Everybody Look! What’s Going Down??

My day started-off having some fun with a fella who thinks he knows everything. Let’s put this into perspective for you…let me set the scene, so to speak. A couple of days ago, I posted a link for a book I was giving away free for a few days. Other Amazon authors can back me on this and I’m sure they will. When you publish a book on Amazon, you get five days each quarter that you may give this book away for free on their site. Does this put any money in your pocket? No!

Some people argue that it improves your book’s ranking…and it may…but only for a couple of days. The biggest thing that we get out of it is the exposure to new people who may not otherwise read our books. That is it; nothing else to be gained and certainly nothing financially. Sometimes, I’ll see a short increase in sales of my other books. That just tells me that they enjoyed my book and may like to try another. Great…but I’m still not getting rich by selling a few more books in comparison to the loss you take in the books you give away. I have away 192 copies of this book, this time. That is about 400 copies of that book alone, this year.

So…this fella comments on the link, “so in other want the cash.” Now, I rarely use the word stupid…but I think it! After a few comments back and forth, I let him know that I’m really just trying to get the book in the hands of suicidal people or people who KNOW suicidal people. It comes out the he is an accountant. Wow…really? You are an accountant and couldn’t figure out that FREE equated to $0 and that 192 multiplied by $0 is …ummm ZERO? I imagine that he is online so much because business is slow?

The fact is that I don’t care what this guy thinks of me. I am not concerned with the people who do not care about the things going on in the world. I am not going to waste my time trying to change a shallow mind. What I am seeking are those who have an open mind. Are you troubled with the world the way it is? Do you question your own existence and your purpose? Do you want to know what the meaning behind your life is or why you are constantly besieged by challenges that seem completely overwhelming? Do you question pain? Do you feel like giving up but just know that there is a reason that you don’t – even when you can’t explain it? YOU are the person I am reaching out to!

We cannot change everything over night, but we can make a difference. It takes one step at a time and the first BIG step is to realize that we are all connected. You are a miracle. Look at yourself in the mirror. Your body completely replaces every SINGLE cell every three years. Your skin is completely replaced every few weeks. At the very molecular core of your being, you are unique and you are a miracle. Everything had to happen in completely unique and random order so that you were conceived to begin with. Do you have any idea HOW MANY random things had to happen just for you to be conceived? To be who you are? Your entire life is a movie that plays out with multiple plot twists, all based on the decisions that you make and the roll of the dice. You spend your entire life being prepared for your destiny!! I do not care who you are or how bad things have gotten … you my friend, are amazing and you deserve to be here.

It is said that when you remain quiet, that you take the side of the oppressor in any situation. I used to be silent. It wasn’t until I found my voice that I began to feel free. The more I told people about my own situations, the easier it became to accept and sort through those things in my life. I realize that I’m lucky. I realize that I am the end result of a billion different possibilities that ‘could have been.’ You are no longer a “could have” you have become a “you are” and the sooner you realize that, the sooner you will realize your own potential.

What do you choose to do with this knowledge? This is truly a personal decision and I don’t knock what anyone chooses. I WILL say that when you have the opportunity to touch others and you choose not to, I feel it is a sad waste. That’s my personal feeling and has become my personal decision. That isn’t a judgment at all, so please do not see it that way. It’s just that there is so much beauty to be gained in reaching out to others. I refer to humility all the time. I think when we have learned true humility, that we become more selfless. I don’t see it as a bad place to be. That’s my personal take. Yours may be different and so be it. You won’t hear my messages or my voice.

I’ve committed myself to a few causes and they all are about human interests. One of my pet projects is the “Shadows In Your Face” project. I’ve decided to take the next year doing research, filming and even staying in shelters and even a few nights actually on the street. I will be doing my best to expose the way that the homeless are treated like cattle, herded into facilities out of view and how they are often pushed out of the way and not really helped by the very organizations that claim to be helping. City governments work to appease the wealthy by ‘getting them out of view’ and shuffling them to other cities and locations off the beaten path, where they are often forgotten. The system isn’t designed to help these people and their civil rights are often tromped on, while they are treated as a problem and not treated as people.

This video was shot with my cell phone, in the dark – so it’s not fantastic quality. This is just a glimpse of the world that is there in front of your face. There are MANY people living in parking lots in their campers. Many more of them are sleeping the cars that you see parked here and there, in between the campers. It’s a whole ‘underworld’ of people who have been hit hard by the economy.

It is important for me to point out that when the documentary is made for sale to the public, that every penny will go to aid the homeless in some way, whether with clothing, food, shelter or much needed medication. I hope to make a difference, even if it is just for a few people. To me, this will make the entire year worth it. I’m not doing this for myself in any way at all. I’m doing this to put the issue – the people who live in the shadows – right in your face. For the last year, I’ve met many homeless people and I’ve done my best to pass on their stories here. Now, for one year, I will make it my focus. I’m attempting to raise money right now, for the things that I’ll need to make this happen. I need cameras, some editing software and a little money to cover the few expenses that will surely arise. I’ve set the goal at $10k but I know this is lofty. I plan to go forward with the project no matter how much I raise and I do have other fundraiser in the works.

I am seeking fiscal sponsorship to help control the funds of the money from the project. I’ll be picky, but hope to find a non-profit that will help me handle the funds in a way that sees to it that the money is spent in the best ways possible and ensure that 100% of the funds go to the people who need them and not to administration costs.

