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Is Transitioning Becoming Too Easy?



I realize that this may be a touchy subject, so I’m going to make it clear right away that I mean no disrespect to anyone.  It isn’t really my style to purposely hurt anyone or to judge anyone. My intention right now is to delve into a topic of discussion that I’ve had recently with a few people close to me.

As a butch woman, I have to deal with a great deal of prejudice from a lot of people. The direction from which this prejudice comes is sometimes astonishing to me. Other lesbians who are more of a feminine persuasion and are attracted to the same type of feminine woman have a tendency to talk to me like I’m dirt sometimes. They do not understand me and often go out of their way to say things like, “you are just trying to be a man” or “if I wanted to be with a man, I’d choose a man” and so on and so on. I’m not going to get into all the things that being butch means, but it certainly does not mean that I want to be a man. I consider myself to be a combination of masculine and feminine energy that compliment each other in ways that bless me in my life. I feel that I’m lucky to be me.

I’ve grown to believe that sexuality is a very fluid thing.  I believe that we are all capable of loving men or women, regardless of who we are. We may never act on it, but I honestly believe that many people would if they hadn’t already been taught by society that it is somehow “wrong” to do so. I also believe that this early programming has seriously affected lesbians in many ways. Sexuality simply cannot be placed into a box of choice.

I believe that many years ago, lesbians thought that they had to give-up their femininity in order to be gay. It was almost expected that women act more masculine in those days because they were a lesbian; society had a vision of what a lesbian was and that was anything but feminine. Many women felt they had to give-up dreams of having children or families in order to live up to some sort of ideal. Only in the last twenty to thirty years are we realizing that we don’t have to choose one or the other. We can be lesbians and be parents. We can paint our nails, wear heels or we can wear jeans and a ball cap. We truly can have it all.

As we (lesbians) have evolved, there seems to have become some sort of a split with many sub-groups. There are now so many labels that I personally cannot keep up with them and I certainly imagine that heterosexuals are confused as well. Being butch, I’m noticing that more and more butch women are gravitating towards transitioning from female to male in larger numbers than ever. I notice that there is a rise in interest in binding, top surgery and a desire to even mimic male behavior patterns more so than ever before. I’m a little puzzled by this because I’ve always been proud to be lesbian and even more proud to be butch. I’ve always felt that I was better than men because I could embrace the masculine while having the brains to know better behavior. I am comfortable with my masculine nature but I am also very comfortable to be a woman underneath it all. I embrace my softer side; the part of me that enjoys cuddling and having a good cry from time to time. I feel that I have managed to take the best of both worlds – male and female – and make them uniquely my own. I believe in respecting women, holding the door for them, getting the chair for them and holding them in only the way a butch woman can. I also believe that it’s okay for me to cry, be soft and enjoy putting my head on someone’s shoulder sometimes and showing my vulnerability. This makes me feel whole.

My concern is that because transitioning is so easy to do now (and so common) that it may just be too easy. Just like Botox and boob jobs, people now think nothing of taking “T” and growing a beard. Honestly, I’m concerned that someone in their twenties is not fully equipped to make this decision. Before some of you get your boxers in a bunch and tell me that the difference is that you see yourself as a guy in the mirror, let me cut you off and tell you that there was a time that I did too.

You see, when I was much younger I considered whether or not that the choice to transition would be right for me. I didn’t take it lightly and I went through a phase where I probably had “penis envy” in a way. I used to think that I was in the wrong body but not because I truly felt that way on my own – society was making me feel that way. I am saying that I was slowly conditioned to look at myself the way others did…I had short hair and I had big hands and feet. People assumed I was a man and still do. I’m often called “sir” out in public. The fact is that it doesn’t bother me. I am secretly pleased to know I am a female underneath it all. By the time I was in my thirties I had come to a point where I learned to like myself exactly as I was.

I think all human beings go through this phase, but because it has become so popular to blame our sexuality for unhappiness, many butch lesbians think that transitioning will make them happy or whole. I’m not entirely convinced that this is the case for most. That said, there are people who honestly do need to transition in order to live a whole life;  they are truly mentally the opposite sex. I’m not disavowing anyone here. I just wonder if it has gotten too easy, like taking Xanax instead learning to deal with your life? Has transitioning become the latest plastic surgery fad and is it being done because doctors see it as a way to make a lot of money? Are we making it too “cool” to do?

