Butch On The Loose!

Nothing but open roads to explore.

Nothing but open roads to explore!

I’m pretty sure that by now, you all have decided that I am a little crazy. If you haven’t, then I have news for you … YOU are a little crazy. 😉

So earlier this week I was excited about the prospect of going back to Missouri and building a cabin. I have reconsidered for several reasons and I can’t tell you all of it but I’m going to attempt to try to explain myself as much as I can. First of all, I think I made the decision too quickly. I was down and out at the time, at the end of a relationship that brought me to FL when I didn’t really wanna be here and I was just looking for a way to get out of this state as soon as I could. The first thought I had was to go back to where I was before the relationship started. It seemed reasonable to me at the time. After thinking it over, however; I’m convinced that I am learning more about myself every single day and going to a place with four walls is probably not what I am supposed to do for me.

As much as I hate to admit it, my mother knew me pretty well. She told me once that she had dated a guy before my dad who was in the military. She’d often thought that if she’d met him her life would’ve been very different – she’d have traveled the world and seen places that she’d never see. She said, “… don’t get me wrong, I love your father, but I have often wondered about the choices of my life and where they’ve led me.”  Then she studied me from across the table and said, “You’re like me. You also have the wanderlust.” Sigh….yes, I do and it is a curse.

Taking all this into consideration and realizing that I do indeed have a lust for travel and exploring life, settling down doesn’t really seem to be in my cards. I’ve decided why fight it? I have a chance that most people will never have in their entire life. I can go anywhere and do whatever I want.

Right now, I am continuing work on a character from one of my books that is already out. I can’t say much about the new project, but it is exciting and this character is going to moving around a lot and doing a lot of different things. I thought to myself, ‘why not go do those things myself and write about all of it first hand?” Not to mention that I can take the opportunity to meet with friends and fans all along the way, right?

I’m not one of those people who has an endless wallet by any means, so I’ll be traveling on the cheap. “Cheap” meaning  in ways that include boondocking and working from truck stops. (Boondocking is an RV term for sleeping in parking lots. McDonald’s, Pilot, Flying J and Walmart all allow boondocking for free and all of them except Walmart have free wifi, unless you are lucky enough to find a Walmart with a McDonald’s inside.) Cheap in a way that means going without electricity and cooking by fire at times, by gas camp stove and eating out of cans from time to time. Cheap in ways that means walking all around the restaurant for an outlet to charge your cell phone and just ordering a cup of coffee while your phone charges. It’s all good. I’ve been in training for all of that these past few months. I’m ready to go to the cheap living Olympics! If cheap living is a competition, then I am winning!

This is your official invitation to follow me on my adventures through my blog and read about the places through my characters – more details will be forthcoming on all that very soon! You’ve all been following me along on adventures for a very long time, but now the rules are changing and I am changing playgrounds completely. I’m up for meeting some of you and enjoying some adventures out on the open road.

I have some things to get in order here before I leave. First of all, I need some new tires ($750 minimum) and I’m going to have to limp along while I get two at a time most likely. I have to fix my oil pan leak ($30 or so), I need some miscellaneous things to fix my RV like a window replaced ($40), fixing a water leak from toilet pressure valve ($20), and coating the roof with a stop leak seal ($20). I really need you guys to keep reading! Each time the ads below are viewed, I earn a little. Each time you borrow one of my books on Kindle, I earn a little. When you buy a paperback or e-book I earn a few bucks. I appreciate each and every one of you more than you know! Because you read my stories and books, I get to eat. I know what it’s like not to eat and if you don’t think I do, go back and read a few blogs! If you really like my stories, you can help me a great deal by passing on the links to my blog or my books to friends. For Christmas consider buying one of my books and giving it as a gift. Okay, I’m done with the advertising. 🙂

The plan I have right now is leave where I am around the end of December or first week of January and head towards Atlanta, GA. This is the hometown of my character I am working on and I look forward to spending some time in Sam’s hometown and just gelling with the city. If any of you are in the Atlanta area, I’d love to meet you and for you to show me things in your city that you think I just can’t miss while I am there. I expect to travel Northward as the weather gets warmer and would like to see about hitting parts of the East coast. If you have adventures there that you’d like to introduce me to, especially if they can be written about in story lines, then by all means send me a comment or an email and let me know! I’ll consider it all. As the weather gets cooler in the fall, I’ll swing out West most likely and make my way to warmer places by winter of 2013 again.

The places will come to me as I decide to move further down the road. For now, all I know is that I will start working my way towards GA within the next 3 weeks. Buy my books and help me keep trucking! 🙂


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15 thoughts on “Butch On The Loose!

  1. jennifer

    When are you coming to Canada? I’d love to take you out 🙂

  2. 😉 I’ll keep that in mind

  3. Hey Onion woman
    Nice to hear from you again and you are sounding full of positive energy, well done you!
    I shall look forward to reading about your exploits around your country, sounds really exciting.
    If you ever get a passport I would be happy to show you the UK, we have many beautiful places here and a lot of history. Take care on your travels and I shall buy some books before Christmas in the hope that I am helping you on your journey. Stay safe my friend, and be happy x

  4. Ruby

    Sounds like fun….Enjoy your journey!

  5. austin femme

    Make your way to Austin, TX. It’s a very casual, gay friendly city. I’ll throw a dinner party for you. 🙂

  6. GlitterGirl

    Are you going to be in Northern California? 🙂 I’m 3 hrs north of SF but surely you’re going to want to see SF and then wander north to see our beautiful redwood forests, right? I’m blessed enough to live in the woods and I’d be happy to show you around. Also, I live about an hour from Glass Beach and its worth seeing. I’m so excited for you as you begin this new journey!

  7. beth

    Indiana has several places that are a must see, let me know if your going to get close, i’ll send you links of places you must see

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