I’m asking that you take a look at the project and try to see the potential good that could come from it. If you have anything to offer at all…used equipment, assistance in spreading the message, connections with other homeless person projects, etc…get in touch with me. Maybe you are someone who just has time and can help to spread the word somehow? I’m open to all suggestions. One way or the other, this project IS going to happen and I will not be deterred.

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Shadows In Your Face


Far too old to be living like this, but don't tell him that. He's happy. He sleeps in his truck in parking lots all over North Florida.

Far too old to be living like this, but don’t tell him that. He’s happy. He sleeps in his truck in parking lots all over North Florida.


Many of you have followed my excursions for a good year now. You know that I try to keep things as real as possible. I’ve shown you all some of the good things about life and some of the things that truly stink sometimes too. In the end, I’ve always tried to keep my messages positive. I do believe that life is what you make of it.

That said, when I went through my horrible year last year, I was reminded of how much we all depend on each other and how hard like can be. I felt that God himself had spoken to me and I came to an immediate realization – an epiphany – that I’d wasted a great deal of time that I hadn’t put to good use. I made a promise to myself and to the Universe that I was going to work harder to help others. My purpose is now to do what I can to help others and speak for those who have no voice of their own.

I’d like to tell you about my latest project. This is in alignment with my goals and my passions. I’ve decided to put my author skills to work on a project of almost epic proportions. I’m going to re-enter my life as a homeless person, in order to tell the story from their point of view. How can you tell someone about being hungry if you have never truly been hungry? How can you describe the fear of having no roof over your head if you have never known this fear yourself?

Not only am I going to do a book, but also a documentary while I am living in the life. When I am finished, there will be a book, a documentary and a photo book complete. ALL PROCEEDS FROM THE DOCUMENTARY AND BOOK WILL GO TO THE HOMELESS. The money will go to organizations that help to feed, clothe and provide medication to those who are homeless. I will be very selective over who gets funds; making sure that 100% of the money goes to the people that it is meant for. If not, then I shall set-up a separate charity entirely for this purpose.

I’m currently working on some products for sale to help raise money for the documentary. I’ll be opening a Cafe Press store to the public in a few days. I’m working on product designs at the moment. I have an IndieGoGo campaign set-up to take donations at the above link. I implore you to consider helping this project come to fruition. Not only will it bring to light some of the issues happening with the homeless community, but it will also help to set in place some programs that can offer more assistance to these people. Too many are falling through the cracks because they can’t qualify for help. Some can’t even seek traditional help because of mental issues that prevent them from even trying, much less even being aware that there is help available for them.

Today, I simply ask you to take a look at the campaign page and to do one of two things: 1)Donate if you can or 2) pass it along to others who may be able to help.

Thanks for your time and, as always, thanks for reading!



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Falling Into The Abyss

I wanted to take the time to remind everyone that my latest book is out. “Falling Into the Abyss” deals with child abuse and how it can touch your life forever, if you let it. Even when you think you are a survivor, something may just come along and remind you that you have things you haven’t truly dealt with.



“A tale of child abuse, suicide and survival. An account of surviving the worst things life can throw at you and coming out on the side, changed for the better and able to look at life with new eyes and a new perspective. This is my story. I’ll take you from the the time 

I’ve shared my life and my journey with thousands of fans through my blog at and now I tell the whole story, with all the background. See how I came out and got to where I am today. Learn why I advocate for those who have no voice.”


Set to launch October 17th.

Set to launch October 17th.

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Butch On Tap – Why I Hate TSA

Please, follow this link to the story by my friend Butch Jaxon.  This is very typical of the treatment that butch women and transitioning people go through. Being publicly humiliated is NOT cool. I’ve been through it in many places and situations. read  on to see why Butch Jaxon “hates TSA” – excerpt below.  ~ Jesse MacGregor-Jones




Why am I ranting today?

You may remember that a few days ago the gay flight attendant called me sir. Right, duh. Anyway, whatever. Indeed, today as I am writing this on a different plane, the flight attendant called me sir, and didn’t even acknowledge me when I corrected her. Dumb people suck. But, the reason for my rant today is TSA. I am going to tell you why I hate them. [Hate is a very strong word and I never use it casually. Indeed, it’s a bad word in my house and the kids can’t use it either. So, I use it here today to really convey the depth of my anger…]

On at least 3 other occasions, I have gone through the body scanner at security and had to wait a moment longer, or be rescanned. I know that this is because they thought I was a guy, but my naked body scan showed a body other than what they expected – boobs and no penis, to be specific. Waiting in the security line, when there is a body scan has become quite anxiety producing for me. Will they get it today? Will they ask themselves while looking at the scan, “Where is that guy’s penis?” Or, “Why does he have boobs?” Ugh. How embarrassed will I be?


…for the rest of this story, please follow the link to ButchOnTap.

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I Dare You To Move

Kindness is contagious!

Kindness is contagious!



I believe that everything happens for a reason. Life truly amazes me and I find the irony hard to swallow at times. I also find that the  way things are right there when I need them to be a little bit more uncanny than just coincidence sometimes. I truly feel that I am watched over and blessed. Could this be something that my mind makes up, just to make me feel better? Perhaps … anything is possible … but they DO say that ignorance is bliss. I’m a blissful person these days.

This morning I woke up thinking about the girl I am trying to get home to see. Never in my entire life have I felt more accepted and understood by someone. She accepts all my little quirks, my writing and she even tells me that she feels so connected and moved by my writing. That word that she said was stuck in my head … she felt moved. This was going around and around in my head this morning and I pondered things. I thought about the things that had moved me, in days gone by and in my present. I remembered a guy I had known named Lance.