I worry that fewer and fewer women live as butch because they don’t see that as a viable option anymore. Pressure from society and from those we might hear referred to as “lipstick lesbians” make us feel unwanted by our own community at times. Is this what makes us feel that the only option is to conform to what the world thinks we should be? I wonder where are the proud butch women now? It seems they are being replaced by a younger generations of “bois” and female to males in transition. I’m concerned if this is because we are placing too much pressure on young butches, making them feel that they need to be something other than what they are. I’d love to hear comments from others on this.

Again, I stress that I am not in any way trying to talk bad about those who choose to transition. I’ve always been very supportive and have friends who are in transition and are fully transitioned. I just feel that this is a valid argument that needs to be discussed and I wonder if we need to be having this discussion more openly rather than just automatically telling our friends to go ahead and transition?

A friend of mine has a friend who is in the hospital right now, possibly dying from an infection that is the result of a compromised immune system – a side effect of transition and hormone replacement therapy. This happens in some cases, as well as other medical complications. There are also many other things to consider, such as never being able to afford bottom surgery – which is also not perfected yet. Someone may start the transition and never fully complete it for many reasons. Personally, I could not handle being in this sort of sexual limbo or giving up sexual satisfaction…which is the case most of the time. I’d really like to hear the opinions of my readers on this. Please, keep it respectful as people from all walks of life read this blog. Thanks!

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Butch On Tap – Why I Hate TSA

Please, follow this link to the story by my friend Butch Jaxon.  This is very typical of the treatment that butch women and transitioning people go through. Being publicly humiliated is NOT cool. I’ve been through it in many places and situations. read  on to see why Butch Jaxon “hates TSA” – excerpt below.  ~ Jesse MacGregor-Jones




Why am I ranting today?

You may remember that a few days ago the gay flight attendant called me sir. Right, duh. Anyway, whatever. Indeed, today as I am writing this on a different plane, the flight attendant called me sir, and didn’t even acknowledge me when I corrected her. Dumb people suck. But, the reason for my rant today is TSA. I am going to tell you why I hate them. [Hate is a very strong word and I never use it casually. Indeed, it’s a bad word in my house and the kids can’t use it either. So, I use it here today to really convey the depth of my anger…]

On at least 3 other occasions, I have gone through the body scanner at security and had to wait a moment longer, or be rescanned. I know that this is because they thought I was a guy, but my naked body scan showed a body other than what they expected – boobs and no penis, to be specific. Waiting in the security line, when there is a body scan has become quite anxiety producing for me. Will they get it today? Will they ask themselves while looking at the scan, “Where is that guy’s penis?” Or, “Why does he have boobs?” Ugh. How embarrassed will I be?


…for the rest of this story, please follow the link to ButchOnTap.

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Why Do (Butch) Lesbians Hate Men? – A Real Question From A Straight Male Reader

Real change is worth any price, my friends.

This is a conversation that came to me via email from a reader. I loved his questions and he has legitimate concerns. I have always been one of the guys and like men…but I know lesbians who don’t. I thought that my readers could weigh-in on this?

Hi Jesse,

First off I want to say I am very impressed with your blog and your fight for gay rights YEAH!!!!.  I believe in marriage between two people and have been fighting the good fight here in Minnesota, under our “Vote No” campaign.

I’m writing to you in terms of personal inquiry.  I’m open to everything and closed to nothing.  The lens in which I see the world is one in which everyone has the true freedom to express how they are.  As I read your blog and about you, I see that your true to yourself and have personal freedom in who you are, whether or not someone agrees with you.  It breaks my heart to read those crimes against you for being your true self.   Truth of the matter is so many judgements take place on a daily basis it’s scary.  I’m not in your shoes and could never pretend to be, I know judgements about yourself are passed your way through stares, looks, words and hate daily.   It is my dream that everyone accepts each person for who they are at the end of the day I believe everyone must come together and make everything work to be great.  I believe we will get to this point.  If not now as society evolves.

I just have a question from you as I encounter what I would be the butch lesbian or lesbians in general….why do I encounter from the butch lesbian her constant hate and vitriol for men.  I don’t understand, its the biggest construction and judgement I have ever encocuntered and my efforts to unite and make the world a better place fall on deaf ears as I am constantly stereotyped as a piece of shit, or untrustworthy.  Why is my intuition and inquired knowledge of how butch women feel about men so negative.  I ask for your intelligence and why this happens as I have sought out others who can’t give me a solid answer.  My soul constructs it and explains it to me in terms of what some men do to women.  I am always going to judged?  Are my intentions never going to be assummed to be good?   I feel so judged by the butch lesbian as a threat, when I want to be a uniting force.

