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What’s Going On In America These Days?

Artwork by Steve Penley. His work is really patriotic and beautiful! 

What Is Going On?

Kamalah Harris is going to announce, very soon, whether she is tossing her hat into the ring for 2020. She’s sharp. A lawyer, she is brilliant. She has served as an attorney general in California. She was supported by Republicans in law enforcement there because she was a person who could reach across the aisle. We need that. We need fair, level-headedness that will work for the people!

 She is quick-witted and razor sharp. I like her a lot. Watch out for this woman. I will say that many women in rural farm country will not be comfortable with her. The reason why, honestly, is that she is the opposite of the way they are raised. She’s”big city” and the farming communities hate that because they feel left behind by our government.

The reason they feel this way amazes me because they honestly believe that republicans are going to save them. Yet time and time again, Republicans vote for special interest groups and for big business. They always stand with the wealthy. They have clearly shown that their values are not with working class people.

This Isn’t Rocket Science

I hope that people living where I grew up can still understand simple math. I’m not sure of that as we used to have a great school but most of the tiny schools, with low teacher to student ratios, were forced to consolidate. This was mostly due to the strangulation of the education system that also began in the 80s. As small communities begin to shrink and shrivel into nonexistence, because there is no growth, no jobs, no raises, no infrastructure, and no schools, …. maybe they will wake-up and realize that the problems in America are rooted in the wealthy not just taking your money but in keeping it. 

It’s very simple; a wealthy person doesn’t need more money. It only takes so much money to live and to survive, the rest is gravy. Even those with yachts and million-dollar toys eventually run out of ideas for spending their money. They refer to is as’wealth fatigue’ and it is a real thing. Wouldn’t you like to have this problem?

What they do is get obsessed with growing their money into more money. The way that they do this is to invest into offshore accounts and banks in order to get tax benefits of places that have lower taxes. When this happens, you are moving money out of the country and out of circulation. 

Now the amount of money available in this country is a smaller pile from which we all must pull our share from – including wages and government spending. That money gets taxed and the pile grows even smaller. Bigger companies like Walmart take all that money in,because you need spend it to survive, and they pay very low wages to the peopleat the bottom of the pile. Bigger deficits also mean less for us, as budgets are tightened to make up for it when we have responsible presidents. 

Games With America

It plays out like the divorced parent game. Dad comes along, tells you want to hear, has fewer rules, and he gives you want you want more often than not. Mom comes along and says, we must have rules. No, cannot have everything you want and now we must pay our bills. In this scenario, Dad is a Republican and Mom is a Democrat. We remember Dad as a great guy who cared about us, but reality is that Mom was the best, responsible parent who made sure we had things for rainy days. Am I making this simple to understand? 

The people at the top, who in the 70s used to take about 20 to 50x the amount that their employees made, are now taking salaries that are 600x what they are paying their lowest paid employees! Sometimes they take more than that because they find ways to pay themselves big bonuses, all while they show a business ‘loss’ for the year so that they pay no taxes.

Since no human being really needs that much money, they invest it …into offshore things that they don’t have to pay taxes on. The pool of cash remaining within America gets smaller each year. It isn’t rocket science. Big businesses have slowly killed America. Even worse, politicians have utterly convinced you to blame your problems on low income families rather than on their corporate greed.

They’ve managed to get you to believe that the wealthy  earned their huge salaries and deserve to keep every penny, and any other thought is socialist. No, people, they have conned you. They didn’t earn it. They used corporate tax breaks that they received by paying off members of the House and Senate to put those tax laws into effect. They played the system to steal from America by getting politicians to make it legal. They took from you. They didn’t make those huge profits, they squeezed it from your hard labor. They padded Rand Paul’s pockets and Mitch McConnell’s pockets, Paul Ryan’s pockets, and a hundred other people. Meanwhile, you take the trickle down and smile, while continuing to vote for them because they want to ‘give power back to the states and protect the second amendment.’ What you got is lip service and laid off. Right Ford? Right GMC? Harley Davidson? WV coal miner? Your second amendment was never, and has never been, in jeopardy. Some decent regulations would be nice but that is another article. 