Lance was very short. He’d been born with a congenital heart defect and while growing up, he’d had to have many surgeries as he grew, to accommodate for the growth in his heart. The doctor’s would go in and make repairs so that he could live. Lance told me one time, over a few beers, that he had died five times on the operating table. He told me that each time he had out of body experiences that he couldn’t explain. Lance told me unbelievable details of the light, looking down on his body, meeting with peers on the other side that were his mentors. He recalled in detail the conversations that they’d had. He remembered that there were five of them, he swears we all have five people on the other side who act on our behalf at all times. He explained to me that our lives were a road map that we had taken a part in planning before we were born.

Lance told me that we all chose the things were supposed to learn in this life, before we were born into it. He told me that we chose the hardships, knowing that when it happened to us, our soul would not remember our planning. It was meant to purify us and teach us. It was the chance to grow from experiences and become greater than we were. It is all in the name of education. He dramatically recalled his ‘conference’ with his mentors and how they told him where he’d made progress and where he needed more work. Then he described how he felt himself sucked back into the body and would wake in recovery. It happened to him each time that his heart had ceased to beat, while hooked to bypass for the repairs he would need to continue living.

I highly doubt that Lance knows that the conversations we had almost 20 years ago would shape me the way that they do now.  Especially considering the fact that I would often get so drunk with Lance that I’d need to be driven home. I was very close to being an alcoholic. I think I was trying to dull the pains that I felt over being gay, crushing on straight women and always thinking that there was no one out there for me. I truly believed that I was going to live a solitary life.

All these years later, I’ve come to learn that none of us are solitary. We are all touched by the world around us at all times. The repercussions of my conversation with Lance, from the year 1989, to the man who asked me to help him with his computer last night, to the gentleman who offered me advice on where to get tires this morning. We all touch each other. It wasn’t until this morning that I made the connection of this song and daring someone to “move” – realizing that you don’t just move yourself….you move EVERYTHING with every move you make.

Your movement moves the air around you, molecules pass around the planet because of the breeze you create. I don’t care who you are and how insignificant you think you may be. You touch thousands of people, even with just intentions. Molecules can carry charges, positive or negative. Thoughts are electrical impulses, traveling along molecules. People can catch a ‘vibe’ because it really is a thing! I’ve come to realize that every good thought I put out there is coming back to me, tenfold. I’m happy. I am happy in a way that I have never felt happiness before.

DJ said to me that she was happy for me that I’d found this happiness and resolved myself with my life and come to terms with my past. She gets it! How can she possibly be so wise? She’s amazing … but she really gets it all and she gets me. This just makes my happiness and my amazement with life feel as if it may overflow. Then it hits me … it is supposed to. How many of you feel better when you read this? Can you carry this mood to the next person in some way?? Imagine a world where your thoughts can attract similar things to you. This is the world in which you live!!

Surround yourself with happiness and happy people. When you see someone who is sad, reach out to them and do something that makes them happy. Spread joy and love and plant the seeds of love wherever you can. Tend to this garden each day and watch it grow in your life.  I dare you to make your life and the world a better place. You will reap what you sow. I may be one person, but I realize that this one person is reaching thousands of others and if you all reach thousands, then that turns into millions in no time. We can make the world a happier place. My friends,  today I dare you to move by moving others!


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Let’s See If Fans Can Extend This List? YOU MIGHT BE ONE OF THE 47% IF:






  • If you have ever pawned the title to your car for gas money to get to work and paid 3x what the car was worth to get the title back


  • If you have ever applied for a loan and the salesperson laughed so hard they had to excuse themselves from the room


  • If you have ever slept in the back seat of your car


  • If you know how to bath with a gallon of water you bought at Walmart


  • If you grew-up drinking water from the garden hose


  • If you know how to wash your hair in the bathroom sink in a handicapped stall in a McDonald’s


  • If you know the location of every food bank in your city


  • If you don’t earn enough money per year to even file taxes


  • If you grew up thinking fried potatoes were a treat and never realized your parents were that poor


  • If you never knew that playing with the hose to cool off in summer was because your folks couldn’t afford air conditioning … until you were an adult that had an electric bill of your own one day to pay.


  • If you have ever glued a wound shut rather than go see a doctor


  • If you have ever sold your own plasma to pay the rent or buy food


  • If you know what a red tag on the electric meter means


  • If you know how to run cable from the neighbor’s house


  • If you have duct tape to fix ANYTHING


  • If you’ve ever chosen to eat rather than pay a bill


  • If you ever threw lawn jarts in the air and ducked them at the last minute


  • If your father ever made you hockey sticks out of plywood so you and your brothers could beat each other senseless on a frozen over puddle in the back yard.



Now it is your turn, everyone add something that you think PROVES you are one of the 47%!!

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How Walmart and Capitalism Have Actually Killed America

Know Your History and Get An Education

I am going to go out on a real limb this morning and tell people exactly why America is screwed and how it became screwed. Better yet, I’m going to attempt to show you how you have played a part in it. Companies like Walmart supplied you with the sword and then they coerced you into cutting off your own toes, one at a time, until you can barely stand. The most unbelievable part of the story (which would almost be funny if it weren’t so sad) is that they have convinced you that the sword is the problem and not them. The have convinced you that they are actually on your side and that you should trust them and invest in capitalism because ‘that is what America was founded on’ and  it works. It does work, indeed … for them.

