I Want You

I think it’s only fair that I tell you that when I say I want you that it means all the stuff that comes with you.

I want:

  • The inevitable tears you will cry upon my shoulder from time to time
  • The times you forget that you have something on the stove and set-off the fire alarm
  • The morning grumpiness that you’ll have before getting a cup of coffee in you.
  • The bad dreams and nights you can’t sleep
  • The growing pains as you move through the rest of your life
  • To hear the shriek when you find a gray hair
  • To hear the sound of the swearing that no one else knows you do but I’m not that naive
  • To be there the mornings when you feel like crap because your had a couple cocktails too many the night before
  • The disagreements that we’re bound to have and the kisses that we’ll share when we make-up
  • You heart
Take a bite of my heart courtesy of

Take a bite of my heart tonight….photo courtesy of

  • Your fears
  • Your dreams
  • To watch you change as we grow older and always find a reason to be amazed by you.
  • To hold you in silence you when your feelings are hurt and you need to hide from the world sometimes.
  • To see your smile every single day for as long as I live.
  • To share everything with you and know that you’re my best friend.
  • To lay next to you and listen to you breathe.
  • To watch you walk out of the room, knowing that my heart goes with you when you do.
  • To look over and see you’ve fallen asleep on the sofa and cover you, kiss your forehead and smile at you.
  • To hold your hand wherever we go.
  • To hear all the funny things you say that crack me up.
  • To exchange glances with you when others are around and know we are both thinking the same thing.
  • To see you realize your dreams and share the world with you.
  • To snuggle on the couch and watch old black and white movies, under a blanket, with popcorn and M&Ms.
  • To play on the playground of life with you.
  • All the bad, the good, the worst and the best of you.
  • To shower you with kisses and hold you close every day.
  • The times that something happens that is so funny that we can’t stop laughing.
  • To catch your eye from across the room and know that you know that I am thinking dirty thoughts.
  • Your hugs.
  • Anything else that life throws at us.
  • You
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4 thoughts on “I Want You

  1. very good as always

  2. Melt my heart, why don’t you?!?! Reading your thoughts before was pleasure, this is ecstasy!!! Bore into my desire and you will find lust, melt my heart…. And well, there are no riches nor multitudes of wealth that could compare to the lavish devotion I alone will slather you in. A man that bares his soul is a rarity that does not go unattended.
    Thank you again for the smile that lights up my face.

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