For Those of You Left Hanging With Sam and Lexi Falling Asleep On the Sofa

Sneak Peak At Twisted:Sexual Fantasies Vol. 2

Coming in February!!
Will Sam and Lexi get back together or will Sam be won over by the wealthy older woman who wants a boi toy?

Will Sam and Lexi get back together or will Sam be won over by the wealthy older woman who wants a boi toy?

Chapter One in Entirety – Enjoy!

 It was a muggy, hot Atlanta day. The heat and humidity were thick and hung like a blanket in the air that smothered the southern city, like gravy on mashed potatoes.

The smell of oil and gas were in the air and Sam had her head under the hood of a car. She was replacing a fan belt on a Chevy Impala and her thoughts were on other things. The air wrench was running in the background and the compressor was kicking on and off. It was part of the normal daily grind here at the garage. Sweat trickled down her back and ran down her arms as she worked.

Her mind was wandering. She thought of the last time she’d seen Lexi. It had been three months. So long ago. It felt like years. She’d been drunk. Falling down, slur your words, puke your guts out drunk.

She’d called Lexi to come and get her because she’d been far to plastered to think about going home on her own. Hell, she couldn’t have stood and walked at that point. She called Lexi because Lexi was the only other person in the world who knew about the promise to Wilson. He made her pinky swear and she’d never ever drive drunk because of it. Being an alcoholic made that rather difficult. Still, Wilson was the only damned person in this crazy fucking world that had ever been there for her as a child and she’d never disrespect him, even though he’d been dead a good two years now.

Being the great person that Lexi was, she had rushed right out into the night and come to her rescue. Sam thought about that night and really couldn’t remember much of the ride or even getting to Lexi’s apartment.

She awakened in the early morning hours to find herself on the sofa. Lexi was curled up with her, snuggled close with her head on her chest. Sam sighed deeply as she remembered the way Lexi felt that morning. She could close her eyes and actually feel her right now.

Waking-up with Lexi’s hair in her face and the smell of her … the thought of it made Sam tingle right now. Her wrench slipped from her hands and fell into the engine, clanking around until it finally bounced to the floor under the front end of the car. “Shit!” She swore under her breath as she squatted down and ultimately had to crawl part way underneath the car to retrieve the crescent wrench.

Her thoughts went back to Lexi and how she’d touched her cheek and softly stroked it. The skin was so soft and warm to the touch and she could imagine it so well right now. She recalled how Lexi’s eyes opened and smiled at her. It was barely twilight outside and the room was just barely lit enough that she could see Lexi’s face and the beautiful dreamy look on her still half-asleep face. She was cuddly and warm and she stretched against Sam.

“Are you okay?”, she asked Sam as she softly touched Sam’s stomach with her hand and stroked her.

“Wow … I feel like shit. My head hurts,” Sam responded as she reached for her head.

“Do you want something? You probably need to eat too,” Lexi sat up and and straddled over the top of Sam to get up to the floor and walked to the bathroom. Sam laid her head back down and put her hand over her eyes as she tried to not focus on the jack-hammering in her head.

The toilet flushed, the water in the sink ran and the bathroom door creaked open. Lexi came back with some ibuprofen in her hand. She stopped by the kitchen for a glass of water, walked back to the sofa and handed them both to Sam.

“Thanks, Lex,” Sam groaned softly. She sat up very slowly and popped the pills into her mouth, then chased them with a mouth full of water. She remembered how good that water felt as it flowed down her throat. It it hit her stomach with a splash that indicated there was nothing else down there. ‘Okay, she thought, maybe I am hungry?’ She drank down the rest of the water.

Lexi was already in the kitchen, trying to quietly get some pans out so that she could make them breakfast. Sam watched her and thought to herself that she wasn’t worthy of Lexi’s attention or friendship. She’d treated her so badly, yet Lexi was still always there for her.