Now, when I say to ‘get an education’ I’m certainly not implying that without a college education you cannot understand these things. My mother was a very smart woman. She never graduated high school. What she did do was to read constantly. My mother did very little for me that I am thankful for, but this is one thing I learned from her. I read. I read and read and read. I don’t read the same things that she did. She was a fan of murder mysteries and romance novels. On rare occasions she’d read a James A. Michener. As for me, I prefer to read things that I can learn from. I like books about history, science, politics, human interest, ‘how to’ books, and things of that nature. This is what I mean when I say ‘get an education’ and I intend no insult when I say it.

Abraham Lincoln was one of the greatest presidents that this country  has ever seen. Most of his education was from the books that he read, by the light of the fireplace, as a young man. ‘Honest Abe’ was one of the greatest republicans who ever lived. Strangely enough, he was the president who freed the slaves, yet the party of his legacy is also the party who still rules the slave states and has tried so vehemently to suppress votes. Don’t believe me…look at the photo below.

This map clearly shows that slave states have also remained discriminatory through all of history. Even today, racial prejudice is rampant in these states. The republican party has become the oppressive party. Strange when they are the party that lays claim to a great man like Abe Lincoln, whose “Emancipation Proclamation” freed the slaves.

President Lincoln saw a world where inequality was fundamentally wrong on every level. He saw this as a great social injustice and his party was the party of social justice. The republicans of yesteryear are actually represented by the democratic party of today. The parties have gradually evolved (or devolved depending on how you look at it) and changed places. Please visit the Lincoln and Freedom webpage and click on the interactive map that will show you the progression of slavery in the United States. Also, take the time to read the Emancipation Proclamation while you are at it! This is one of the most important speeches ever given in the history of this country. It can be viewed here, in Lincoln’s own handwriting, on the original documents.

“I do order and declare that all persons held as slaves within said designated States, and parts of States, are, and henceforward shall be free; and that the Executive government of the United States, including the military and naval authorities thereof, will recognize and maintain the freedom of said persons.” ~ Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States of America.

How Capitalism Has Brought Us Backwards

Since the days following the Civil War, capitalism has begun running out of control. The “carpet baggers” started it all by coming to the south and buying land and businesses, which had been decimated by the war. Those with money began seeing how they could become wealthier than they already were. They took advantage of the war torn south and gradually took over. These people brought their money, their ideas and effectively bought the control of these states.

Now I already know what the naysayers are going to say … ‘so you are saying that the freeing of the slaves was actually where we went wrong.’ Yes, I know how that faction of our society thinks. It is sad, but this is how they argue. I reject this argument emphatically. One good deed … an ethical and morally correct decision that human beings should be free and capable of living a life without the fear of bondage and beatings, made by a good man who was forward thinking, is not the problem here.

The problem was the selfish, capitalist way of thinking that drove money and power worshippers to the south.  They pounced on the aftermath of the war, with people living in poverty; broken and in disrepair of spirit – those who were their own families and brethren. They took advantage of the system and that is when it all began. To this day, those who are in a position of wealth and power continue to take advantage of those who are less fortunate, less educated and dependent upon this broken, capitalist system for a job and income.

Corporate Greed and the Money Machines

As the country has progressed, technology has led the world into a more global economy. Once again, the mega capitalists have stood to gain the most. Already in a position of power, they have used this power to open their market places to goods from other countries because they can now make more profit than ever. Walmart was one of the first companies to do this on a large scale. Corporations have become money machines that get hungrier the more that they are fed!

As more and more products have been brought here from China, Taiwan and other countries that we used to pride ourselves for being more advanced than, Americans have found fewer and fewer of our own “made in the USA” brands available.

Making matters even worse, we now stand back and watch these major corporations shipping our jobs over seas. The American people have been taken advantage of by their own people. We have been bought out and sold out. Those who tell you there is no such thing as class warfare are either in that class that doesn’t want you to see the slaughter that you have been led to over the last 150 years, or they have just not read enough to educate themselves.

What books are you reading? Who wrote them? Are you being spoonfed information by a system and a government that only give you what they think you can handle and what they want you to know? You should question EVERYTHING. You should also open your eyes, America! Capitalism is what let banks gain control of your money, your finances, your companies, the brands you are able to buy, the things you can and cannot afford and the news and media that you are watching. Your churches are run by corporations that donate enough money to keep your churches in a tax free status.

Then you are taught from books that are printed by huge publishing houses that are also controlled by the same media and the same corporations. The conspiracies run so deep that you’ll never be able to trace them all! You are not given anything to help you think for yourselves because you are truly sheep not only be led to a slaughter, but you are being handed your own guns and told to shoot yourselves!

Small Businesses Killed By Capitalism

Walmart has grown to mega proportions and put smaller mom and pop grocery stores out of business all over the country. You shop at these box stores because ‘they are cheaper’ and what happens is that you give them all the money and all the power to control the jobs. Now you are in the position that you must accept what they are willing to pay you. As wages continue to stagnant while the cost of living goes up, you are now more reliant upon these very big box chains because now they are truly the only thing you can afford. Suddenly you have no choices because you can’t afford them and because they have been put out of business anyway.

Small gas stations are gone in favor of huge chains like Texaco, BP and the companies like 7-11 and Circle K convenience stores. Grocery stores in home towns are gone and people have to drive miles to get to large chains like Kroger, King Sooper (both owned by the same company), Winn Dixie, Publix and Albertsons.

The corner pharmacy, with the friendly home town guy that could talk to you all day if you needed his advice, are gone. The people who knew your family and your children have been replaced by a Walgreens or a Rexall or Osco on every street corner. Walmart pharmacies are now trying to get to a position of putting THEM out of business because it isn’t enough to be the biggest grocery store and retail chain…they wish to also be the biggest pharmacy as well. They want ALL the business of ALL the people and you will shop there more and more until you have no choice because there are no other choices. THIS is what capitalism run-amuck has done in this country.