Helping Ourselves Out Of This Mess

We NEED to shop small! You need to imagine every dollar that you spend at places like Walmart being put in an envelope and being sent to Russia, or Saudi Arabia, or Bermuda. Yes,it may cost you just a little but, in the end, it will come back to you! Can’t you shop at the local store that is closer to your house? That money is going into a local bank account, will probably be used within your own community to pay bills and find its way back to the employer who pays you.

This is how local communities thrive, by keeping their money freshly circulating in a big circle that doesn’t stop. You grow by finding ways of attracting some outside money occasionally. Tourism is a great example of bringing in outside money. Having a local high school, with home football games that attracts the opposing teams’ fans is also a great example. When you lose your school, you lose your heart, as a small town. Sadly, you also lose revenue potential. In terms of a country, it is the same practice, simply on a grander scale. None of this is rocket science!

I’m going to write to all the United States’ democratic senators and representatives. I’m going to ask them to consider a CAP on the amount of salary and bonuses that any CEO can take from their company. It should be based on a percentage, which means that if your lowest employees get a raise, you can too. The more they make, the more you can make. It means that more money stays in America and it also means that capitalism is still strong. You can control your salary and be upwardly mobile if you are taking your employees too! No more of this capitalism running amok!

Perhaps we even offer a bit of a tax break to the companies that have a lowest paid employee of at least $15 per hour? Maybe that break is structure to be in tiers so that if you start people out at $20 per hour, your company gets a better tax break at year end? Perhaps we say that that amount must be $20 per hour within 10 years in order to keep that tax break or lose it?

The Struggle Is Real

The working people aren’t even really living anymore, they are surviving – barely. Some people aren’t even surviving and if they manage three square meals it is a miracle. People wouldn’t need welfare if they earned enough money! Research has shown that we would spend less on food stamps and housing subsidies, as a country, if companies paid what they should in taxes and pay employees a fair living wage!

Working people, we already know, would spend that money they earn. Folks would go straight out and buy steaks instead of chicken and splurge on that package of crab meat. Parents would sign kids up for after school programs they can’t afford now. Families could all go out to the movies again. Parents would buy more clothes for the kids that they couldn’t afford for school last year. Families would take vacations again – something that has drastically dropped since the 1970s, which coincidentally was a time when auto workers and steel workers were earning $20+per hour. Is it also a coincidence that Walmart got its big start in the 80s?

In the 80s it began to become the norm for businesses to pay themselves outrageous salaries. Families began living on credit cards while corporations sucked up all the actual money. Because of credit, which was a relatively new concept, companies were able to quietly steal the cash and put it into countries like Saudi Arabia, in oil stocks, only it really wasn’t done all that quietly. Thanks to fewer regulations at that time, Wall Street wasn’t keen for anyone to see what was going on. THEY were making enormous commissions on all this offshore investing.

Ironically, all these things were happening in the 80s, as a direct result of another Republican in office who didn’t really know half of what was going on. Ronald Reagan was in beginning stages of Alzheimer’s and it was kept from the public. Suddenly, after years of being heroes, the union was a bad guy. They had “too much power” according to the press releases being fed to the public. It was all setting us up for where we are today. 

This union busting became popular and was a mantra all throughout the 90s. Today, unions have less power than they ever have. Wages for skilled workers is at an all-time low. We desperately need skilled labor, but they don’t pay well compared to inflation. In fact, most of these jobs start for less per hour than they did 30 years ago. In 1979, people were being paid $20 per hour to start as floor sweepers in factories that included the steel mill my father was working at. 

