up around a socialist world mentality and I think he understands the need for a people oriented approach rather than a profit oriented approach.

  4. If your teacher ever brought clean clothes for you to wear, because you didn’t have a washer or dryer and been wearing the same clothes for more then two weeks.

  5. If your school teacher ever brought clean clothes because she noticed you were wearing the same clothes for two weeks.

  6. Sorry I didn’t know it posted the first one and so I did it again.

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