Effects On Other Business

The next time you complain about the cost of dental care or health care, stop and realize that capitalism has created the same issues here. The same few companies are the ones who manufacture equipment and parts for dental offices and procedures. Your dentist is in the same position as you are. They are being forced to purchase their goods from a very small  list of providers. These same providers can charge exorbitant prices for their goods because the dentist has no choice but the purchase the supplies that they need. These costs are passed on to you. In order to stay competitive with other dentists, they doctor who runs their own practice is forced to make less profit.

This same dentist is now fighting to earn business from the large chains who are opening clinics all around the country, like Comfort Dental. As a large chain, they have more buying power and get the better deals from the companies who supply them from coast to coast. Your hometown dentist, who has the same student loans to pay off, higher malpractice insurance than ever before and tons of overhead, is now faced with no budget for advertising and fewer ways of competing with these large chains. They sit back and watch their patient base dwindle over the years. Without the few patients who remain loyal and understand the benefits of one on one care that they will never get at large clinics, your hometown dentists in private practices would simply go out of business.

Don’t Talk To Me About Ayn Rand and Atlas Can Go F@$* Himself

So in reality, capitalism, as with anything, is harmful when it is allowed to run with no checks and balances. It is not for the benefit of most of the people. It is for the benefit of the super wealthy. The people who are well off and the people who buy into their line of bullshit will honestly try to explain to you that the democratic party and the people who are liberal want to ‘redistribute the wealth’ in this country. NO….what people like I am trying to make you see is that the wealth has been slowly been redistributed for many years already. The money has been going from your pockets to them and then being sent to other countries for goods and services. It isn’t really that hard to understand people.

Look at it like this. The country starts with 100 oranges. You all send those 100 oranges to Walmart for food, prescriptions and so forth. They spend 30% of their overall oranges on payroll. That means that 30 of the 100 original oranges go back into the US population. 60% of the oranges go to other countries to pay for the imported goods that were sold. That is 6 oranges that are just gone from the US that we most likely won’t ever get back! The folks at Walmart keep an orange for themselves. It sits in a bank somewhere so it is out of play. That is another orange that the people never get back.

Think of those oranges as dollars and think in terms of YEARS of this going on. All the money and all the debt that we print and write-off is because the money is going out of our own country. The ONLY people profiting are those at the very top…the 1%.  So if you are making excuses for capitalism and making less than $250k per year, you are truly one of their favorite people. They have brainwashed you into making the plea for them, making them look good and continuously voting for them. It’s like a dog, asking to be beaten. You’ve gotten good at it.

I realize that I may be almost over-simplifying this, but it is important to make it as simple as possible so that people GET IT. You are being used. You are being misled. You are not in control of your country and you have not been for many, many generations. Capitalism doesn’t work. On paper it looks great. On the backs of the poor and the middle class and those who were not born with a silver spoon in their mouth, it really doesn’t look that good.

Is anything really possible in the US? Yes! Freedom means that you do have the right to keep trying, which is more than other countries have. The odds dictate that sometimes people can get lucky and they can find ways to do better for themselves, but in reality you are oppressed even if you are just poor and white. There is not any security for you unless you are white and wealthy … and most likely male.

So Why Don’t I Give Up?

This election proved something in this country. People are waking up. Things are changing and eyes are opening. We DO have the power to change things. The American people have choices that they can make. Choose to sacrifice some of your toys and pay a little more to support your local business. Tired of the cost of gas? Ride a bike, invest in a car that is electric or gets great mileage. Change your ways, your patterns and rebuild America the way that you want it.

The fact is that you are going to have to sacrifice some things if you really want change. Do you want to make your voice heard? Then speak in terms that the ones at the top understand…withhold your dollars from them. Refuse to spend money at Walmart for Christmas. Teach your children the importance of supporting your own country and that the true meaning of Christmas isn’t about going to a store and beating smacked by an old woman as you fight for the same last copy of the hot toy for the season. There is more to life and there is so much more at stake here.

I believe that we have the ability to take our country back. We showed we have the moxie this year. Let’s keep up the momentum! Support your local farmers and take the power of Monsanto (who is poisoning you and your family) away. Support the local craft store instead of buying the Ipad that is being manufactured in China. Choose what is REALLY best for you and your family and give your children the best gift of all this year…hope for a future as an American that has a choice and pathway to a better life in a country that is truly theirs!

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It Took Obama 12 Minutes Longer to Win this Time Than Last Time

I love this photo. They are real. They came from poor families. They are living proof that anything is possible in America if we do not give up!

America sent a very strong message last night, with Florida still to come in and it is looking good for Obama to pull it off too. This year, Florida didn’t even matter. Sad but true. I’d still like to see it go blue in the end just so that I can enjoy bigger margin to satisfy my desire to know that MOST of the country ‘gets it’ now.

Young voters turned out in higher numbers than they did the last time, despite what experts predicted would happen. The president took 75% of the woman vote, 75% of the Latino vote, 90% of the GLBTQ vote and 90% of the black vote (numbers are rounded). The ONLY category that Mitt Romney led in was in white males. I think that America sent a message that the days of white male privilege are gone. In fact, white males are the fastest diminishing segment of voters. Soon, they will be a very small minority and almost not even count. How’s that for justice?

