The Sound of My Fall

Courtesy of CurlyDee photos, please click photo for link to webpage.

Courtesy of CurlyDee photos, please click photo for link to webpage.

If I whisper your name to the sky,

will the wind carry it to you in your dreams?

Can you feel my heart moving towards you

Crossing highways and mountain streams?


Will you still look at me the same way,

after all of this time and these two years?

I’m not sure how I can look into your eyes,

and hold back the flood of happy tears.


All my life I’ve made every wrong turn,

For far too long I was heading the wrong way.

Now it’s time to turn this thing around,

And we’ll be face to face soon, come what may.


Have you imagined my lips on yours,

as I’ve done dreaming of you oh so many times?

I’m counting down the days by truck stop

food and old, weathered highway signs.


You type “I miss you” and my heart

comes to life with joy and pure happiness.

I feel it too, as if my life has been lacking

something that made my world so much less.


Sometimes I have to remind myself that

I should probably be holding something in.

But I feel I’ve already fallen for you so deeply that

I’m reeling and don’t know where to begin.


So sweetly, you smiled at me on a video camera

from over a thousand miles away

My heart stopped, I had tears in my eyes because

I felt so much and didn’t know what to say.


I see your face and I just know that there is

nothing that I wouldn’t do for you at all.

It was then that my heart took over and

all that I could hear was the sound of my fall.

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8 thoughts on “The Sound of My Fall

  1. Ruby

    so sweet…..beautiful

  2. Wonderful Jesse. I love how you just put your feelings out there.

  3. great job

  4. Beautiful Jesse! And sooo you! 😀
    Keep ’em coming!!!

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