Coffee Talk

Let’s do a little catching-up and have some coffee talk, shall we?

Yesterday I had a dental cleaning. My exam was done the week before. I need some old fillings taken out and replaced. I have one tooth that has a stress-fracture from an old filling. We are going to get that taken care of with a crown. I have ‘okay’ insurance. It isn’t fantastic but it’s better than nothing. My dental care will cost about $600 out of pocket once it is completed.

Just over a week ago I was finally able to get my shoulders looked at and had an MRI done. They’ve bothered me for a number of years. I have a high pain tolerance and simply just didn’t have the ability to see a doctor for ‘aches and pains’ until recently.

Turns out that my left shoulder has a small muscle tear in one of the muscles of the rotator cuff, some arthritis, tendinitis, bursitis and fluid in the joint. That was the GOOD shoulder…

My right shoulder has an impingement that will require part of the bone surface of my acromion shaved away. It has bursitis, tendinitis, fluid in the bursal sac, arthritis, bone marrow deterioration, and the same muscle has a major tear that is almost all the way through. It’s hanging by a few threads, apparently. Okay, well that might explain the constant ache I’ve been dealing with, progressively getting worse over five years? I’m a little stubborn. Hey, but I’m tough! LOL

My right shoulder has taken a serious pounding for many years. I was a high school discus thrower, a fast-pitch softball pitcher and had a mean volleyball serve (overhand of course). I’ve since worked with horses, dogs, worked retail, lifted weights for many years, had a run-in with a chainsaw back in 2011 that caused me severe pain (and I’m sure was when I tore these muscles). and I’ve learned to just ‘deal with it.’

I’ll be referred to a specialist and probably have surgery on the right shoulder for sure. I don’t know what they will want to do with the left one. I’m not happy about the down time. I’ve been writing articles for companies in the cannabis industry and enjoy it. I’ve also got property in Oklahoma that I’m planning on building a cabin on this summer, as well as a partnership in land that will be happening in probably June, in Alaska.

I haven’t talked to you all in a very long time. My blood sugar is completely under control for the first time in about 15 years. I am on Trulicity. That stuff is amazing but it makes me have upset stomach sometimes. Other than that, I’ve been able to eat like a normal person, within reason, and my sugar stays very low. It’s great.

Sadly, it is very expensive and not available to all Americans. That is a tragedy. One month of Trulicity is $927 and that is absolutely wrong. I have a cousin who has had struggles keeping his insulin in the house and I have worried about him many times.

People shouldn’t have to make such choices. Right now, I’m not happy with this country at all. I’ve even considered moving to the Dominican Republic. Panama maybe? We’ll see how 2020 elections go. America really doesn’t feel like home much anymore, to be honest.

Actually, the entire world has gone mad hasn’t it? New Zealand, my heart hurts for you. I fear that the idiot in charge of my country is the main reason for this hate. I’m so sorry. I’m exhausted from being angry and sorry over the last couple of years.

I can’t trust my own government and I hate the state of the world. I fear that I’ve grown so numb to it all that the only thing I can do right now is disengage. I have no energy to scream about politics anymore. I just want to get away.

In fact, my plan for my Oklahoma mini-farm is to plant my own food and live off the land as completely as I can. I believe that the food industry is poisoning us all. I believe that cancer is the biggest killer of people today, due to the pollution in the environment and in our food supply.

I’m going to get back to vegetarian, clean-eating again. I enjoyed that period of my life the best and now that I’m getting my body all patched-up and the blood sugar is good, I hope to last a few years longer. I’m actually looking forward to doing some canning. I think we began to decline, as a society, when we began relying on grocery stores for all of our food, personally.

I also don’t understand the way we poison our planet and trash out environment. If you are still using plastics, you’re contributing to the death of our planet. How do you look your children in the eye? Or grandchildren? Upcycle, recycle, buy bulk, and say no to plastic!

So Jake and I are looking to finalize a piece of property that will give us each at least 5 acres of our own in Alaska. Target area is the Kenai Peninsula. He is traveling there in June. I declined to go as I’m in the midst of squaring away the mini-farm here in the lower 48.

Alaska is going to be the real ‘get away from people’ place to go. I’m looking forward to some salmon fishing, to be honest. I’ll be needing a really nice camera for bear photos. Now that I think about it, I’ll be needing some better fishing poles and a kayak too. I’ll be needing a kayak in OK as well. Homestead is very close to a massive lake and state park. I’m hoping that kayaking is good physical therapy because I intend to be doing a lot of it.

No offense to anyone, but I really don’t like people very much. The level of hate, entitlement, the lack of common decency, manners, kindness…. I’m just pretty much over people. I can barely handle five minutes on Facebook without wanting to slap a bitch most days.

Then there are the “mansplainers” who seem to think they know more about feminism than women do. I just can’t anymore. You’ll see less and less of me as I get neck deep in planting crops and finishing the interior of my cabin.

I’ve been single a LONG time, by choice. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, to be completely honest. There is a lot to be said about being able to do your own thing without explaining anything to anyone. Zero drama. None.

I don’t do drama and I hate bullshit. Some people don’t know how to live without at least one of those; often living up to their ears with both. I’ve never ‘needed’ to be with anyone and I’m happily independent now. I honestly don’t understand people who panic if they are single.

There really is more to life. I’m putting myself first, my health is top priority and I’m going to enjoy however many years I have left on the planet, making sure that I don’t do any harm to her. Leaving a tiny carbon footprint is my goal from here on out.

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One thought on “Coffee Talk

  1. Gigi Hoyt

    I had a shoulder replacement one year ago. Being that I’m 52 years old, many insurances wouldn’t even cover it. The Health care system pretty much sucks. That being said, I’m very glad i did it. If you end up having a replacement, feel free to reach out with any questions. Glad you’re making some healthy changes!

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