Her Wrists Were Bound As I Climbed On Top….

…..trailing kisses up her stomach as my hands freely roamed her flesh. I sought to make her feel a physical equivalent to the way she made my heart soar…..

My lips wandered across her ribs as an explorer conquering a new territory and I wasn’t claiming it for king or country; she would be mine and I’d see to that. I could hear her soft moans and feel her legs move, unable to keep still in her building fury. The tide was rising and I was the master of the storm that would bring her to heights of passion on the sea of my love.


As my lips, still the explorer on a conquest, climbed the peaks of each of her breasts and then slid into the valley that fell between, I could feel her heart beating. The pounding was like an engine, beating beneath her skin. I was a passenger on the deck of her ship, riding the waves of her passion. My hands slip underneath her, pulling her towards me as I take her breast in my mouth. I can feel her arch against me and then I’m riding the height of her waves, they come faster and faster. With each breath she takes, she exhales moans. At times, like a captain to the crew, she calls out to me to do her bidding. I’m the willing crew, sailing her ship to the ends of the earth and back again, all to do her bidding.

Glancing at her face, I’m awestruck and captivated for an instant. Her wrists may be bound to the headboard, but I am her captive and I wonder if she knows the power that she wields? With the look that she gives me, I bring my face close to hers and whisper, “tell me how wet you are.” Her eyes dilate and I can see the strands in them, the browns, the amber and the gold. Breathlessly she whispers, “SO wet.”

As I gaze into her eyes without breaking this contact, I slip my fingers inside of her and suddenly we are back on the ocean, rolling with the waves. Stroking to the rhythm of her hips, I kiss her lips. Our tongues find each other and dance with each other, doing a waltz on deck while the ship is at sea. The waves keep rolling and I find myself crawling on her shores…knowing that for her I would die.

My lips move down her neck, her chest and make my way back down her stomach without ever stopping the stroke of my right hand inside of her. With my face close enough to feel the heat coming from her body, my lips find her and my tongue strokes her softly at first. I hear her voice cry out, her legs move against me in an involuntary convulsion as the ecstasy takes her over and it is now that I claim my territory. Higher and higher the waves build. I’m riding the crest, bringing her home from heaven when she leaves my face, neck and chest wet from her waves.

We’ve weathered this storm and it’s on to the next. In a zone, a world away inside my own head, I move back on top of her. Her wrists were bound as I climbed on top …

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16 thoughts on “Her Wrists Were Bound As I Climbed On Top….

  1. nicky

    WOW, very powerful….came accross this thru a post on FB am looking forward to reading more of your work. Thank you x

  2. ingrid

    Thanks I needed that!!

  3. Very powerful words with an imagination to match. Thank YOU

  4. nice

  5. Really powerful and hot! – thanks so much for sharing

  6. That was great where can I read more lived it omg loved it omg

  7. Very hot. I love it when a woman can make me feel this vulnerable. Very well done.

  8. Jessica Cook-Furst

    you are amazing!!

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