Sam quietly swung her feet to the floor and drug herself to the bathroom. Her feet felt like lead weights and her head was pounding. ‘Why do I do this to myself?’ She dropped her pants and sat on the toilet and relieved her bladder. It didn’t feel like she was ever going to stop pissing. When she finally stood and flushed the toilet, she turned to the sink and began to wash her hands. She glanced in the mirror and stopped rubbing her hands together for a moment.

She looked at her eyebrows, her nose, the line of her jaw and the shape of her chin. She wondered where they came from. Do I look like anyone? Sometimes when she was out in public she’d run into someone who looked a lot like her and she’d be tempted to strike up a conversation, just hoping that she’d find out that they were adopted too. Then her mind would turn to fantasies; they’d become the best of friends, find out that they were siblings and then she’d have someone that was there for her from now on. She was also positive that her mother was going to turn-out to be someone truly spectacular. She kept looking at herself, staring closely. I bet it’s Joan Jett. She mumbled out loud, “Yeah … has to be. Look at the eyes, the cheekbones.” Sam had been fantasizing that Joan Jett would turn-out to be her mother for the past three years, ever since her mom had died – but not before dropping the bombshell on Sam that she was adopted.

Sam walked back out to reality to find Lexi still in the kitchen and the apartment smelling like bacon that was coming off the grill.

Sometimes Sam felt like the best thing that she could do for Lexi would be to just leave Atlanta and never see her again. She knew Lexi loved her. Hell, she loved Lexi too, but it wasn’t ever going to work out. ‘I’m too fucked-up,’ she thought to herself. She sighed loudly and Lexi looked-up at her. Sam smiled and made her way to the kitchen.

“What are you making?” She was dipping her finger into batter and already knew Lexi was making pancakes. She knew Lexi put vanilla and cinnamon in her pancake batter and it was the bomb. She loved it and Lexi knew she did. It was a dirty trick to get her to stay longer but it was going to work.

“I figured you hadn’t had much to eat before you went drinking. I thought that pancakes would fill you up good?” Lexi smiled as she said it. She was that girl … the one who enjoyed cooking and doing things for other people. Lexi was just sweet like that. She never seemed to have a care in the world and was always smiling and always helpful.

The first pancakes were on the griddle and the smell of cinnamon and vanilla now filled the air. Combined with the smell of the bacon, it was pure heaven.

Sam reached into the fridge and pulled the butter out and then the syrup. It felt a little strange, being here and feeling so at home that she could just help herself to the fridge. She’d been here with Lexi so many times though. They had been together as a couple in another small apartment not so unlike this one. She remembered how nice it had been, before she had starting screwing things up. It all really started with the adoption bomb. Sam could have blamed her mother for everything in her life, including losing Lexi.

Just as she turned around with the butter and syrup in her hands. Lexi had turned to face her. They met almost face to face, barely avoiding a collision. Sam couldn’t move, her hands were full and Lexi was right there in her face. It had just happened. They kissed. It wasn’t a very long kiss, but it was a soft, sweet kiss. Sam closed her eyes as she imagined Lexi’s lips and how soft they were that day in the kitchen.

She had pushed Lexi back towards the counter, reached around her to put the items in her hands down. Then she slipped her hands around Lexi’s waist and pulled her close to her and just held her for a moment.

Lexi had whispered softly in her ear, “I’m going to burn the pancakes,” as she giggled softly. She pulled away and turned around to the pancakes but continued to talk, “I was going to see if you wanted to get the milk out or if you wanted me to make coffee?”

“I’ll make coffee. You do what you’re doing. That smells so good, you are making me starved,” Sam gently touched Lexi’s shoulder as she answered her. She knew Lexi turned away on purpose that day. She thought about how it stuck her like a knife, but Lexi was right to do it. They didn’t belong together and something happening between them would have only made it all harder on both of them.

She went on to the business of making coffee. She pulled the bag of coffee from the freezer and grabbed a filter from the cabinet. In a moment she had the water in the machine and the smell of coffee was beginning to fill the air. She grabbed a mug from the cabinet and put it on the counter.

