Faith – What It Is To Me


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I want to try to clarify some things about my life and my perspective for all of you. Many people write to me and want to “cheer me up” and give me pep talks when I talk about moving on, breaking up or things from my past. When I tell people that I’m fine, they don’t seem to believe me sometimes. In fact, I’ve been told by some that they do not understand how quickly I bounce back nor how I can move on and remain so positive. Well … let me try to explain it to you. I’m not really sure if I can, but I am going to try.

For starters, let me say that faith does not have to be centered around God if you are not comfortable with that. I believe that it is so much more than just God! It is about being connected to everything around you in a way that is spiritual but can be proven scientifically also, for those of you who are skeptics. Everything around us is made up of microscopic particles. Neutrons, electrons and ions surround you and ARE you. There is no such thing as a straight line. Anything under a microscope shows that lines are blurred. Why? Because molecules are moving, cells are not perfect shapes and everything is constantly changing, replicating and evolving before your very eyes. Nothing stays the same and everything is made up of the same particles.

When you consume food, you consume cells and these microscopic particles that have already been charged with energy of some sort. This is basic science from elementary school. Dig deeper, think harder, feel more…. you’ll realize the implications that everything on this planet and in the universe is connected. Right this moment, I’m surrounded by carbon dioxide that has been expelled by billions of other people. Quite possibly, I’m breathing oxygen that was created by a house plant somewhere in London. It is possible. We’re all breathing the same air, sharing the same sky, the same planet and the same solar system. We are mere pieces of an astronomically large puzzle, my friends.

Doesn’t it make sense if were all were to just get along that we’d all be healthier? Scale it down. If cells in your own body begin to fight against each other, what do you have? Sickness, illness … cancer and other things. So when harmony is removed and other things are allowed to take over, bad things happen. Right? When the body no longer maintains homeostasis ( balance and the ability to maintain itself correctly ) then the body becomes ill. The same thing happens with society, with the planet and with the entire universe. It isn’t such a big jump to understand that every single thing that you do in your life will touch the entire world. No matter how insignificant that you think you are, you are very important! The carbon dioxide that you expel is helping a plant somewhere on this planet. In your lifetime, you’ll be responsible for keep many of them alive. It’s symbiotic. They need you and you need them. Therefore, we all need you! You are part of the puzzle of life.

Even when you die, your body doesn’t disappear on a molecular level. Your molecules are changed, but they carry on. Part of you is here forever and can be carried on into water supplies, rain, in the soil that will grow vegetables for someone else – even a million years from now. So you see…it’s all bigger than just you … yet it is all about you.

My entire life I have realized that I was a deeper thinker than most people. I also realize that I’m very intuitive and more ‘spiritually connected’ than a lot of people are. There’s a side of me that I frankly cannot explain to you. I’m very perceptive of my environment, nature, people’s feelings and the way EVERYTHING is connected. Everything I explained before … its almost as if I can see the connections in bright colors all around me at times.

We are all connected to each other. We are all part of a greater ‘whole’ that most never feel. Either because of your life or your beliefs, you have shut it out. As children, we were all open to it. Do you ever remember having dreams of flying? My friends, this is because your soul certainly does. As we grow up, society and our so called civilization teach us that these things aren’t possible. We learn things like judging each other, hate, anger and we lose our belief in the things that would mend the wounds that are caused by this world. People are taught to lose their faith, hope and dreams by the world around them, yet time and time again they are shown how to come back to it….but many never do.

Last year, in the month of August, I was given a chance to look at my life through a new set of eyes. I call it ‘my epiphany’ and I’ve been inclined to tell people that I heard the voice of God. Here’s the thing…I heard something. Whether it was voice inside of me, a voice outside of me … or something from the matrix, it changed me forever. I’m not the same person and I never will be again. I don’t want to be!

In the time it took to blink my eyes, my life came fully into view and perspective. In one small moment in time, I realized that time is not linear and that my life had shown me opportunity after opportunity that I’d not taken advantage of. I saw the ways in which I could touch other people. Things flashed in front of me as I stood there. Everything became suddenly as clear as a crystal and I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that I wasn’t living my life for me! This is so much bigger than just me! I realized that I will receive true happiness and growth by helping others and by giving what I can to this world. In being alive, I take daily. I take oxygen, food and resources from this planet. It is necessary that I give back. One act of kindness can create thousands more in the people that it touches. It’s part of the spiritual pact we make with the universe for being here. Whether you want to be a part of it all or not, you are – there’s no choice in this. You’re only real choice is how much you choose to participate in this life and be the best that you can be. Happiness isn’t a destination! Happiness is the journey. Faith is about knowing what it takes to be happy and understanding that it isn’t truly about you.

