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Newest Book Out On the Market

This is the latest book to have been released. Considered the follow-up to Butch Sexology – Tales from the Erotic Zone.

“The dance that exists within the Butch-Femme dynamic is both unique and powerful and this book compels the reader onward – word by sultry word. Having read as many of this author’s contributions, I urge anyone within or interested in the Butch-Femme modality to grab a coffee, sit back and prepare to be dazzled … be warned, the coffee will be cold by the time you remember to take a sip.”
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The brand new cover design for Butch Sexology 2.

MY NEWEST RELEASE!  “Love Me Like I Don’t Deserve It”

Love Me Like I Least Deserve It was released in July of 2012. The story of Jaime and Kim, Jude and Lisa. The story centers around Jaime and her best friend Jude, who is a deaf FTM and the women that they love. The story takes you through Kim’s abuse from her soon to be ex-husband and Jude’s brush with hate crime, landing him in the hospital fighting for his life.

Released in July 2012

“Twisted: Flashbacks” the first in a new series about Sam, a young butch. 

Flashbacks is the first in the Twisted series. Originally launched in June of 2012, it is being relaunched this July with a new cover! This book can easily be classified as an erotica series, however the main character is well-developed with many other sub-characters, making it read like a good fiction story. Sam represents the best and worst of us all. She’s the product of her past, present and what she sees as her future. Sam is a survivor, a victim and sometimes even a bit of a predator. She’s dark, troubled and on a one-way trip to self-destruction. Get your copy now!

“Butch Sexology – Tales from the Erotic Zone” is a book of short stories about butch femme sexual encounters and relationships.

This is my first book, “Butch Sexology – Tales From the Erotic Zone”. It was written during a four day weekend when I was stranded in my RV and had no access to power. I wrote the entire thing out by hand and then I typed it later, when I was home. I spent that weekend eating beans and brown rice because that was all I had, and writing these stories in 90 degree heat. It was an experience I shall never forget, and I will always have this book to remind me of it. Butch Sexology has been my best selling book and hit as high as the top 20 best selling lesbian fiction.

My first book


6 thoughts on “My Books


  2. I’ve just found your blog – intense – love it – and erotica, too. You have it all! I look forward to reading more, you are an inspiration. Thank you for being real. And I totally get it about your faith and your ability to bounce back. You will continue to make a positive difference in this world.

  3. Sarah Jane Bell

    I still wonder what happened to Sam was always hoping there was going to be a second book 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨

    • Sarah, I think about Sam very often and I admit that I fell into a writer’s slump for quite some period of time. I think that Picking up where I left off with her would be a great idea!

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