“Sit,” Lexi was putting a big plate of pancakes on the table. “I’ll get your coffee when it’s done. You need to sit and eat before you pass out from not eating.”

“I’m not gonna pass-out, Lex,” Sam smiled as she complied. She didn’t put much of a fight up because she really wanted those pancakes right now.

“Milk?” Lexi asked her as she was pouring herself a glass.

“Sure, yeah that sounds great,” Sam was beginning to feel a little mothered but it wasn’t all bad. The coffee was ready and Lexi made Sam’s cup, remembering exactly how she liked it and placed the milk and coffee down in front of her. Then she sat down across from Sam and they both began to eat.

There was an almost awkward silence now. Sam looked down at her plate most of the time. She could feel Lexi’s eyes on her and she wasn’t sure if she could look her in the eyes right now. She felt like a total shit at this point.

Here she was, in Lexi’s apartment, eating her food and more or less intruding on her life and her space. All this after fighting so bitterly so many times. She felt all of sudden like she shouldn’t really be there.

Finally it was Lexi who broke the silence. “You know, you really should take better care of yourself, Sam. I worry about you.”

“Don’t worry about me, Lex. I’m fine,” Sam answered but only barely glanced up at Lexi. She took a swig of her coffee and thought, ‘Jesus, how does she still get it just right?’

Sam, you’re killing yourself slowly but surely with the drinking. You can’t keep this up forever. It’s going to catch-up with you.”

“Come on, don’t start. I’m sorry I got trashed last night but I don’t do it all the time anymore. At least I didn’t try to drive, right?” Sam was trying to be funny but it wasn’t working very well at this point. She diverted her gaze back down to her plate.

“No, you didn’t try to drive, thankfully. Still, you can’t keep this up. You’re going to make yourself have ulcers or something. Think about what you are doing to your liver,” Lexi was honestly trying to be nice and show her concern but it wasn’t having the desired effect.

Sam was beginning to feel picked-on and withdrawing into herself as she always did at times like this. She opened her mouth and she probably shouldn’t have, “Look, Lexi, you aren’t my mother. I don’t know who is – but it sure as shit isn’t you! I’m a big girl and I can take care of myself.”

“It didn’t seem like you could last night?” This was potentially the worst thing Lexi could have said. 

Sam stood and pushed her chair back. She walked her plate to the sink and said, “Well, thanks for the breakfast and for coming to get me last night. I’m gonna split. I can’t listen to this crap right now.”

“You can’t listen to this crap?” Lexi was sort of incredulous now. She couldn’t believe that was how Sam was taking it. “I’m only trying to show you that I care about you! I don’t want you to die, Sam.”

“Lexi, I’m not going to die. Besides, maybe if I did it would be easier on all of us. God knows, I’m not too worried about it anymore. I could die today and be just fine with it. My life sucks and I don’t have any reason to live. Look at us, Lexi! I’ve destroyed us. I’ve destroyed me. Hell, I never really was okay ever. Fuck it. I need to go.” Sam was literally on the verge of tears and she just felt the need to run out the door.

Lexi just sat in her chair, sort of stunned but not all that shocked. This was the way things seemed to always go with Sam these days. She was in pain, she was angry and she was honestly trying to kill herself slowly and painfully. This much was pretty obvious. Lexi was at her wits end and really had no clue what to say or do. “So that’s it? You’re just going? Just like that?”

“Yes,” Sam was putting on her shoes at the couch.

“Okay,” Lexi knew she couldn’t stop her. “How are you going to get to your car? Don’t you want me to give you a ride?”

“I’ll take the bus. Thanks,” and with that and without once looking back, Sam had stormed out the door. She walked to the bus stop as tears began to burn in her eyes. By the time she was sitting on the bench in front of the complex, she was completely in tears. No matter what happened, she always seemed to hurt Lexi and feel hurt herself. All she wanted, more than anything else in the world was to go back in that apartment and throw her arms around that woman in there and tell her that she loved her and lay down with her. She wanted Lexi to hold her and let her cry it all out and to fall asleep in Lexi’s arms and know that someone wanted her. She didn’t walk back and she didn’t tell Lexi how she really felt. She never really told Lexi what she thought our how she felt. She thought to herself, ‘I could fuck-up a wet dream couldn’t I?’