Mr. “Legitimate Rape” Todd Akin was beaten handily in a state that he would have won if he’d never told folks his thoughts on rape. All the other candidates who voiced their opinions on rape, on this same side of the coin, were all defeated. You drove women out to vote in “binders full of women” and succeeded in killing your chances and exposing the true colors of your party.

Here is a thought to chew on republicans … every year in America, 50,000 Hispanic citizens turn 18 and can vote. I just thought I’d piss the republican party off some more by pointing out the inevitable. Things do not look good for the republican party. They really need to rethink their stance on a LOT of issues.

For myself, I’m a fiscal conservative and a social liberal – I’m a flag waving, tree hugging, bleeding heart liberal. I do think we need to get spending under control … and that is exactly why I voted for Obama. You see, those of you who were led to believe that the republican party would do better were sorely misled. The FACTS were never made clear to you by your republican pundits and ‘side of mouth talkers’ who didn’t want you to know the real truth.

Ayn Rand fans, it has been proven time and again that “objectivism” is what she represents and not true capitalism. Objectivism doesn’t work. It never has and in the United States it never will. True capitalism can and will … by the people and for the people. Here’s the part some of you miss – this previous statement means ALL the people. Not some of them, not the top wealthiest 1%, not one party, not everyone except {insert any minority name here}!

The TRUTH is that deficit spending is considerably down. Obama has spent less money than any other president going all the way back to Reagan. Unemployment is coming down, albeit slowly. The fact is that an obstructionist congress refused to pass job bill after job bill – a republican tactic to try to ensure a republican president this term would look good to you.

The honest truth is that Romney changed his points of view on so many topics publicly because he wasn’t running his own race, he was being controlled by the republican machine that told him what to believe in and what to say. The fact is that the republican party is completely out of touch with the middle class and the working class.

They have led you to believe that they represent you, however if you look at deficit spending, it got completely out of control with Reagan. He left us with the largest deficit of any president before him. HW Bush grew that deficit immensely. Bill Clinton brought spending under control, raised taxes and put this country back in the black – deficit free with a surplus – before he left office. Then came “W” and within six months we went from a surplus to a deficit larger than his father had left us. THEN we found ourselves at war. The spending grew … and grew … and grew. These are facts. Look them up.

Banks ran this country into the ground and nearly caused economic collapse because of the regulations that GW Bush relaxed and his administration failed to regulate the banks. As a result, the wealthy did what they always try to do (in the name of capitalism – which gives true capitalism a bad name) and they tried to get MORE rich. How? They made bad loans. Really bad loans. Money was loaned to people that never should have gotten loans. This was because of a republican mistake ( I use the word mistake loosely here, since I believe that they helped orchestrate the problem by making profits on their own investments) of not keeping an eye on the people who were padding their pockets.

When banks collapsed, the first bail-outs were given by the BUSH administration and everyone was behind it completely. When the Bush tax cuts went into effect and the country immediately went into a deficit, everyone thought that was okay because it was “our money” after all … like Bush said. Well, your money came back to you in $400 checks and put the country in a deficit that the republican party likes to point out now is worth $80,000 on the backs of your children. Hmmm … makes sense to me. (pardon me while I cough, “ack, ack…dumbasses…ack”).

The fact is that most Americans get it now. The 47% spoke. Women spoke, Latinos spoke, GLBTQ Americans spoke and everyone who makes under $100,000 per year spoke loud and clear.

As a lesbian, I’m proud to say that I watched the first openly lesbian senator get elected last night. I watched a gay man get elected in Wisconsin too. I watched equal marriage amendments pass in three states. I watched an amendment pass that ensured the right to marry would never be made illegal in another state, which ensures the door is open to marriage there in the future. I watched women take more seats in congress than ever before. As a woman, I am watching the glass ceiling being shattered before my very eyes. As a lesbian, I am seeing a path to true equality that I never thought I’d see in my lifetime but was willing to fight for so that future generations would have it.

Last night, I saw my country actually wrap it’s arms around me and show that we are ALL included, things can get better and there is hope. Forward we march, America!

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Why Do (Butch) Lesbians Hate Men? – A Real Question From A Straight Male Reader

Real change is worth any price, my friends.

This is a conversation that came to me via email from a reader. I loved his questions and he has legitimate concerns. I have always been one of the guys and like men…but I know lesbians who don’t. I thought that my readers could weigh-in on this?

Hi Jesse,

First off I want to say I am very impressed with your blog and your fight for gay rights YEAH!!!!.  I believe in marriage between two people and have been fighting the good fight here in Minnesota, under our “Vote No” campaign.

I’m writing to you in terms of personal inquiry.  I’m open to everything and closed to nothing.  The lens in which I see the world is one in which everyone has the true freedom to express how they are.  As I read your blog and about you, I see that your true to yourself and have personal freedom in who you are, whether or not someone agrees with you.  It breaks my heart to read those crimes against you for being your true self.   Truth of the matter is so many judgements take place on a daily basis it’s scary.  I’m not in your shoes and could never pretend to be, I know judgements about yourself are passed your way through stares, looks, words and hate daily.   It is my dream that everyone accepts each person for who they are at the end of the day I believe everyone must come together and make everything work to be great.  I believe we will get to this point.  If not now as society evolves.