An answer to the questions, would help me understand better, and when I have a deeper understanding my understanding can change and I can understand the deeper lying issues.  I find myself taking this personally even though I pride myself on being who I am and not letting others judge me.  Their is a giant barrier that I have never been able to break down, I have only been able to break down the barrier with time and on an individual basis.

Sincerely With Love,

PS I love dogs too. Hope yours are well.  Dogs are the truest creatures of love, it loves you no matter what.


Dear Steve,

I love this question. First of all, thanks for reading my blog and I am more than happy to try to answer your question.
First of all, I’m aware that some lesbians (particularly butch lesbians) seem to have an issue with men. There might be a lot of reasons for that. None of which are really good answers, as they aren’t necessarily fair to guys like you.
To begin with, there is more than one type of butch lesbian. There are soft butches, butches, stone butches and transsexuals who often start off as very butch lesbians that are now becoming male. This may begin to give you a little insight.
Soft butches normally don’t have many issues with men, unless they were raped or otherwise tortured by guys…Steve, this happens a lot. In my case, I’ve put up with men hitting on my girlfriends right in front of me on purpose. I’ve put up with people trying to ‘set my gf’s up on dates with men’ because they couldn’t understand why a woman would want a woman who looks and acts like a guy…’why not just date men?’ It is really a stupid question to ask, yet society asks it all the time.
What happens, I believe, is that men and butch lesbians are ‘set-up’ in a sort of false competition. It sounds stupid but it is true. Also, because of the way that they may have been treated by men in the past (I know women who got raped simply because they were a lesbian), this can lead to a lot of animosity. Butch lesbians sort of have a bad taste in their mouth about men in general.As I said before, it isn’t right. It isn’t fair. I hope that you might be able to understand it a little now?
I’d like to post this all on my blog, with your permission? Perhaps some other lesbians can chime in? I’d like you to actually see what others feel!
Dear Jesse,
Feel free to post on your blog.  Just use a different name please…how about Steve.  Great perspective.  I have more questions to come….if you don’t mind answering. Thanks for helping me understand.  If you could also do a link and reminder to the Vote No campaign in Minnesota it would greatly appreciated.
With Love,
Ps in 20 years you and I can talk to our kids about the cultural change and movement towards equality that we worked for and that will be a great day.
As you requested, Steve
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Filthy Beautiful Butch Dreams

Photo courtesy of Glass Onion Images
Models: Skye R. Isono and Amber Marie

My hands are on your hips. My face is in the nape of your neck. The water from the shower beats down on your skin and on mine, in a cascade of warmth and stimulation. Your skin is soft and warm and I want to melt into you. My lips find your skin and softly touch you, tasting you and leaving loving kisses on your flesh.

I’m completely aware of your breathing. I can feel your chest moving against me and feel your hand reach around me to hold me close to you. Softly, you moan. I reach for the soap and I begin to rub your body with my hands, working-up a lather all over your torso. I can feel the wetness between my legs that is definitely not water. Again, you moan. I want to kiss you all over, worship your body and bring you pleasure like you’ve never felt before. Just like the song, I want to make your body my wonderland and play with it all night long.

My lips find your breasts and your nipples are already erect and longing for my touch. I’m overcome with such passion that you have to remind me to be gentle. I get carried away in my lust sometimes and forget how sensitive this soft, pale-pink flesh can be.  I relax and try to just enjoy your creamy soft skin in my mouth and relish how amazing your alabaster flesh feels against my lips and tongue.

Softly, with your hands in my hair, you put your cheek against mine and whisper in my ear, Can we go lay down? I don’t think I can stand-up anymore.” You’ve made me tingle all over and I nod against your neck and your shoulder, unable to give you a verbal response at the moment. You turn the water off, step out of the shower and reach for a towel. You turn to hand me a towel too, but I grab a hold of yours and pull you close. I only want to kiss you and touch you. I don’t want to take my hands off of you. I’ve been so starved for you. Our lips meet and we kiss softly at first, but it quickly turns into a twisted knot between my tongue and yours, exploring and seeking. I feel like I’m being burned alive. I want you and I can’t wait to taste you on my lips.