Back to reality, Sam realized she had a tear in her eye and she used her sleeve to brush it away as she worked under the hood of the car. She was almost done with the job she was working on.

Just then she heard the car pull-up outside of the garage door. The sound of the car had her attention. This was not a typical car and her mechanic’s ear knew without a doubt that this was a high-end car before her eyes saw it.

She squinted into the morning sunshine. It was only about 10am and the sun was straight in her face. Her eyes came to rest on the car, it was dark green. The sun made it glisten in the morning air. The paint was like a mirror and the car was regal with chrome and sleek lines. The car was an Astin Martin. It was a very rare car, especially in these parts. There it sat, in the downtown Atlanta parking lot, looking like royalty that had come slumming.

The door opened and a very long and sexy, bare leg stretched-out to the pavement. She was wearing heels that were electric blue. There was a spaghetti string that wrapped around the ankle and tied into a bow. ‘Sexy’

Sam was ready for a Jennifer Anniston type model to step out of the car. In reality, what stepped out was a very beautiful woman with a great figure, a hot blue dress that went with the shoes. It was slit up one side and showed a lot of thigh. Her tan was dark, she had several gold rings on that screamed money and she was definitely over fifty years old. She was probably the best looking woman at that age that Sam had ever seen. She watched the woman stroll to the office to talk to the boss.

What a morning. Sam had already spent the better part of two hours totally distracted and then this pulls in? The car had her drooling. The driver had her wanting to go sneak off to the bathroom and watch porn on her Android phone. ‘Not good, Sam,’ she thought to herself.

She attempted to go back to work, even though the day was just one major distraction after another. In fact, it seemed like this was just her life, now that she thought about it. She was just always distracted by one thing or another. She tried to think of a time she was really focused on anything to speak of. Nothing came to mind.

She was suddenly aware that the green royalty was being pulled into the bay at the opposite end. ‘Fucking SCOTT gets to work on it! No way!’ Sam was devastated. Scott was an asshole and he wasn’t even that good.

She listened to what was going on and surmised that the car was having an electrical issue. That actually made her feel better. She hated screwing around with electrical crap. Let Scott trace wires all day. Sam liked to pull parts off of cars and get greasy. That was what she lived for. Give her a wrench and let her turn it. Let her have to scrub the grease off her hands at the end of the day. That made her happy. In fact, it was about the only happy part of her life. I get paid to get dirty. Her mind immediately went to the gutter and she chuckled.

She was done and she popped down the hood, hopped in the car and drove it out to the lot. She parked it like always and walked back inside with the keys and paperwork. As Sam stepped into the office, she placed the paperwork in the outbox at her boss’ desk and hung the keys on the pegboard behind the desk. He had his system and you didn’t dare mess with it. He’d jump your ass quick if you didn’t put things where they belonged.

The air conditioning felt fantastic and she wanted to linger a moment or two, to cool down. She walked to the water cooler and helped herself to a cup from the dispenser and filled it, drank it down and filled it again. She repeated the process three times. Why don’t they make these damn cups bigger?

She glanced over and saw the hot, older woman in the blue dress sitting in the lobby. She looked very out of place and somewhat uncomfortable. Sam doubted very much that the woman was enjoying sitting here in this grubby old garage. It was a busy garage with a great reputation. It had been in the neighborhood for more than thirty years. While it wasn’t completely filthy, it wasn’t like they had a cleaning lady either. The lobby wasn’t awful by any means and the air conditioning wasn’t bad, but the Taj Mahal it was not. If the toilets got cleaned once a week and the carpet vacuumed once a month they were doing good.

Just then, Sam heard her boss come out of his back office and bark her name, “Sam! I have a job for you. You’re going to give Miss Estelle a ride home.”