I just have a question from you as I encounter what I would be the butch lesbian or lesbians in general….why do I encounter from the butch lesbian her constant hate and vitriol for men.  I don’t understand, its the biggest construction and judgement I have ever encocuntered and my efforts to unite and make the world a better place fall on deaf ears as I am constantly stereotyped as a piece of shit, or untrustworthy.  Why is my intuition and inquired knowledge of how butch women feel about men so negative.  I ask for your intelligence and why this happens as I have sought out others who can’t give me a solid answer.  My soul constructs it and explains it to me in terms of what some men do to women.  I am always going to judged?  Are my intentions never going to be assummed to be good?   I feel so judged by the butch lesbian as a threat, when I want to be a uniting force.

An answer to the questions, would help me understand better, and when I have a deeper understanding my understanding can change and I can understand the deeper lying issues.  I find myself taking this personally even though I pride myself on being who I am and not letting others judge me.  Their is a giant barrier that I have never been able to break down, I have only been able to break down the barrier with time and on an individual basis.

Sincerely With Love,

PS I love dogs too. Hope yours are well.  Dogs are the truest creatures of love, it loves you no matter what.


Dear Steve,

I love this question. First of all, thanks for reading my blog and I am more than happy to try to answer your question.
First of all, I’m aware that some lesbians (particularly butch lesbians) seem to have an issue with men. There might be a lot of reasons for that. None of which are really good answers, as they aren’t necessarily fair to guys like you.
To begin with, there is more than one type of butch lesbian. There are soft butches, butches, stone butches and transsexuals who often start off as very butch lesbians that are now becoming male. This may begin to give you a little insight.
Soft butches normally don’t have many issues with men, unless they were raped or otherwise tortured by guys…Steve, this happens a lot. In my case, I’ve put up with men hitting on my girlfriends right in front of me on purpose. I’ve put up with people trying to ‘set my gf’s up on dates with men’ because they couldn’t understand why a woman would want a woman who looks and acts like a guy…’why not just date men?’ It is really a stupid question to ask, yet society asks it all the time.
What happens, I believe, is that men and butch lesbians are ‘set-up’ in a sort of false competition. It sounds stupid but it is true. Also, because of the way that they may have been treated by men in the past (I know women who got raped simply because they were a lesbian), this can lead to a lot of animosity. Butch lesbians sort of have a bad taste in their mouth about men in general.As I said before, it isn’t right. It isn’t fair. I hope that you might be able to understand it a little now?
I’d like to post this all on my blog, with your permission? Perhaps some other lesbians can chime in? I’d like you to actually see what others feel!
Dear Jesse,
Feel free to post on your blog.  Just use a different name please…how about Steve.  Great perspective.  I have more questions to come….if you don’t mind answering. Thanks for helping me understand.  If you could also do a link and reminder to the Vote No campaign in Minnesota it would greatly appreciated.
With Love,
Ps in 20 years you and I can talk to our kids about the cultural change and movement towards equality that we worked for and that will be a great day.
As you requested, Steve
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Stop Insulting America

Please Stop Insulting Americans, Our Politicians Have It Covered

Like most Americans right now, I’m simply amazed at how bad the Romney campaign has been run. First of all, I would not have voted for Mitt Romney anyway. I’m a woman. I believe that women should have the right to abort a pregnancy, if they wish to do so … especially in cases of rape or incest. Roe v. Wade was decided upon a long time ago. Furthermore, there are enough other issues at hand, than for us to be re-visiting laws that have been in place for generations. 

Secondly, I’m a lesbian and the far right-wing politicians who seem to be represented by the republican party, keep trying to defend DOMA and legislate my right to get married to whom I wish. You are infringing upon my civil rights. You need to study your American history! Our founding fathers specifically stated that there must be a separation of church and state. Several of our founding fathers were, in fact, atheists and they clearly saw religion as something dangerous to the new country. Congress, nor states, should be legislating anything to do with marriage. Marriage is done within the church. If a church marries someone, then it is marriage and should be recognized as any marriage is. This isn’t a government concern. Keep government out of the church and church out of the government. Period. You stay out of my bedroom and I’ll stay out of yours. That is the way it should be. My marriage isn’t going to effect your marriage anymore than getting rid of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell has hurt military readiness. After celebrating it’s first year after repeal, our military is as strong as it ever was. 

On policy, Mr Romney has yet to explain exactly how he would balance the budget. I have been listening intently. I’ve heard not one specific, well laid-out plan for creating jobs or balancing the budget. All I have heard are general comments that this is what he is going to do … but no offers to explain the details. The American people are supposed to take him at his word. 

Let’s see where that has gotten us so far. Mitt, you have been caught in several instances where you might easily be called a liar during this campaign. You weren’t part of Bain anymore when all those jobs were shipped overseas? Company records CLEARLY show that you were still on the payroll! You used the basement of your son’s home as your legal address so that you could vote in another state. Records show that you were, in fact, living in another state at that time. Your wife has told us about how you struggled in the early years, yet photos of the mansion that you both lived in at that time, which was purchased for over $880k, are available online. You sold this same home for over $2 million dollars. You finally released tax information and proudly announce that you’ve never paid less than 13%. Really? I’ve never paid less than 23%.

Mrs Romney spoke about how she remembers having to live on pasta and tuna. Did you ever go without food completely? Did you ever worry about your power being turned-off? How many times did you have to wash your laundry at the laundromat? Did you ever have to scrape-up the change at week’s end, only to realize you didn’t have enough to do everything, so you had to hang it to get it all dry?

When was the last time you bought a jar of peanut butter and a loaf of bread and known that was going to be your breakfast, lunch and dinner for a week? When did you last have to go without paying the property taxes until they were delinquent because your child needed the money for something at school – and you wanted your children to have what other kids have? These are the things that the 47% have to do on a regular basis!