You giggle softly and start backing up toward the door, in the direction of the bedroom. I playfully follow you, step by step, until you are standing with your legs against the bed. Pushing you back onto the bed, I crawl over the top of you and continue kissing you, letting my hand roam between your legs. I can feel the hair that you neatly trim and I love the natural feel that you opt for. It’s so sexy. It’s just … you. I let my fingers play and entwine themselves, lingering in it a moment. Your pussy fits perfectly in my cupped hand. I can hear you suck in your breath now and you whisper, “I love the way you touch me.”

Your words move me to continue and I gently slip my fingers deeper between the lips of your labia and rub them back and forth against you to stimulate you and also to get them wet for the purposes of entering you. I slip my thumb inside you. I like this angle for my hand and I can lay closer to you like this. I can look at your face as I stroke my fingers inside of you. Your face always tells me everything I need to know. Your shrieks of passion are icing on my cake. This moment, you have called out my name and your chest rose sharply from the breath you sucked into your lungs. I’m immediately drawn to your gorgeous breasts and filled with desire to have your nipples in my mouth. As I succumb to my desire, you groan and utter one word, “yessss.” You breathe the word out into the air, as if you’re speaking it to the entire universe, and I’m filled with emotions too hard to explain. I can only act on them.

As your body ignites in a spontaneous combustion of sorts, fueled by my desire to please you and pour more fuel into your fire, you are now speaking loudly. I can hear you. “I love your hands. I love how you touch me. I love the way you know exactly what to do to me.” You make me want to please you just that much more. You fill me with a passion that starts deep inside, like a hot coal that burns a hole through my flesh and is only satisfied by your screams and cum in my face. I can feel you building. My fingers are inside of you – stroking you, but I need to move to bring you to complete orgasm now. I know what you need and what you desire. I want to please you and make your body mine.

Sliding myself between your legs, I’m on the floor now, at your feet. I gently lift your legs over my shoulders and guide your feet to rest on each of my shoulders. Your body is wide open in front of me now. I take a moment to look at what I consider to be the most beautiful piece of art in the entire world, your womanhood. I’m enthralled with your body and with you … all of you. I always tell you that you’re beautiful. I mean it in so many ways other than your face and your body. All the emotions, all the feelings I have for you are combined with the passion of this moment and it seems like I will not be able to keep myself from exploding into a million pieces right here and now. I watch as I slip my fingers back inside of you. Your hips move to greet my fingers and my eyes glance up in time to see you also looking down at my face. I reach for your hand now and you grasp it firmly, as my other hand strokes you.

Leaning forward, my tongue finds you. You are swollen, throbbing and pulsing with desire. As my lips surround you, your head falls back onto the bed and you moan and I can hear you call my name. My response is to stroke you faster and move my tongue in rhythm with my fingers and the magical song we are playing, using your body as the instrument.

As you reach your climax, I can feel you tighten around my fingers and it begins like a pulse. You’re squirming and beginning to back yourself up onto the bed. It’s as if the pleasure is so intense that you feel the need to back away from it, but I’m not going to let you. I move with you, until we are both fully on the bed and rather than let up, I’m stroking you faster now, diving back into you with my face. You scream now. I hear my name. Yes, I love it. Then I hear you, “Ohhh…ohhh baby. I cumming!”

I already knew. You are now squeezing my fingers so hard that they have barely received blood for two minutes. Suddenly, I feel the flood as you cum with the power of water rushing through a broken dam. I can’t stop licking. I want every single drop. You allow it for as long as you can take it until, finally, you are begging me to stop because you’re unable to take the intensity one moment longer.

I move to hold you. I just want to touch you now; lay with you and hold you close. I want to feel the heat of your skin and the sweat that we’ve shared in this dance of desire. You’re so sexy, so beautiful … so ‘everything I ever wanted’ and I run out of words to express the feelings that I have when I think about you. “Just let me cuddle with you and fall asleep,” I whisper as I kiss your chest and lay my head against you. You wrap your arm around me and pull me close and I lay and listen to your heartbeat. You do what you always do. You lay in the dark and talk until you are exhausted and can’t talk anymore. I can hear your breathing change as you begin to drift off. I don’t tell you I love you…but I know that you know. I smile to myself and say thanks for this day, for this life and most of all … for you.