In the 1980s, the American public was distracted with the AIDS crisis, we were neck deep in theIran-Contra Affair, and politics was a shell game that the American people seemedto stop trying to figure out. When that happened, we opened the door to what we have today. Banks were also digging the country into a huge mess that would later cause recessions; the subprime loan industry being one such example. That came back to bite us in the rear end approximately twenty years after it began. Credit as a means of living better than we ever had would soon become the problem that took us down.

What Now?

Your recent Trump taxcut was temporary and when you do your taxes this year, you are very likely going to realize that. The stock market went up over the last year, only to lose it all in the month of November. This is because it was a manipulated rise. It wasbound to happen, and the smartest analysts tried to warn you but some of you were so desperate to hear that you could find your way out of this dark tunnel without having to make any personal changes, that you swallowed hard. It will take a huge December to finish off with a market gain for the year. This will be hard when 150K employees have gotten their walking papers this fall from major employers, like GM and Ford. 

The current president talks that talk but he walks the walk of the wealthy. He is a white dude who is protecting the other wealthy, white dudes. Look around. People all around you are still struggling. Trump’s father made his money off that housing market and used huge loans to build projects for housing. He then stiffed skilled laborers who built his buildings and then he refused to rent tominorities because it would cause his buildings to drop in value. His son did the exact same thing. 

We need to put a cap on the percentage of salary a CEO can be paid in relation to their lowest paid employees. This will guarantee a higher wage for even the lowest paid people. We need to offer tax breaks with CLEARLY SPELLED OUT RULES to avoid things like GMC laying off 15,000 people after receiving $6B in tax goodies and then asking to payout something like $5M in bonus money to CEOs! NO!!! The payouts in such cases need to be percentage based also, so that those being let go receive a portion as severance pay!

I will be voting in 2020. I will likely vote for someone like Kamalah Harris. There are many who talk about running and some of them are great. The primaries will determine which candidate stands out from the pack. I’ll be voting for the person who puts American workers back to work and does it the right way, not by manipulating a stock market via Tweeting. I’ll vote for the person who understands that most Americans can’t afford to invest in stock because they are worried about food, rent, medication, and utility bills – all while caring about the homeless and giving constantly to good charities that keep each other going. I’ll vote for the candidate that remembers that unions are good, and they’ve been there to help families when no one else was.

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Divide and Conquer, Since the Beginning of Time



I sit and listen to conversations around me. I watch the news almost every day, because it is on the television in the room where I work. Each day, my facebook page is riddled with republican comments, democrat comments, religious views versus anti-religious views. The glbtq community uses it to pass along things that outrage them. Hate groups and those who have been labeled as hate groups, use the same social medias to do the same thing.

Yesterday, it occurred to me that all of the disagreements have been fabricated by the world around us. What YOU believe is a direct result of what you have been taught. What you were taught is directly related to where you went to school, what religion you were raised in and the church that your family attended, if you went to church.


In this country, we talk about trickle down economics, but what about ‘trickle down policies?’ Does it really ever cross your mind that your opinions have been bought and paid for many times over by the machine that really runs this country? From the time you were a child, you’ve been forced to choose a side. You have been GROOMED to choose a side in a battle that really doesn’t matter, unless you are someone at the top of the food chain, struggling to stay in charge.

Politics has been drilled into your head from the time you were old enough to study history. Your church has taught you what THEY considered important, not necessarily what the bible even says. Teachings are taken out of context, the word of God is skewed to serve the purposes of the church, and those who control said church. Now, I’m not trying to pick on any church in particular, but the Catholic church is one that comes to mind. They are extremely wealthy and powerful. The pope is considered one of the most powerful people in the world. Catholic schools teach their own agenda and don’t have to meet any specific guidelines in many cases.

As I said, this is just an example. There are plenty of other religions who do this very same thing. We are also seeing, here in the US, that the lines between church and state are becoming more and more blurred. There is no clear separation of church and state anymore.


Churches are now running politics in ways that they never have at any other time in history. It is well known and common knowledge that “right wing politics” has become the political choice for those who are extremely religious. The issue with this, as I see it and hope that you will too, is that these same people are also not independent thinkers. They have done nothing to actually “prove” their beliefs or to investigate the claims of their ‘false prophets’ that spoon feed them what they should believe and how they should behave.