When was the last time you were laid-off and found yourself facing eviction or foreclosure? How would you tell your children that they had to change schools because daddy lost his job and you had to give up your home and move in with family in another city? When was the last time you took your kids camping for a week so that they wouldn’t know the power at home was shut-off until you could get it back on?

Mr Romney, recently you stated that you didn’t have anything handed to you and that you worked for everything that you’ve ever had. The press reports that you inherited $1 million in stock from your father. To the middle class (who do NOT earn $200,000+ per year) that sounds like something that was handed to you. Indeed, $1 million dollars is quite a lot to folks like us. You know, the ones that you refer to as the 47%.

I’m One of the 47%

I’ve never had a lot of money. Scraping to get by is something that I’ve gotten good at. I know how to live without a lot of things that most people would take for granted. My friends know how to get by with very little. We have conversations and share laughs about how many different ways you can prepare Ramen noodles. You have insulted many of us who have ever had to rely on food stamps at any time during our lives. The vast majority of people who have ever had to use such a program only do so as their last resort. Not to mention, those of us who have worked our entire lives (myself starting with a work permit at age 13) have paid into these programs and paid our taxes for a long, long time.

In fact, from what I have seen, I’ve paid a much larger portion of my income to taxes than you have, Mr Romney. You think because you earn more money that you should pay a lower rate? Why? I would go so far as to call this unpatriotic. I’ll even go one step further and say that if all the wealthy 1% were forced to pay a flat tax rate, equal across the board with all Americans, in a system where there were no more deductions, that everyone could actually pay about 3% taxes and there would be MORE revenue! That’s HOW MUCH money people like YOU, Mr Romney, are getting by without paying.

You, Mr Romney, are upset with teachers for striking – stating that the kids should come first. Yet the kids are who they are fighting for! They had very legitimate reasons with regards to schools not having the tools needed to teach kids to pass the standardized tests! The same tests that those in Washington say they have to be able to pass! The teachers are graded on how those kids do, even though they are disenfranchised by living in poor districts in the Chicagoland area. They have less access to teaching tools necessary to help those kids. The poorest schools have the same tests to pass, with no libraries, less access to learning tools and equipment. 

You see … it’s the kids who are losing and the teachers are fighting for themselves AND those children…and you don’t get it because you are so far removed. As usual, you are talking about things which you know not enough about! You think middle income is around $200k per year. That means that every grade school teacher in America lives in poverty. What does that say about the country that still mistakenly thinks it is the greatest country on earth? 

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve always been a proud American but there comes a time when you realize that you are living in a world that simply no longer exists. This is not my grandpa’s America anymore! We’ve become complacent about education. We’ve pumped money into wars instead of into our own children and our own country. Our people are struggling, as we continue to pump billions into wars and foreign aid. Our economy was brought to it’s knees by an industry that was fueled by the wealthy trying to become more wealthy. Who has paid the price for this mistake? The poor, working class Americans. We always are the ones who pay the price, whether at the gas pumps, the grocery store or in taxes. Where is our tax shelter? 

You want us to vote for you? You have proven that you are a liar, unworthy of my trust. You have proven that you don’t care about those who don’t see the world through the rose colored glasses of the wealthy 1%. You have shown time and time again that you have no clue what Americans are actually suffering through right now. 

You say you’ll ‘put Americans back to work’, yet your track record has been in making money by shipping jobs over seas. You have made money, by the millions, off the backs of the working class America that I call my friends and family … we are the 47% … we are the military, we are the cab drivers, the city bus drivers, the construction workers, the farmers, the teachers, the waitresses, the students, the elderly, the homeless, the unemployed and the disenfranchised voters. 

Where is OUR America? What have you people done with it? My forefathers fought in the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, the War of 1812 and my grandfather fought in WW I and was still draft registered in WW II ! My other grandpa was in the navy and at Pearl Harbor when it was attacked. His ship went down and he was lucky to have survived. My mom was a six month old baby at that time. My father served during the Korean war. My uncles served during Korea, Vietnam and in the Middle East! My cousins were deployed to the Middle East. My younger brother served in the marines and was at Guantanamo Bay, not to mention deployed all over the world for 6 years

You see, WE – the 47% – have built this country and it wouldn’t run without us! Yet congress has proven that the country can run without them, as they leave Washington with bills waiting to be passed and not passing the Veteran’s Job Act. Our politicians have been hanging us out to dry! You can vote against a bill to help the men and women who put their lives on the line for YOU each and every day?? Then you abandon your post and go home, refusing to vote on anything else until after the election … as if you are trying to hold American citizens hostage over political debate? Congress, I humbly submit that you’ve done very little to help Americans in a long, long time. We’re almost getting used to surviving without any help from you. 

Mr Romney, I’m one of the 47% and I’m mad as hell. You insult me with your absolute ignorance and your indifference. You will not ever represent me. You will not ever represent the 47% of America that you look down on with such disdain … and not because you’ve written us off as takers and moochers who won’t take responsibility for our own lives, but because we are taking responsibility for our lives and our country, with our votes, to make sure that you never EVER speak for us. 

I urge my fellow Americans to vote this year, in numbers greater than ever. Let’s lay-off some politicians who haven’t been getting their jobs done! Let’s send a message to Washington that we are sick and tired of the state of our nation and that it is US – the 47% – who are paying their salaries and that we demand a better job. We want answers, we want jobs, we want prosperity, we want liberty, and a ‘more perfect union’ and we don’t mind replacing them until we get results! Let’s give our president four more years and a congress that will honestly stay in Washington and work with him to get the job done!

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