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Thank You Femmes – From A Butch

I am he, who walks among you – camouflaged as she.

I am strong in appearance yet vulnerable to my core.

Some look and yet they still fail to ever really see me.

Yes, I’m gay – but I am extraordinarily so much more.


Please, ladies don’t expect me to always be so strong,

Let my weaknesses endear me lovingly into your heart

For I have searched this world for you for so very long.

For a place where I wouldn’t always feel so pulled apart.


The world reminds me daily that to them I’m not the same

Will you be my blanket and my warm safe place to be?

Hold me to your bosom and gently speak my name

Please, let me know that with you I can always be just me.


My world has been a battle from which I’ve been so bruised

My spirit may have been scarred but is has not been broken.

The world has chewed me up and left me feeling abused,

Woman, look into my soul and see all that’s left unspoken


Remind me that in your arms I have truly found my place

Accept me for all my uniqueness which you can truly see

You bring to my world an element of beauty, style and grace

You’ve given me just what I need to truly just be me.

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Hate Is NOT A Family Value! STOP TEACHING IT!

Cory was the victim of hate recently. He has no medical insurance. Click his photo to see how you can help and read more about his personal story.

I am working on a new book to document hate crimes committed against gays and lesbians. Initially, I was only going to cover lesbians, particularly butch lesbians. I’ve revisited this, having taken a hard look at the way gay men have been abused and victimized by society.

The GLBTQ community has enough division. I felt that including everyone in this book would serve them all the same justice and dignity. My goal is to give a voice to the victims so that they may move on to becoming survivors. This story is just one of thousands and thousands of sickening acts perpetrated against a class of people, just because they are who they are.

 In actuality, this is no different from the lynchings and burning crosses that happened when African-Americans were seeking to have equal rights in this country as well. The time has come for America to move on and accept that change is coming. We are not going to take these vicious acts lying down anymore.

Here is one story from an interview that I’ve done. Her name has been changed for obvious reasons.

She was only 29 years old. She identified as butch, wore her hair short and had never been with a man in her life. Going to a Christmas party one night would change her life forever.

Tamara” was from out-of-town. Her friend, a straight male, had invited her to attend a Christmas party that his workplace was throwing for the holidays. Like most Christmas parties, there was dancing, laughter and a little bit of alcohol involved.

Most women know that men can become overly flirtatious when they drink too much. On this night, two young men were flirting with Tamara quite a bit. “At first I didn’t think much of it…I even danced with them”, she recalls. As the evening wore on, their advances become more and more inappropriate.

They started talking about a threesome and trying to get me interested in that with them. I didn’t really know what else to do, so I finally told them that I was a lesbian”, Tamara’s voice trails off momentarily. Obviously the memories are filling her mind and she’s trying to control her voice.

With a deep breath she goes on to explain that the two men went on about their partying and left her alone after that. “I really didn’t give them another thought”, she states.

At midnight, Tamara left the party to walk to where she was staying. She only needed to go just a short distance down the road and imagined it would only take ten minutes to get there. She hadn’t taken into account that it had been snowing and the snow made some spots impassable. Tamara found herself walking on the next street over.

Not being all that familiar with New Jersey, she came to an area of warehouses that probably would not have been anyone’s choice to be walking past at such an hour. “I saw headlights from a car coming up the road behind me. I didn’t think anything of it, but I noticed that they weren’t passing me. Then I heard the car stop and I heard footsteps. I pretty much knew what was happening.”

The two men from the party had followed her by car. The more aggressive of the two men came around in front of her and stopped her. “He called me a ‘fucking dyke’ and said ‘what are you too good to sleep with me?’” I can hear her voice begin to break as she continues telling me her story and my heart is heavy, for I know what is coming. I almost want to spare her. It seems too much.

I said ‘please, let me walk by’ and as I tried to keep walking, he punched me in the face.” It was then that she fell backwards into the snow and the second man then knelt down and pinned her arms and shoulders to the ground.

The first man ripped open the button-down shirt that she was wearing, sending buttons flying. As he did so she recalls that he said, “Ya’ shoulda’ just said yes.” He then removed her pants and her shirt, all this while she is on the freezing, snow-covered ground. He pulled the boxer shorts that she was wearing off, but he chose to pull a knife from his pocket and cut away the sports bra that she was wearing.

