The Miles Just Keep Rollin’


I-295 Bridge just south of city of St Augustine. Just another mile marker on the journey.

I-295 Bridge just south of city of St Augustine. Just another mile marker on the journey.



Wow, the song says so much that I feel. The separation is so hard. Just laying bed in wanting something as simple as looking into your eyes, sometimes feels like I’m asking the universe for miracles that are too difficult to even imagine. You email first thing in the morning with something so cute that makes me smile before my feet have even hit the floor just made my day.

With everything I’ve been through in the last two years and knowing what you’ve been through too, makes me think that we were supposed to find ourselves first, so that we could find our ways back to each other…I think that we are better equipped to handle at what life throws at us. This time I think that we can handle it all – together.

I’m working so hard to get back to you. Pavement runs hot under these heavy wheels, and people stop to say hello everywhere I go. I feel like everyone on the planet is cheering for me to get back and hold you in my arms. Even the straight people. I think that they see the look on my face and there’s no denying to anyone, straight or gay, that the love that I can’t hide is right there, naked for all to see. I’ve never hid what I feel very well. My face tells it all. I couldn’t make this up if I tried.

In reality, I don’t feel like I deserve the help and the kind words that people send my way. Complete strangers wish me well when they’ve got problems of their own. I feel so much humility. I love and appreciate every good thought out there and the people who say they live vicariously through me. They say that the love they see me expressing is touching them. Maybe we all hope for our ‘great love story?’  Will you be mine?

The world is such a small place, yet I’m so far away from your eyes and your arms. I dream about you, imagining that you are holding me tight. My mind transports me back to a time when I remember what your hair feels like, what you laying on top of me all night was like…and how I should have told what I felt back then. One of the few times in my life that I held something in … and now here I am, fighting my way back to you, one painful mile after mile.

With nothing but my thoughts to keep me company, I think about ways to make you smile and all the things I want to do for you and with you. I think about the things that I should have said to you so many months ago. I resolve myself to never make those mistakes again. You’ll always know how I feel and what I want from now on. I’ve grown very much since the last time that I held you in my arms and this time I am never letting you go.

You tell me that you like surprises, as long as they are good ones. The last time I saw your face in person was August 2011, a lot more than a hundred days….and I know that I won’t look at this the same. I told you that I am playing for keeps this time. I will be home in 23 days or less. I will never leave you behind again.

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One thought on “The Miles Just Keep Rollin’

  1. yeah my friend i think ALOT of people are rooting for ya !!!!!!!!!!!!

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