Sam froze in place. ‘Miss Estelle?’ she thought to herself. She looked over at the woman sitting there and said, “You’re Estelle?”

“Yes, I’m she,” the woman said with a smile.

Sam turned to look at her boss who was standing in the room now. “You want me to take her in my car?”

“Yeah, if that is okay with you. Otherwise you can drive the wrecker,” he snorted as he sorted through the papers on his desk.

“Well, no I don’t wanna drive the wrecker. I’m on the clock though right?” she asked because this was completely out of the ordinary. She’d never been asked to give anyone a ride home. It honestly sounded like a great way to play some hooky though.

“Yeah. Sure,” he mumbled without even looking up from the desk. It was dismissive, but this was his way. He tended to always be a crusty old man, but truthfully he was a pretty good boss to have. He expected you to tow the line, be at work and do your job. End of story.

Sam turned to look at Estelle and said, “Are you ready, ma’am?”

“Yes. I’m ready if you are. I very much appreciate you driving me home. I told your boss that I would call a cab but he insisted that one of you could drive me,” Estelle stood and smoother out her dress as she did. She tucked her purse over her bent arm and walked towards the door.

Sam moved to push the door open and held it open from behind the woman. As she stepped out into the parking lot behind her, she motioned towards her car and smiled, “I don’t think you are going to be quite as comfortable in my car as you are in your own. Sorry.”

“Oh don’t be silly! This is an American classic. A true muscle car. This was one of the sexiest cars ever made … and fast,” Estelle’s face showed her true exuberance for the car and cars in general. Sam was impressed.

Sam unlocked the passenger side door and held it for Estelle and held it as she slid into the low riding muscle car. She slammed the door shut. Those long, heavy doors needed a good slam. Not like today’s fiberglass at all. It made Sam smile. The car was a tank and she knew it. Still, it was a little light in the rear end and she disliked that on those rare occasions that they got a little ice on the Atlanta roads. Thankfully that didn’t happen very often.

Sam slid into her place in the driver’s seat and put the key in the ignition, turned it over and the engine roared. A 351 Cleveland, V-8 engine with power to spare and it was Sam’s baby. She had more or less rebuilt this engine, a piece at a time over the years. She knew every nook and cranny of this engine.

“Nice. I love a car that makes me tremble in my seat,” Estelle grinned a little.

Sam laughed openly. The last thing she’d have expected of a woman like Estelle was to find that she had a thing for muscle cars. It was almost too funny to believe.

As Sam drove, Estelle pointed her left and right. They talked small talk for the most part. Soon the downtown skyline gave way to the suburbs with the fine Atlanta mansions that the historic city of the south was known for. The homes in this neighborhood were easily in the millions of dollars. Sam felt very out of place and she couldn’t help but stare at some of the houses as she drove the mustang past them. It was like being in another world.

Sam had never really ventured out of the city much and she’d never seen money up close like this either. She made $13.47 an hour, which was actually good money in the south, but she wasn’t getting rich either.

Estelle pointed her into the drive of her home. It was a long, winding drive that was actually paved in bricks. There were magnolia trees lining the road back to the plantation house that Estelle called home. Sam thought that she even spotted a dogwood or two as she drove by.

The blue mach I pulled to the front of palatial mansion and came to a halt. Sam was in complete awe. As she put the car in park, Estelle turned to her and said, “I want you to come in with me for a moment, please.”

“Okay, sure,” Sam had no idea why Estelle wanted her to come in but it seemed like you didn’t question a woman like this. Besides, she really wanted to see the inside of this place. It was insanely huge. She turned the ignition off, pulled the key and opened the door to step out. She could smell the magnolia trees as the gentle Georgia breeze tickled her nose with the perfume of the southern state. It was like being in another world from the downtown cement jungle with the businesses and high rises in the skyline.

There were columns in the front of the house. They ran from the base of the cement landing to the roof overhang. It felt like an old plantation, yet it was clearly a newer home. Many of the southern mansions were fashioned after plantations, especially in Georgia. It was a traditional state – known for it’s peach plantations, peanut farms, conservative politics and it was the home of Coca Cola. Georgia had also produced a lot of cotton back in the days of yesteryear. Sam almost felt like she could close her eyes and go back in time.