It was then that he forced himself onto her, carrying out his act as she tried to pretend that it wasn’t happening to her. He was rough and violent, seeming to intentionally be inflicting as much pain upon her as he could. As he ‘finished’ he moved to switch places with the other man, but before they switched, he punched her in the face again, viciously. His intent was to make her as senseless and helpless as possible. There would be no running or escape.

As the second man now began raping her, the more aggressive man with the knife was hovering over her face telling her, “If you scream, you’re gonna die.”

Tamara’s voice is changing and it is obvious that this is very difficult for her. Quietly she states almost matter of factly, “You know, when they switched places and he got off me, I could actually smell blood. I knew I was bleeding.”

When the second assailant had finished, she was punched in the face for the third time. “They took my clothes and left me in the bloody snow. I stayed there until I was found about 7 to 7 ½ hours later”, she is telling the story now as if she is outside of it, looking in. “A warehouse owner found me the next morning and called an ambulance. He thought I was dead at first, because I was actually blue. I was laying in a patch of red, blood-covered snow. When he walked to me, he bent and touched my shoulder and I flinched. He immediately took his coat off and covered me while he called an ambulance.”

Tamara then recalls that, “He was a nice, older man. He even came to visit me in the hospital.” She goes on to tell me that she spent one month in the hospital recovering from her wounds. She had a broken nose, a fractured jaw, three cracked ribs and so much internal damage that she had to have internal stitches. She also had second degree frostbite that she was treated for as well. 

I was amazed at the horribly long time in the hospital and she made it clear that, “I was scared to leave”. She goes on, “I couldn’t have any male doctors or nurses. I would start screaming. It was a long time before I could even be around a man at all, even out in public. I’d shake, sweat and even throw-up.”

This is not even close to the end of Tamara’s story. While in the hospital, the rape kit also confirmed that she was pregnant on top of everything else. “I carried the baby full-term but had to have a c-section because of all the vaginal tearing. I couldn’t have a normal delivery.”

She put the child up for adoption. He was adopted in an open adoption and now has two lesbian parents. “I chose the parents. I get pictures every six months and a letter.” Tamara sees him and he knows who she is, referring to her as his “Tummy Mommy”.

I asked her what I though would be a difficult question, “Is it hard for you to look at him?”

No!” she shot right back, “He looks just like me. He’s a clone. When I look at him, I see me. Besides, it isn’t his fault what happened. I do not see anybody else but me.” My respect for her has grown immensely by this point, as I wonder if I’d be able to handle myself as well in this same situation.

I pushed a little further and said, “And if he hadn’t looked like you?”

I’d love him just the same! It wasn’t HIS fault.”, she says with absolute certainty in her voice. Yes, my respect for her is great.

The two men, thanks to surveillance cameras at the warehouses, were caught and prosecuted. Each man received a 30 year sentence because the entire act was caught on video and the knife was used to charge them with attempted murder. The charges were aggravated rape and attempted first degree murder. Because of Tamara’s own painful testimony of the party happenings, it was found that what they did was also premeditated.

The men are eligible for parole in 10 years. They have already served 3 years. To me, this seems like a drop in the bucket for what these animals did to her. I cannot help but ask her, “Are you okay with that? I mean…how does that make you feel?”

Once again, she shows me what true human dignity is about and responds, “I think they got a fair sentence. I’m a practicing Buddhist and by forgiving them I am taking the power away from them. I realize that holding on to the pain and hate would only hurt me more.”

To make her story even more touching, she’s only told 3 people this story. Her own family doesn’t know that this happened to her. She has never received any therapy for the incident and even, in fact, thanked me for letting her tell her secret. “It feels better, like a weight is coming off of me.”

Tamara – you know who you really are – you are a class act. I am in awe of your ability to heal and continue forward with your life. I’m inspired at your ability to forgive. Thank you for allowing me to tell your story.

This was an interview done for an upcoming book by author Jesse MacGregor-Jones. Names have been changed to protect the privacy of the victim. I am still seeking more stories and interviews with people who have been victims of hate crimes. Please, contact me at one of the sources below. Thanks for reading and sharing this important message about hate.

Twitter – JesseMacGregorJones@MyButchWorld   FaceBook –

Fan Page –

Bibliography – Twisted: Flashbacks, Butch Sexology – Tales From the Erotic Zone

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