When someone does something to me that I should be angry about, I choose not to get angry anymore. I remove them from my world and/or my space. I might try to teach them, but part of the wisdom that you acquire from life is to help you understand that you cannot always make someone understand something. Their path requires that they learn lessons on their own and when they are ready. You can’t force it. Learn to know when to walk away. This is best for YOU and best for maintaining that homeostasis that we talked about – both for you and the planet. When you realize that nothing is meant to personally harm you, but only to teach you and make you better, it becomes very hard to hold onto anger. For me, it is easier to just say to myself, “okay … lesson learned.” Then I move on. I shed no tears anymore over these things.

Do I have bad days? Why certainly! I don’t think I’d be human or have a soul if I didn’t cry sometimes. My tears are merely different now. I don’t cry because I feel sorry for myself or because I want anything different than I have. I cry from exhaustion sometimes and I cry when I’m confused about decisions I need. I cry when I feel hurt, because regardless of the things I’ve pointed out in the last 1364 words, as a human being I will get down and I will feel hurt from time to time. I’m not perfect by any means. I’m evolving and my cells are changing this very moment.

The wonderful part about faith is that I am able to put it all into perspective quickly. I know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that I am where I’m supposed to be, learning what I’m supposed to be learning and doing things that will affect other people on this planet for hundreds of thousands of years. That’s a pretty huge responsibility. Perhaps if more people realized this, they’d be better people? Then again, they are learning their lessons, the way they are supposed to and in the time frame that they are given. I’m okay with that. Faith makes me okay with things. Again, perhaps I’ve made zero sense to you at all tonight but I hope that I’ve at least given you some things to think about?

It truly is all about perspective. Try looking at your life from a different perspective and put yourself in the shoes of other people too. Be a little kinder and in the end you may find that you are stronger for it. In learning about others, you’ll realize that you grow to know yourself. We are truly all in this together and love really is the answer.

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15 thoughts on “Faith – What It Is To Me

  1. Jamie Nicole

    Let me tell you- I have read a few of your books and I absolutely love you! You make a real connection with people and it is amazing! I’d love to talk to you one on one and get your advice about some things in my life, if you have the time. Thanks sweetie!

    • I am always available to talk. Thanks for the kind words! If you want to talk to me privately, simply reply here with “DO NOT POST” at beginning of your message. I will just email my responses directly to you and not approve the post for public eyes!

  2. i had the same kind of spiritual awakening last year when i had a couple of close calls while driving my truck i am completely changed now ….i have always been a christian but for alot of years wanted nothing to do with GOD or church because of all the hurt i had been thru with the church for being a lesbian ….but since i had this awakening i am back reading the word of GOD daily and seeking him and becoming a better person….i am a little scared because my wife of now going on 11 years is not in the same place as me. she knew me how i was when we hooked up. not saying she is a bad person by no means i just dont know if she understands my “awakening” and it scares me a little bit that for the first time EVER since i have known her we are not completely 100% in sync. Thanks for listening to me ramble lol.

    • I fully understand what you are saying, Lea! Once you reach this “place” of being, finding someone to share yourself with and feel completely accepted is difficult. It isn’t impossible by any means though! You have reached a point in your life where suddenly things ‘make sense’ in a way that is so complete that others find it very difficult to understand. I do. You aren’t alone. There are others out there who have had this same spiritual awakening.:) Have FAITH lea. Know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that no matter what happens between you and this woman that it is MEANT to be that way.

  3. Brilliant piece of writing.

  4. Doreen

    I need to go to JMJ boot camp ! Thank you for the kick in the butt today ! Needed those words it’s like oh yeah and the light want on in my head because lately my heart is dark .. Enjoy your day ..

    • Oh, Doreen! I’m glad if this could give you a kick in the pants when you needed it! My blog started off to advertise my books and get my word out there. In the last year, while I still do some advertising, it has morphed into my way of trying to reach and touch people in a positive way! I see this as my way of trying to help others by putting myself out there with them!

    • Doreen

      Your my hero ! Xo

  5. Doreen

    I would love to see you wear a cape ! You have no idea how much your words help ! I look forward to you everyday because I know I will learn something new or think a little deeper even see things a little or a lot clearer ! Thank you JMJ ! Big huggggggsssss !

  6. wow Jesse, I totally get you !

  7. kfemme

    Amazing! I’m not even really sure what to say! I do know that it was very profound and it spoke to me. The hardest part for me is letting go of anger. I lost my partner last year in a car accident that almost took my life too and it has been a hard road just getting back to semi-healthy. It’s been very hard to see positives in my life now and not be angry at all that I lost. I hope someday to be able to get to the point where you are but for now….I will just say thanks for writing it and being you!
    hugs, k

    • Look around you for miracles that happen each moment of every day. There is no coincidence. You are always where you are meant to be. I am sorry for your loss…I truly am. I know that it makes no sense to you. One day something will happen or someone will pop into your life and things will make sense.

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