Wilson crossed her mind. Seeing the old mustang parked here, in the circle drive at this palace, it felt like he was here with her and she wondered how he felt. He had often talked about his days as a child, working next to his parents and siblings as sharecroppers. As a young boy, he had been forced to get up early and pick cotton until it was too dark to see at night.

He hadn’t come to the city until he was well into his twenties. She pondered this, thinking about the poverty that he had lived through as a child. As she stared at all this wealth in front of her, somehow it just didn’t seem right.

She followed Estelle into the entry way for the mansion and she gasped. Her entire apartment would fit into just this entry way. She guessed this was what actually was called a foyer? She felt a little stupid standing there suddenly. For the first time in her whole life, she realized what a huge world it really was. Sam was actually pretty smart and paid a lot of attention to world events. She had dreams to travel around the world someday, but just now it struck her that perhaps she should venture out of downtown Atlanta once in awhile first.

Estelle smiled at her, “Come on in. Follow me, dear.”

She followed Estelle into a large room with a fireplace made of marble. It was flanked by two white, marble lion heads. Sam felt like she was standing in a version of the Greek Parthenon. Not that she’d really know, but if she tried to imagined it, this is what her mind would have dreamed-up.

The floors in the room were highly polished and seemed to be granite or possibly marble too. They were dark gray, almost black, with flecks of color in them. It looked like stone of some sort. The polish on the stone was so glossy that it was almost like looking down into a mirror on the floor.

There was a large, burgundy rug with a grouping of furniture near the fireplace. Off to the right was a grand piano and a set of wing-back chairs next to it. Plants were abundant in the room. Sam though to herself that it would probably take a full-time gardener to look after all of them.

Estelle walked to a small desk and she pulled a check book out of the drawer, “I don’t keep cash on me and I mostly use my credit cards, dear. I want to give you something for your time and for your gasoline, as well. I’m quite certain that your boss won’t be reimbursing you for your gas and I can’t have that on my conscious.”

“Oh, no…really, I can’t accept anything from you. I’m on the clock, so it isn’t like I’m not getting paid,” Sam stammered about. She felt uncomfortable now.

“Yes, I understand that but had you been at work, you would not have been using any of your own gasoline, correct?” Estelle pressed.

“Well, umm … yeah but I really don’t think my boss would be happy if he found out I took money from you,” Sam was being very honest. She thought that something like this could even get her fired.

“Then I’ll call him and ask,” Estelle was not a woman who took no for an answer. She already had her cell phone in her hand.

“No! Really, please, don’t do that. My boss is a grumpy sorta guy and he’d really not like to be bothered. He’d probably fire me if I took a tip from you and I just want to go back to work and not have any issues,” Sam was amazed that she managed to blurt it all out the way that she did.

Estelle stopped for a moment and it was clear that she was thinking. Sam could almost see the wheels turning. She kept looking at Sam and it was making Sam a little uncomfortable now. She really didn’t know what to make of it.

“I’ll tell you what,” Estelle began, “I will not force the money on you or call your boss if you agree to come back here after work and have dinner with me.”

Sam just looked at the woman. She didn’t know what to even say. Did she just get asked to dinner with a rich lady? Is she hitting on me? Before she could say a word, Estelle took her silence as a yes.

In an instant she was being walked to the front door. Estelle had her hand on Sam’s shoulder and was talking to her and giving directions to her, “Now, be here at 7pm sharp. Here is my card, this has my phone number and the address. Do come and we’ll have a meal fit for a king! We shall talk about muscle cars. Do you like steak?”

All Sam could do was nod her head and say, “Yeah. Okay.” The next thing she knew, she was in her car and driving back towards work. She had absolutely no clue what she had just gotten herself into. Matter of fact, she hadn’t gotten herself into it, her boss had. She shook her head as she drove. What the fuck am I gonna wear?

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