Our politicians have become puppets to churches, corporations and even to other countries! China owns most of New York City at this point. Our jobs have been sent over seas. The economy and increased percentage of jobs in China has gone up by over 7%.  This is ironic when our jobs have decreased by almost this same amount. Wouldn’t you agree?

Wall Street led us into economic devastation because they were allowed to do so. Those at the top of the food chain got greedy. I believe that they also honestly felt that they would never get caught, becoming rich on the backs of middle class Americans. The poor suffer daily so that the wealthy can be wealthier. This has not changed. Not even since the bail-out that was supposed to help things. While corporations didn’t go out of business, it didn’t save millions of  people from going into foreclosure. It didn’t save small business owners from losing the family business that had been the heart, soul and center of their family pride for 50 years.

The struggling dentist with a new practice, loans for equipment, supplies that are over-priced by these larger companies and struggling to pay bills that are sometimes three times the amount of money that comes in each month, is still faced with patients who feel services are over-priced. Yet this dentist is struggling to make ends meet. “Trickle down economics” doesn’t work. Helping people at the top of the food chain with tax-cuts and bail-outs doesn’t help. The middle class people are the ones who SPEND money.

If Washington gave the middle class a stimulus that was handed-out to each family of a few thousand dollars, ALL of that money would go right back into the economy in their local markets. 100% of these people would pay bills that are behind, buy food, school supplies, take their kids to the zoo, pay the insurance policy that they couldn’t afford before, etc. Some of them would just go out and be frivolous with the money. They’d get their hair done, get a manicure, visit the spa for a day, take the kids to the movies or take a family vacation. THAT IS WHAT STIMULUS IS!! It gets people to spend money!

What stimulus is not – giving those who really don’t need the money a tax break, giving them loans at reduced rates when they don’t need them or giving the money that they aren’t going to spend because they already have the monthly bill money that they need. The amount they are going to spend next month is the same and that stimulus money is sitting in a bank drawing interest for them now…instead of creating a job for an out of work father with three kids that all need new shoes for school. His wife would like to get a job, but the cost of daycare outweighs what she’d bring in, so she stays home with the kids while dad works two jobs, just to feed them all … if he can find two jobs.


The arguments about gay marriage, the war on women, a woman’s right to choose….etc; they have all become distractions. They are all important causes…but they are MADE causes by politicians who want to see us divided by these issues! As long as the American people are busy fighting each other and playing into their hands, we lose sight of the real issue. We have lost our country. We no longer have control. Politicians and that 1% that you keep hearing about, at the top of the food chain, have taken away most of your rights and they have pulled the wool over your eyes. While you’ve been busy learning to hate each other over differences that God doesn’t truly care about, because He wants you to all love each other, your government has been working behind the scenes. They’ve orchestrated these events. They have made all of you into puppets.

It’s been a bait and switch game since the beginning of time. In civilized society, those at the top have played the people against each other in order to serve their own purposes. We fight, they get what they want. We judge each other, churches get more tithes and donations. The Church of the Latter Day Saints is one of the richest churches in the US. Yet, they are one of the newest religions in the world. Mitt Romney is a Mormon. I believe that his ties to that church, that is so very powerful and wealthy, could be catastrophic for America.

I feel that We the People, need to start trying to get along and realize when our leaders are practicing this divisiveness. We need to be able to stand together as AMERICANS, whether we are black, white, hispanic, straight, gay, Baptist, Protestant, Catholic or atheist, republican, democrat, liberal, independent, green party or tea party member. WE ARE ALL AMERICANS and we are being robbed of our country. We are playing into their games like a bunch of idiots and we should be mad as hell.  It’s time to start loving and accepting each other and start fighting back against the REAL bullies, Washington politicians! You are being used. Wake-up, Americans.

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